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  2. Hello everybody. I am driving a Toyota AVENSIS 3 Break (SW) and have broken my tail light. I have found a video on how to replace it. But since the video is in Greek (I guest) and there's a problem since I cannot remove this part (as shown in picture). Do you know how to remove this? Which specific tool do I need? How does it look like? Thank you a million
  3. Would anyone happen to know the part numbers for the discs and pads as eurocarparts need these numbers to tell what aftermarket versions will fit. Reg SY12VYC.
  4. Good morning. If you set current to Max 8A in settings, takes approx 3hr 45 min. If you allow max current, which is 10A, takes 3hr 10 min.
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  6. Exactly, my local dealer sells similar mileage/age Aygo x-plays, for the same price that I can buy an x-pression or x-cite elsewhere.
  7. Crazy ain't it. My Aygo is the first car that I've purchased without viewing first. I know this sounds silly, but the Toyota brand and immaculate dealership showrooms, just inspired confidence that the car would be nothing less than perfect. I wasn't wrong Like you, I had already driven the missus' Aygo, so didn't need a test drive. In fact, it was driving her car that helped me decide in an Aygo for myself.
  8. It only cost around £300 and I like the idea of having the pre-collision system just in case. It also saved me around 10% on my insurance policy (£30 ish). It sometimes beeps at me when approaching parked cars on tight roads but it's never needed to brake for me. Lane departure warning works well. During the warmer months it's reliable whatever the weather but when the temperature drops below 5c it flashes at me from time to time saying the system is unavailable. I only got the car this January but when it misbehaves again this winter I'll complain to Toyota during the annual service. Intrestingly my partner has a Auris and she has TSS issues during the winter....
  9. I know what you mean, I always feel like grabbing harder to the steering wheel at motorway speeds. What size are your wheels? 15" or 16"? First thing I would check is the tyre pressures. Sometimes the driver's side (usually right/front) loses pressure faster than the passenger side. If you want to add a bit more stability, try a set of wider tyres. I think Toyota tries to keep the Yaris economical with very narrow tyres.....
  10. I don't like the sound of that feature !
  11. Cheers ! I might look at this, and see how much it is.
  12. I mis-read this as Staines and I thought "Ay 'up, that t'Ali G is on t'forum talking 'bout t'home town"
  13. AO this is the 3rd car I have now purchased like this (without viewing), basically I pretty much saved £1300 on the advertised price compared to my local garage, and the one in my local garage did not have leather either, and no discount was offered to have the parking sensors and satnav installed.) so its a no brainier to me... believe it or not the train ticket 1 way only cost me £8 too as I booked it in advance. What I do is discuss the car at detail with the salesman on the phone, and strike a deal. I have seen the new aygo on the road, and owned the previous shape so really didn't need to see or drive the car.. I specifically asked the salesman to double check for ANY marks on the Leather bolsters, wheels, LCD screen etc, and to inform me upfront of any marks. (of which there where none). Then the killer thing I do, is then send the salesman an email CONFIRMING the marks (or lack of).. And I make a point of saying 'If its all as described when I pick the car up then we have a deal) and in principle a deal is done and deposit paid. and I have it in writing, if i turn up and its not as described I am covered. To be fair i find Toyota dealerships over the country very upfront and honest with the condition of the used cars. I have never had any issues touch wood. I will now use my local Toyota garage for the servicing as that's fixed price. But I have never purchased a car from them as they never seem to be priced competitively.
  14. I've found WD40 to be a bit pants for freeing up seized components. I personally swear by PlusGas dismantling fluid for any pesky rusty nuts and bolts. PlusGas dismantling fluid I usually give the problem area a good soaking with the spray the night before. Then in the morning, another good soaking about half an hour before tackling the job.
  15. Ok, the time has come to tackle the dreaded rear brake lines on my mk1 avensis. I have to remove the exhaust and drop the fuel tank to access the lines. For anyone who's done this job in the past how do you tackle the following: - rusty exhaust bolts... These are completely welded shut, I don't think WD40 will work. What size would replacement bolts be? - lowering the tank... There will be a couple of litres of petrol left, I have a steel tank by the looks of things, how heavy is this? I can disconnect the fuel pump and return hose from inside the car but is there much to remove from the underside. Haynes isn't massively specific on this. The nuts that hold the tank band seem to be in good condition so I don't forsee too much horror - Has anyone rerouted the pipes so you don't have to remove the tank/exhaust. That would make the job a lot easier if it can be done safely. In the absence of a lift, how long is this likely to take and are there any other "gotchas" or tips? I'm very tempted to just pay someone to do this! needless to say, any help is appreciated!
  16. I have the replacement brake hoses so those are getting replaced anyway. I was on about the brake lines themselves. I have the copper lines to replace them, but when I was looking at them they looked in surprisingly good shape so I thought that job could be postponed for a bit. Especially as I've half a tank of petrol that I'd need to drop in order to get to the brake lines I think? Didn't think of the brake cylinder pistons etc. Again, I did check them and they seemed to be OK (no cracks etc). But from looking at the cost of them on eBay they are fairly cheap. It's something I could/should do. I'll see how much the dealership sell the bits for, as I remembered this morning I need to get seals for the gearbox when I change the clutch.
  17. Also, how long are you finding it takes to charge at home on the supplied granny charging brick?
  18. As stated earlier service intervals are either 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Leeway is one month or 1,000 miles, whichever occurs first. By the sound of it, yours has been serviced on the time basis rather than mileage, which given your last post, is correct. The full owners manual gives information on how to reset the oil maintenance light - downloadable from Unless your mileage surpasses 26,500 before October, your next service won't be due until October.
  19. No it cannot be retro fitted, factory only. It is a passive system, so no direct input from the driver, apart from being able to turn on/off lane departure etc There have been some issues with fogging of the camera, but in general it works well. It does have some false alerts, such as not picking up speed limits, or warning you to "brake" if it sees a car parked
  20. Toyota do a spacesaver kit for the Aygo.
  21. Yes, travelling can help secure the perfect car. I did notice on the Toyota used car selector, that same model, year, colour, spec cars, can fluctuate widely in price, depending on the dealer/part of the country the vehicle is located. Did you travel to the dealer before purchasing the car to check it out, or did you do all the dealings long distance, then just travel there to pick it up?
  22. Most plastic clips are a two part design - the out main body and the inner centre part. There are different designs of trim clips, and they have different ways of release, via the centre section. In the picture above are some of the types of trim clips I have. The top two clips are released by pressing the centres in, then removing the whole clip. The lower left clip needs a tool to prise the centre up and lower right clip has a cross/phillips indent for a screw driver. One of the tools I possess for trim clips removal. I have other trim and clip removal tools. The real issue is that clips can be broken if removed in the wrong fashion or with force, by mechanics in a rush and not caring. Sometimes the clips can be brittle with age!
  23. AO, the trip home was 1.5 hrs taking the quick route :) I traveled a little distance to get the right car. So far im loving the little beast. My 2 year old son has named it 'Nemo Car' & 'Fun Car' That made me laugh, and I think thats going to stick. A quick question.. My old aygo (previous shape) had a full size spare wheel in the boot. this one has the tyre weld kit. was/ is the spare wheel an option on the X model? has anyone fitted one in the well? or shall I not bother / worry.. I guess its less weight to carry, and I have the repair kit.
  24. Hi, The car has had 3 services prior to my purchase - September 14, September 15 and October 16. The mileages were approx 6.5k, 12k and 16.5k. I'm suspecting therefore that when the Exeter garage did the last service, they didn't reset the computer - noting that I purchased from the Sandhurst dealership? Am I right in thinking that the garage will check/change it at the next service? Thanks Geoffrey
  25. Blimey, quite a wait Craig. There are hardly any used cars out there with. do you like it? used it much?
  26. This is why I made the post regarding the Valvematic tick. I was aware of the tick and did the research on the engine design. I traced the noise to the vacuum pump which is needed, due to the way the throttle is fully open, which in turn creates less of a vacuum that supplies the brake servo. There should be a warning sticker informing of the source of noise! Overall a good engine.
  27. I suspect the same, a snapped belt. Also check the crank pulley for side play, as well as the other pulleys. The crank pulley tends to have rubber filling, between the inner and outer solid metal sections, as the pulley acts as vibration damper. When this pulley delaminates, the belt can be damaged too. Aged of the belt is another factor.
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