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  2. A valid point... [emoji106]
  3. Maybe engine oil changes should be related to engine hours, not miles. This is how service schedules are kept in machinery like tractors/excavators/fork trucks etc - they're counted in hours at a certain revs (1500 IIRC). So one hour at 1500 revs clocks up the same as half an hour at 3000 revs etc. Consider someone with a 50 mile easy motorway commute doing 5 days/week. The engine has ran for 10 hours and the car has covered 500 miles/week. The car would be due a service about every 5 or 6 months (at 12k intervals). Now consider someone with 25 mile, hour-long city traffic commute. The engine has ran the same time but the car only covers 250 miles/week. The car only needs serviced every year or so. Which engine has the easier life?
  4. You said it was cranking but not starting.. If it's cranking the starter is OK... If you hear nothing but a click from the solenoid then yes maybe, the starter needs a light tap....
  5. The car cranks, but fails to start. The battery is fully charged. The security light goes out when key is in the ignition so the immobiliser is not the issue. I can hear the clicking sound when the key is turned to on position. Techstream gives no errors and have primed the pump through it. I can't see where the starter is located so I can give it a knock with a hammer. I have checked all the fuses in the passenger footwell and engine bay, not sure which is the EFI relay.
  6. Looking at doing this myself without pulling the wheel arch out! How easy was it to get the wiring plug off before the lamp or did u remove the lamp first before the plug
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  9. Hi Konrad, you've certainly added some valuable information to this thread! I agree that the built-in Nav systems aren't worth it. I didn't buy the Nav option for my 59006. I was hoping it would be possible to install a touch2 radio once they become more popular on the aftermarket, but I'm not sure if they were ever installed on the pre 2015 facelift models. There are some press releases from 2014, but most of the press releases are mid 2015, so I'm not optimistic. If it is available it has android auto and mirrorlink, so that could address the navigation issues. If anyone has any information let me know. If I manage to find one for a decent price I will try to do another guide.
  10. Is this a problem that needs to be rectified if it's pump?
  11. That still look in great condition, you would never guess the milage! Looks like a SR but without the wheels! What exhaust system did you have?
  12. If it is a manufacturing fault that leads to failure on high numbers of vehicles, Toyota may decide to take some action under similar goodwill arrangements to the oil consumption/head gasket issues on the AD series engines. If there aren't a high number of failures, then presumably no. Unless it is a safety related issue (where the DVSA recall system may apply), there is nothing legally that would force a manufacturer to take action. Even the DVSA recall system requires numbers of complaints to be made before an issue is investigated.
  13. They are a bit quiet but then the Prius is quiet too. Apart from the rattles and road noise. ;)
  14. Please update your profile to include the Prius.
  15. I am following the topic with great interest. Those of you who have seen my posts on improving and upgrading the what's on offer. I went the adding a Bluetooth/USB/microSD adapter route, and added a USB/AUX socket in place of the AUX only socket in the centre storage box - like later version of the Avensis. I am thinking about changing the adapter for a better version that plays Bluetooth better and in stereo (the current adapter plays in mono), and displays artist/title info. I mainly use USB memory sticks. The one thing I don't like about the Toyota system is the SatNav. It costs too much to update and the updates are out of date! I use a Nokia phone (I also use a Samsung) phone, and the Satnav through the cars voice only Bluetooth works well, cutting in with directions. The best thing is that Here and Google maps are always up to date and free! The main advantage of the Nav version of the TR and upper models, are the reverse camera, and access to features that can be changes without going to the dealers - auto light sensitivity. If a Nav unit (with some of the car harness) is available at a good price I may consider, but for now I will stay stock.
  16. Thinking about it I should've taken some pics before getting rid of the car These are the last pics I took from my service about 2 months ago... And about 6 months ago while I was getting my new exhaust done. It's not brilliant and if you look through the dirt on the body, lol, you can see it was still in good nick.... A reliable and trustworthy car..... Sent from my MHA-L09 using Tapatalk
  17. That's a very good point, perfect driving conditions
  18. Firstly thanks, I've always believed that using a good oil that exceeds Toyota spec will allow more milage between oil changes... The auris proved me right. But I do realise it does also depend on the style of driving one is doing. For me, because my commute to and from work is all motorway; I only drove about 55-60mph and never booted the car unless necessary, I never put the engine under unnecessary stress... It just poodle along. So I choose to increase the oil change intervals to suit my sitiation. If I was a town driver I'd be doing every 10,000 as suggested by Toyota... Also, I do believe using the archoil 6200-EU additive benefitted greatly.....
  19. I wouldn't personally stretch it to 15,000 but to get over 200,000 in 10years using that method just goes to show a good engine and oil. People using fully synthetic oil nowadays really don't need to do changes below 10,000 or 12 month's.
  20. " I changed my oils every 15000 miles using a good brand. " Good luck with the new car. I am, however, curious as to why you left oil changes to 15000 miles when the Toyota recommendation is 10000 miles or 12 months, whichever occurs first ? With a Diesel too! That must speak volumes as to the quality of that engine.
  21. If you loose fluid or get an air lock the pump can make strange noises, like when you put full steering lock on, or it might be due to excess pressure due to the leak / fault. There is a routine for purging any air when refilling with fluid, have you followed that ? Seems steering racks are short on the ground and very expensive, perhaps looking as somewhere like this place might be an option - do not know of them as such. When you say you have had it checked out, a local garage ? what are they saying / charging ? Is it something you are thinking of doing yourself ? steering rack removal etc not the easiest of tasks on some cars and also means things like toe alignment are needed.
  22. Good to know, thanks
  23. Yes I'm sure its within the rack, had it checked out. I've been driving with the leak for about 8months now, only had to refill once thow; but now I can feel some stiffness on the left side and there appears to be a whining noise coming from what I think could be the pump.
  24. Yep good point/idea, I hadn't realised the indicators were so quiet until I fitted a dash cam recently. On playback they can virtually not be heard at all, except when car's stationary at lights etc. Could be an important factor if unfortunate enough to ever be involved in a prang and evidence was required.
  25. I was on the motorway all the time I saw no point in washing the outside of car. That only ever got done when or if it went into Toyota for any reason. I did look after the inside though. I had no rust issues at all. Nothing ever popped up as advisory on MOT Etc. I never had any issues with water/moisture in the boot or light clusters. I did pamper it as in I fixed things as and when they broke, but not as in 'showroom stlye' It was mainly used as a tool to and from work and dump runs... Lol
  26. Good luck! I believe this is the one I used:
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