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  2. Bed conversion

  3. Bed conversion

    Hi all New to this forum (or any forum) Danny is my name. Living in cork ireland . I have a 99 2.4td 2 seater about a year and was thinking about a bed change since I got her. Confirmation came three weeks ago when I was standing in her and my foot went through the floor . Here is a few pics to date of the progress
  4. Yaris SR 1.8 - engine noise on cold start

    just had mine serviced and they put in 0w20 oil main toyota dealer says in the owners manual the oils you can use and the 0w20 is for all temperatures
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  6. Auris Hybrid or 1.2 t

    Not hiding behind words and not being sarcastic. As stated, if people think a supermini from the same manufacturer is going to be as refined as a medium family car, from the same manufacturer, it won't be. Statement of fact. In respect of the Yaris, it is now one of the oldest designs in its sector and must be due for replacement soon - the current version being just a facelift of the 2011 model. Currently in Europe the Toyota car range with the exception of the Aygo and C-HR, is quite old (the rest being built in Japan/South Africa). The Verso dates back to 2009, the Avensis to 2009 (but probably won't be directly replaced), and the Auris is a reworked version of the 2007 Auris (and carried forward the Type Approval from 2007).
  7. Auris Hybrid or 1.2 t

    I think the overall point is that the thread is veering off point..the entire purpose of this thread was to compare the pros/cons of the auris 1.2t and 1.8hsd. Frosty is right that you can't deliver a very fair review of the auris hsd based on a bad experience of driving yaris hsd, but that's isn't what eygo was doing, eygo was just giving some feedback on the yaris to anthonypoli who indicated an intention to buy a yaris. Everyone actually appears to be arguing about different things. If anyone reading is interested to know however, having driven all kinds of combinations of yaris and auris, the auris hsd is more refined in many ways than the yaris hsd, and in much the same way, the auris 1.2t is more refined than the 1.3 yaris. I think that is to be expected though and that is where the point about market sector comes in. Auris design is more refined than yaris design focus zetec is more refined than fiesta zetec astra sri is more refined than corsa sri
  8. Auris Hybrid or 1.2 t

    You only have to look at the iQ though to see that most people are not prepared to pay more for a better small car. They may want the advantages of a class or 2 above but they still seem to expect to pay a similar price to the rest of the class & it isn't possible (especially with a hybrid drivetrain which is also more expensive to manufacture in the first place)...
  9. Alternator squeal

    I've adjusted the alternator belt and it seems to have done the trick. I have noticed the underneath of this car is incredibly rusty though. Not to mention it has electric steering! i had to give up my 2001 CDX Automatic for rust. Looks like this ones not long for this world either!
  10. Auris Hybrid or 1.2 t

    May I just say that im getting fed up of reading sarcastic posts all the time. Specifically from so called management. Nobody is naive. I agree eygo, many people downsize from luxury cars to super-minis (purely for ease and economy) and want something that reflects quality. I have driven the new Yaris 1.5 and yes it feels cheap. Better than the Aygo but it should have a much better feel in my opinion. Everyone is allowed an opinion and I find it very unprofessional the amount of sarcasm that is used in a debate with someone. The word Respect springs to mind.
  11. Map Update 6.10.0H now available

    I've never updated mine since I got the car June last year. I'd be pleased to hear from those who've taken the plunge as to whether everything else seems to work ok (I always have the sound off anyway), particularity USB music library. I'm not too worried whether the voice command works either, as I hardly ever use it. And if anyone does discover any improvements to the interface for either SatNav or infotainment please let us know. I'm surprised in this day and age it's not possible to save multi-stop journeys on the SatNav, like has been possible on even quite cheap third party units for over 15 years!
  12. motor oil for Rav4

    If you have a 2.2 it would appear you have a Toyota AD series diesel engine and if it is the 177bhp then it is a DCAT engine with DPNR which in the UK would use either 0w30 C2 (preferred) or 5w30 C2, not knowing your location the temp range requirements may be different but the C2 low ash specification is the most important requirement.
  13. Map Update 6.10.0H now available

    Hi Sat Nav sound levels still not fixed, still 18 months not that long to wait for a working system
  14. I connected the ignition cable. There was an interesting situation. Inactive tool settings menu opened but hollow. Also, there was a meaningless graphic in the trip information. It does not move. apparently our vehicle does not support the control unit.
  15. The Future Of Our Diesels

    Look at your post, you are worried about your car and the laws that you have to follow. And you are making fun of the third world countries who don't give a damn about pollution. Look how serious you are with your environment and pollution by thinking about you and your car, amazing. Try Take a look here Try thinking about the pollution besides the law.
  16. Had a flat tyre

    Bear in mind that some dealer offer free puncture repairs.
  17. Good afford to defend Criticization. Let me add something. I like four wheel drive and the way I see it, we shouldn't dislike it so much. Still it's a four wheel drive and I love it.
  18. UKs Most Lucrative Speed Cameras

    Damn, look at these figure at the "income derived" money by those cameras. I wish I were a camera only if the government pays me just 10 percent of it.
  19. Vulcan

    I wasn't expecting a giant flying fighter behind a bird in this ToyotaOwnersclub forum. But I certainly enjoyed the roar. Where everybody love the roar of an engine of a car and hate it when it comes to plane,, I love them both. All kinds of plane, Aeroplane, Fighter plan, Jet plane (but not Helicopters ;) )
  20. Try another dealer - eg. W R Davies at Stafford, or Inchcape at Burton.
  21. I know what you're saying, but the bigger issue is that it wont reset - I downloaded the owners manual and I followed Toyotas service reset procedure and it doesn't work (it did before at 10k) Has anyone else had the same? I'm loathed at going back to pinkstones as their policy is the dealer is always right and the customer is always wrong - I had to get Toyota customer service to intervene last time as they gave me the "prove this is our problem" attitude
  22. Had a flat tyre

    Thanks I thought it would be a self reset.
  23. Reverse Camera - Water Ingress

    As an update: the camera was replaced under warranty. The camera works as you would expect with perhaps fractionally better contrast now. The camera cost £444, apparently. Sadly, there were two trim clips left loose inside the hatch door, they rattled every time you opened or closed the boot. And the external, body-colour 'handle trim' was refitted with the adjacent, horizontal rubber strip fitted behind rather than over the handle. But I've fixed all that now. When viewed close up, the new camera has a much, much darker (seal?) ring near its circumference. I suspect this was where the water entered on the old camera. This original lasted 4.5 years. There is no vent on the camera assembly.
  24. Map Update 6.10.0H now available

    Just done mine, took 20 mins for UK and Ireland maps and gracenote.
  25. if selecta tyre have completed the service its down to them to reset the service indicator if they dont know how to reset the indicator ask them to pay to find out how its done you shouldn't be out of pocket for a job you have paid to have done.
  26. heat seats not hot

    Had my 64 reg hybrid excel go in yesterday for the fix. They fitted new units but couldn’t get them working at all now😧 so although they did use to work for a short period they are now totally dead
  27. 1989 Corolla Sunroof seal (Ae92)

    As mentioned by FordUlike in a recent post you could try this rubber dressing for door seals that might give your roof seal a better chance of lasting longer .. I've been looking for a new door seal, as a new one from Mr T is £112 !! but nothing like them at all, though plenty of seals of you just look for 'car door seals' on that same site.
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