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  2. Hi New to the forum and need help in getting me estima registered here in uk Aftrr sending in all the docs o have for the aeras DVLA are now asking what he build date is when clearly it's mentioned on the export certificate that it's a 2007 registered. I'm sick of dvla sending back me my papers and have now asked for confirmation by an enthusiast toyota club. Can anyone help me on this one it'll be highly appreciated. I've got the vin platenumber if that'll help.
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  4. Hi, what year are you after, im from Ireland have been to Japan january 2016 and imported a car for myself
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  6. I sure people will have discussed or experienced a misfire with a prius or auris hybrid before now....possibly becoming a loud knocking, poor starting of the ICE or a fault light on the dash. So I`d like to share with you guys what I found. I first noticed the ICE make a sort of !Removed! possibly down the air intake, along with a little stutter in the power, it sounded to come from the front drivers side corner where the air intake is, but I was driving so cant say for certain. So I ordered some new spark logic as a good place to start. I removed the engine cover, un-pluged the coils from the loom, removed the bolts holding the coils in place, and started removing the coils....very little room though. But what I found was number 1 coil was wet and rusty, the other 3 looked perfect. After searching through old posts on here I saw that several people had reported misfires, mostly on number 1 cylinder but obviously not all. The water drips onto coil 1 from a drain hole in the plastic panel in front of the wipers, drops onto the engine cover, then runs backwards onto number 1 coil. Resulting in a misfire over time. If the engine cover extended back over the coils to keep then fully dry they`d probably last forever. I hope this is helpful to others with the same or similar problem. I`ve ordered a new coil, and I`m going to extend the engine cover to keep the water off.
  7. Grumpy Stumpy - Enjoy your hol, and I look forward to your reply on return. Wokwok - Thanks for that. Mine swing freely, so if yours show some tightness, it could be a wear-out issue.
  8. Top news matey. Be flying round that track in no time
  9. Ah right cool. Cheap doo👍 Yeah shouldn't be much the dome light. eBay prices are crazy money some of them
  10. Hello Carlos - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  11. I see many friends from Greece here. This is Spyros from Greece too and I have a problem that seems to be like the others I read here. The only difference with me is that my gearbox after the 2nd gear is not going to the 3d but it's like the gear goes out and I must pull my leg from the right pedal until the gearbox choose the 2nd again or sometimes the 4th. All these things happens when I am not pulling my leg at the changes of gears. If I am pulling the leg to the changes and go slowly then the gear goes to the 3d normally. Please, if anyone has any news for this please send me an email to discuss it. My email is that: Thank you very very much. I still hope to find solution
  12. Just checked my 2003 4.2 - the back doors are definitely not as tight at the front and tail.
  13. CHEERS MIKE, any preference on either of the two listed above? SR more bhp Is that the only difference?
  14. Don't know exact numbers, but thought to be a minority. If it is in the affected range and has had a replacement engine (and a Toyota dealer will be able to confirm), should be OK.
  15. Hi Mike Thanks for that, I will give Toyota a call tomorrow to see if I can determine the build date if it is in the production date of prior December 2008 should I not buy? Was there lots effected or just a few?
  16. Tried to log on to the Toyota Tech website and buy some time to look through a manual and record some important bits like torque settings but could not get it to work. Pressing submit button after entering username and password results in nothing happening. Perhaps site is down, will try again tomorrow. Last time I looked there was no manual for the 1AD-FTV engine in my model, only for the newer shape from 2009 onwards. The fuel injection, turbo and exhaust / cat / dpf is different to mine but I was hoping the main bits like head bolt settings are all the same, anyone able to confirm or help me get to the correct manual ? Subject to me being able to log on again of course. Many thanks
  17. Hello Malachy - welcome to Toyota Owners Club. One thing to be aware of is that up to the production date of December 2008, some Rav's with the 2.2 AD series engines could have oil consumption/head gasket issues. See - I know the one you're looking at was registered in 2009, but it is possible it may have been built within the affected range. Toyota did offer additional cover of these engines (7 years or 111,000 miles, whichever occurred first) - but all cars are now outside this cover in terms of age. So it may be worth checking with a Toyota dealer to see whether you can determine the build dates, or whether it has had a replacement engine.
  18. Also disconnected battery, airbox to turbo pipe, and all electrical connectors on top half of engine. The crank and cam sensor wires are fiddly and I had to remove the cam sensor then unclip wires afterwards. Look out also for the 10mm bolts that hold small brackets at the brake master cylinder corner of the engine, there are a few of these to undo before the wiring can be winkled out carefully from the back of the engine. Alternator wiring was undone from underneath the car, a plastic cover on the main wire flicked off with a flat screwdriver exposes the 10mm nut, undo this and the wire can be taken off. A push in block connector also removed from alternator whilst underneath. The next picture shows where I got up to before it was beer o'clock
  19. Hello Gary - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  20. Hi I drive a 2.2 2012 avensis estate and I can only get 47 litres in when driven for awhile with the fuel light on the wifes gets 45 mpg on the average mph guage which is about 400-450 a tank on a run it gets upto 600 miles per tank on gentle drive 55-59 mpg on the average mpg trip meter . Now I hate to say this but it maybe the way your driving it . To get the range you want I do think you have to drive like a saint . I personally think Toyota won't have the answer you hope to hear . I personally feel the reserve is set a bit on the idiot prove side . Until my wife regularly took our old focus down to 5 miles left to run out . Now I think it's a god send as to say lol good luck anyway let's us know what Toyota garage say .
  21. Started to remove parts from the engine, EGR pipe and valve were one of the first. A fair build up of carbon in the valve, even more in the manifold ! A thorough clean required here..
  22. I started by removing the plastic underguards from engine and gearbox, then draining the coolant. Radiator drain plug is on the battery side, the white plastic nut showing in the picture. Loosening with a 12mm socket let the coolant out, to a waiting bucket underneath. Surprisingly not much sign of the black tinge. To make sure I got all the old coolant out, I refilled with warm water, ran the engine for a minute with heater on and drained again. Then done it all again so there was just clear water draining out.
  23. Hi folks, I am at heart a blue oval guy, but after my MK2 fiesta got a nose punt from a Zafira I needed to get new transport. Something cheap to run, reliable and above all under £800. As much as I would have loved to get a KA, all the ones I looked at were falling apart. Wanting something reliable I thought "why not go Japanese?". And this little silver Yaris D-4D GS popped up locally on ebay. So a quick trawl through the old MOT online, which with other cars was very scary, revealed almost spotless car that only ever really needed bulbs and tyres. Checked tax and was amazed at the £30 a year bracket. So I brought it, My first diesel, first Toyota, first car with electronic gubbins........... Was definitely the family run about. Has a leak in the back some where (still trying to remedy, have carpet out drying), the front wiper mechanism had chewed through itself (replaced for £15 and half an hour time), the rear wiper arm has eaten into the glass, kiddy misty hand prints on the paint and the headlights had clouded (remedy, brasso and glass polish). But so far am rather pleased. Let the cheap motoring continue!
  24. Ok well it's been quite a few weeks since I last posted here, I would have liked to have done the job before now but things have kept getting in the way. I have now covered over 3,000 miles since the car started losing coolant through the overflow and cap. It has been using about half a litre per 100 miles, most of which was captured in my overflow bottle and put back in each day. The coolant in the bottle was turning blackish and gave off a strong exhaust smell. Yesterday I went to my local Toyota dealer and ordered a head gasket set (everything except the head gasket) and a new head gasket, these arrive tomorrow. Went for the five notch gasket as advised by the dealer, might lower the compression ratio slightly depending on what gasket is fitted now but that should be ok and it means I could order it before taking engine apart. Alternative was to use FAI parts from motor factors (who had everything in stock !) but only a few quid cheaper than Toyota parts. FAI head bolt set is much cheaper though, but will wait and see condition of removed bolts before deciding if needed or not. Started work on it this afternoon, here are a couple of pictures showing my starting point:
  25. Hi Guys hoping to pick up a rav 4 at the weekend, I have two choices both same price both similar miles both 2009, what would you advise, which is least likely to give problems etc. Thanks in advance for your help SR-180 D-4D OR D-4D XT-R
  26. Hi I've recently bought a corolla verso which has the DVD player. I'm just wondering where I can get a replacement player as the one I've got only reads the discs sometimes and I don't have the remote. also can I connect my phone to the screens through the av connecters in the centre console and if so what leads do I need? Many thanks in anticipation
  27. Have a look on youtube, there are a few DIY wiring instruction videos although as of yet I haven't found any for the Aygo. Personally I just plug mine in and ignore the wire hanging down in the middle as it doesn't obscure my vision.
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