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  2. Hi everyone I'm a new member from sunny Scotland ,,this is my first club recently bought a Toyota Corolla verso t2 vvti 2003 been a nice family car so far and thought joining the club would make things a lot easier if I have trouble when repairs need done also to give advice to the best of my knowledge maybe some assistance if near by, Thanks
  3. The six monthly cycle of registration numbers hasn't changed. The 17 reg comes into effect for vehicles first registered on or after 1st March 2017. The new VED system comes into effect for vehicles first registered on or after 1st April 2017. When the new VED system was announced in 2016, I highlighted that owners of new vehicles first registered between 1st March and 31st March, would come under the current VED system, whereas new vehicles first registered on or after 1st April 2017 would come under the new VED system
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  5. If you don't try buddy you'll never know. Mine were all rusted on. Nightmare for my mechanic! Hope it all gets sorted and doesn't cost to much in the end.
  6. Could the fuel consumption have been affected by the high winds prevalent throughout the UK today - we had gusts of up to 65mph
  7. mine is even smaller. will try to get a photo & upload.
  8. Well over a 1000 and the noise still persisted.
  9. Well not long now till the start of the season, thank god!! Here is Handy Motorsport and Team Hard out testing.
  10. Alan, It can be pretty difficult to spot, but you can be sure that it doesn't matter how small the crack is, its not going to go away. Here's another photo of the crack on my March 2012, Avensis, you will most certainly need a good torch, if it's a small crack.
  11. So the mechanic has confirmed that the caliper is at fault. He also noticed the front wheels did not want to move when the car was on the lift. He is going to service all the calipers. I have bought the service kit from the same place that you have linked. The kit just includes new seals, I did not buy new pistons as he does not think they will be needed. Hopefully he can free up the calipers or I will have wasted money on these seals which cost £45 for all 4 sets. Maybe I should have went to the mechanic in the first place and the car would be fixed by now.. at least I have learnt a lot about brakes.
  12. mine is a hatchback i like silver on most cars but for some reason on the avensis it just doesnt suit it.
  13. Mines blue (T25) as is the auris (2010) Both great colours and look even better when waxed (deep gloss) the worst is silver in the T25 models.I do like the grey but only in the T25 saloon
  14. I don't think that ebay store has had TSpirit badges for a couple of years - think that I got 1 of the last.
  15. there has been an Avensis in production for the last 20 years - during that time there have been very many different colours & different models (T22, T25 & T27) may look better or worse in the same colour. & it's always going to be a personal thing. I tend to buy nearly new cars & keep them for a long time so "unloved" colours are often cheaper to buy & once you are inside you can't tell the difference.
  16. Has any other owner noticed very poor fuel consumption in damp cold weather with a hybrid yesterday my average was around the 47 mark today with the very wet cold weather it's dropped to around 36,37 I have noticed this before more so when very wet wasn't as noticeable with my Prius
  17. Well hello everyone. i am a member of a few car forums. and a moderator on 1 or 2. most are honda and mx5 forums to be honest as this is my business. Total mx5 repair. i buy sell and repair the lil things. i also run a club on saturdays for guys to come and work on there own cars called total 5s both things are on facebook if you fancy looking me Any way why am i here.. good question. i have just been donated a very clean 2004 rav 4 d4d 2l derv 5 door in silver. very nice car but the last owner was a silly fellow and has cat the wires to the heater controls. in the drivers foot well. i have stripped these back and have found they are all white with a numbers on. (this is going to hurt) oh dear i thought how the would seem he used the cars loom to tape aftermarket wires to and just snipped the lt to remove his fancy lights.. the wires concerned are the large white block of 20 pins on the control and the 2x 5 pin connectors that go to 2 different items in the drivers foot well. i assume heat control and direction vents as both do not work.. this has left my car with no heating controls so a very cheeky Hello and a please help me.
  18. Hi guys. Just was thinking I love my colour Avensis - its grey and its the only colour I wanted. Thats obviously my fave but the worst I reckon is the blue, think it looks awful. What is yours? Have you had to settle for a different colour cos you couldnt find it?
  19. Thanks Peter3696, I think that a 14 ft would be the largest I would want. Towbar first, and if there is any money left, look for a caravan!
  20. My 2.2 tourer has only done a light weight 60k miles . But I've had a new company van every 4 years for the last twenty years each one left ticking over all day or being redlined in every gear all the time fully loaded with all my tools and gear each van covered 100-150k miles 3 fords transits rear wheel drive and front 2 Renaults traffic and master never broke down never had a clutch only a service once a year never checked the oil or water once .just got a new transit last year already done 20 k not missed a beat yet . The car I drive carefully as it's the wifes and i check everything once a week. I would thrash it but it's to quick and I want to keep my license lol .
  21. I'll be checking mine sat morning it's a late 2012 2.2 tourer I do know it has the newer door check straps as I've just checked it in the dark . So I'll be putting on my glasses and giving it a thorough look at .
  22. Hi guys the gear box on my car has gone I'm looking at replacing it I have an auris sr 180 2008!! The gearbox I've found is from and avensis but of the same engine and year are they the same?
  23. Aside from a Toyota dealer, one could also try -
  24. Hi Heidfirst, Thank you very much for the reply. I will look into the Essential Care Thank you Kind regards Shamil
  25. Hi Barrycoll I thought the numbers changed on the 1st of March or have they changed it !
  26. No, it's my father's car. We would be borrowing it for this particular trip.
  27. So do you need to update your profile to include the Prius.
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