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  2. Wheel spinning all the way, burning rubber? Craig
  3. Hi Oldcodger, Thank you very much for the reply. Wow nice, seems like your keep your cars running well. Oil changes are usually done at the servicing, but I can buy my own and get that sorted. As for the oil filter on euro car parts I have seen high performance going for like £22, I wouldnt mind spending if it does make a difference. I wont change the spark plugs to anything else other than recommended by toyota. As for the Brake fluid and Gearbox oil isn't that done at service? If not I can get it and do it. Brillant I will take on that last bit and end of the month go out for a high speed run and a 1 min rev blast. Thank you very much for all the help Kind regards Shamil
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  5. Hi I see you have found a post on another section hoping to find your solution . I think you should stick to your line of diagnosis with the manifold loosing away from head to check for blocked exhaust . I think the guy in that other thread had compression issues and yours are all correct .
  6. Hi I did my insurance through lloyds my bank only because they sent me an email after searching the comparison sites with a extra 10 % off offer . But the weird thing was on the comparison sites they were around the £550 mark .
  7. Moved to 'Other Toyota 4X4's'
  8. Very nice cobra! defo need an audio clip of that!!!!
  9. Not had that problem. But a while ago whilst having a SatNav plugged into the 12v socket the radio wouldn't work until I unplugged the SatNav. But it only did it the once.
  10. I own a Smart Fortwo.
  11. going by the .ir I think that you will find that he is in Iran despite his profile. ;)
  12. Hi Scott I didn't bother with any of the paint protection coatings, just bought some Soft99 Fusso Coat wax, that got an excellent write up in Auto Express, so just got to wait for a run of some dry weather to apply it. At £20 a tin its a reasonable price.
  13. May be a little oil link from the rocker cover gasket So some oil on the exaust and when it is hot !!!!!!!!!
  14. I wouldn't think autos were any more or less common in Yorkshire than anywhere else in the UK.
  15. FOC, but they wanted to check first for the issues experienced and the conditions they occurred in, and look for error codes.
  16. How did you get on with this?
  17. Got a article put on my local Toyota Dealerships blog today 👍
  18. Had a good look at the door straps of the new car and it doesn't look any different from the 2012 model and end stops don't appear to operate any differently. The modification to strengthen the side of the door must be in the inside of the door panelling.
  19. I have now drained the coolant and refilled with vacuumfiller, and there is no difference. So i guess i have to check servo motors as next step
  20. Ok 👌 I bet it will look great when it's done!
  21. Thanks for replies this helps me see my quote in context. It is possible I am approaching the age where premiums start to go up. Interestingly on the Money Saving expert comparison site LV comes out as the cheapest so it looks as if my quote is only about £30 more than their new customer quotes, after adjustments for NCD Protection and taking our things I do not want like CC and LP. I am not inclined to want the bother of changing suppliers each year, but I still want a decent deal. Let the haggling commence.
  22. If it needs the update, it will be updated under warranty
  23. Hi all 1st post , I have just purchased my third rav4 . I opted for the diesel T180 2006 78,000 miles There is a couple of th things i need a bit of advice with ,hopefully you may help ; I have a clunk when turning the steering wheel to the left faint but recurring feels like something is worn or loose damn annoying for a car that's good in every other way ,I have just changed wheel bearing ..I was going to go down the road of replace all bits to I get to the problem then thought just ask ! Also the reversing sensors are on a constant beep ,shouldn't be much Many thanks David
  24. Hi guys I just went into my Toyota dealer and book it in to have my TSS systems update as what mention above , such as condensation problem! I asked the service guy there it's must be under warranty and she replied with not sure until the technician check it up !! I thought it's must be under the car warranty coz it's the manufacturer fault on the tss. Did you guys had it done free of charge ? With thanks
  25. ... and I bet it sounds amazing !! Many hours of TLC by looks of it
  26. Cheers Greg. I'll definitely look into this.
  27. Looking for a mechanic who can service a Granvia and has a computer plug in that can read the fault codes. I live on the Wirral Eric 07931566295
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