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  2. May be a simple as a blown bulb, remove surround from cluster unscrew 2/3 screws holding cluster in and couple of connectors going into the back of them, replace bulb with one beside it(if you dont know which one is eml on removal shine the cluster up to light and you should see the symbol) if thats not the case id go checking your fuses
  3. Hows it going everybody my names Joe live in Portlaoise(midlands) Ireland joined up to this site a good while back and came across it today recently imported a Honda Fit from Japan so that is my daily and my other cars are a 99 Toyota Trueno ae111, 01 Subaru Legacy b4(engine gone) 00 Subaru legacy b4(donation car) 93 Toyota starlet gt ep82 My mate owns the yellow dc5 which has a rotrex supercharger on it. Have a facebook page sell a few parts and post listings of cars going to auction and im able to import cars from Japan if you like the page please feel free to like it :) Ive been driving since I was 18 first Toyota was a 95 Black starlet gt after that I had 97 Black Glanza S 94 Black Starlet gt 94 Silver Corolla fx-gt 20v 97 Silver Glanza V 96 Black Glanza V 99 Green Trueno Bz-R 00 Black Levin Bz-R(came as a track car from Japan) 97 White Levin Bz-R 00 Blue Levin Bz-R 93 Black Starlet gt 94 Yellow Corolla fx-gt 20v 00 Toyota Celica Sports m about 4/5 Jdm zzt231 gen7 vvtli celicas 1 Blue vvtli uk spec gen7 1 Blue vvti uk spec gen 7 1 St202 Jdm red top beams gen6 celica and maybe missing one or two :P Anyways look forward with to being partially active on the forum when i can and look forward to soaking up information on the site and giving it where I can as well have a good day :)
  4. hit me a pm or message me on fb 10 a penny here in ireland just depends what shipping is
  5. whats your budget on one and i can calculate up a total if you send me a message if your on facebook
  6. what type of knock were you experiencing?? top end or bottom end?
  7. Yea i was looking for rally style mud flaps, awww man so whats the next stage matt?
  8. does the toyota yaris use bulbs there or is it pcb also iforgot to put on the post my yaris is a 2004 plate
  9. Bulb?
  10. Hi i have done a search on the forum and cant find anything also cant find anything online but basicly i have no engine management light shining up on my dash when turnin on my ignition i used to have one but its stopped appearing is there a fuse for the lifht or anything i havnt a clue what could be causing it thanx josh
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  12. Hi Neil Plus prop shaft bolts and universal yoke bearings.You can do this by gripping the prop shaft when nothing is running and see if there is any twist or click there when you turn it each way slightly Del
  13. rav4 xt4 d4d owners manual

    Several hard copy on EBay, .
  14. Check the engine and transmission mounts.
  15. Not providing a discount is a bit different to not accepting something.
  16. Many insurance companies do not discount policies if the camera is deemed temporary. Cig lighter and suction cup removed every night is temporary. When I first bought a camera I wanted one based on an aircraft black box principle. Fit and forget small cameras like my rear one, control box out of sight, no lights or distractions but monitoring all the time. They do not exist. The nearest is the Blackview but some users reported RFI problems. After a lot of research I bought the Lukas and have been very pleased with it. I bought in Canada, much less expensive than UK , and installed in an RV for a months tour. Front only. Temporary installations with visible cables are a bit like mobile phones, a distraction that can cause a loss of concentration. After more than 50 years of fitting wireless kit in many types of vehicles I have seen the damage shoddy installation with Scotchlock quick fit connectors can do. I prefer to do myself properly and take my time doing it once. The Lukas mount allows you to remove the camera but it is hardly a temporary fit. It is fit and forget but if you find my Auris bump clips you will see it is there when needed. Citroën have the best idea build the function into the existing cameras. I am wondering if the wi fi link can be viewed on my car screen with an APP?
  17. One could register with and browse through Some download info is free, some chargeable.
  18. Depends when you bought the car as to which piece of consumer legislation applies. If bought on or before 30th September 2015, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or the Supply of Goods Implied Terms Act 1973 if bought on hire purchase, apply. If bought after on or after 1st October 2015, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 applies. Your contract is with the dealer, not the manufacturer.
  19. That sounds a bit like mine when the front nearside wheel arch liner vibrates, only on low revs and mostly when cold you can hear it outside the car and make the noise come and go by touching the liner. It's going in next week to have the liner and fixings replaced, I don't hold out a lot of hope for a cure as I think the root cause it the rough running of the engine, time will tell, but what could Toyota do to smooth the engine?. I have to say that I could get to love this car if only they can sort it, different engine mounts possibly?, or a different engine? (That won't happen) looks like Toyota have cocked this one up.
  20. Ok mate will do thanks
  21. I thought it was the heater fan at first but the noise is still there when the system is off. The noise is only there now when the temp is 2 degrees or below, when the car is idling or low revs. Fuel - Toyota have just got back to me about the fuel tank - the design has changed. So, with the latest model the warning light will come on when there is 15L-18L left in the tank. Seats - Toyota will not do anything about the front seats unless they receive similar complaints. Perhaps I should get collagen injections in the buttocks. I wonder, can I return the car?
  22. Thank you I will check that
  23. Awesome! Thanks a lot.
  24. Can anyone tell me how to remove the centre console in my 2010 Avensis t spirit?
  25. Hello, here are my thoughts so please interfere :) I have Auris hybrid. I like toyota, and i dont like VW. That being said, i am planing to buy plug in vehicle. It has come down to Prime vs Gte. This is my list of CONS / PROS GTA - PRIUS More EV range (50km max) - Prius around 40km EV 0-100 10,5 seconds - Pius 16 seconds Hybryd mode 0-100 7,6 seconds - prius 10,6 sec 3,5h - Prius 2 h charging time 5seats - prius 4 seats (this is big flaw for me) Prius has better MPG on petrol engine Toyota has better realability and ten year garantee on battery, vs 8y for GTA In my country GTA is around 3000 EUR more than Prime. So what you say ? I am very supprised that toyota have less EV range, in less indoor space (4 seets). How is it possible for WV to have such better specs in electric modes, regarding toyotas much more years of experience ? Prius has smaller baterry, and it took more space than larger battery in GTA? Noe eaven comparing fun with driveing in EV in 10second to accelerate to 100km/h. Prius is 16sec so that would make ICE kick in more often. What you say ? Sorry for the spelling mistakes :)
  26. I'm over the moon with my new 2010 XT-R 2.0 petrol. It runs like a dream, apart from if I let the clutch out to the biting point to quick there is a slight clunk, nothing major but its definitely there, sounds like the clutch or gear box area quite central I think. Hope somebody has some advice as to what it could be, cheers
  27. Why did you replace the battery? I ask because maybe you altamator isn't charging the battery hence why car is unable to start. Does everything else still work? I.e lights, fans etc.
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