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  2. Hi Lois and welcome to the board. Personally, I think that you've done as much as you can with the carpet and it's time for a change. If it was me, I would buy a roll of this: Use your original boot carpet as a template and with a decent pair of scissors will get you a new boot floor.....Also with the extra thickness of the new roll, it might make your Aygo a tiny bit quieter....I've used extra "Sound deadening" carpet in mine and it does make a difference. I hope that helps......It's cheaper than vodka All the best
  3. Hi guys, Recently I left a bottle of all purpose cleaner in my boot and it leaked onto the carpet and now it smells very strongly of damp, so much so that I can no longer smell new air freshners that I put in the car. Just wondering if anybody knows if you can buy a new carpet for the boot? I've taken it out the car for now but I don't want to have to bin it knowing I can't get a replacement. I've shampoo'd it hundreds of times and sprayed it with vinegar, vodka, etc. You name it, I've tried it! Trying to get rid of the smell myself is no longer an option. I thought about getting a rubber boot mat and using that in place of the carpet, but I'd prefer to still have the carpet to keep it original. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. An annual guide is unlikely to result in large increases in the number of Which? subscribers, especially where, as I described earlier, the amount of space devoted to any one mode in the guide, including the Prius, is limited to just one paragraph. The fact that the OP decided to focus on the reliability score for the Prius from the Which? Car Buying Guide 2017-18 and has taken it out of context of the guide and the revised review, doesn't mean that Which? themselves see the reduced score as important or as a means of increasing subscribers. For example, there is no mention of this on the Which? website. If Which? were trying to sell subscriptions on the back of the Prius' weaknesses, they wouldn't include in their review of the Prius extracts like: "Which? verdict - confidence inspiring hybrid." "Toyota has nailed its hybrid colours to the mast for decades now, and the Prius remains a decent example of the breed, and a solid choice for anyone keen to minimise their costs and their impact on the environment. The Prius is good in other areas, too, with excellent safety, good driving manners and plenty of space inside for families." "How safe is it? When tested by Euro NCAP, the Prius scored a five-star safety rating. Very impressive standard features across the range include seven airbags and a 'Safety Sense' package - including pedestrian detection, emergency braking, lane-departure warning, road-sign recognition and adaptive cruise control. We found that the road-sign detection didn't always work. You can fit child seats in the back (using Isofix on the outer two seats if you wish) or on the front seat." "Should I buy it? If you can maximise the fuel economy potential of the hybrid system (i.e you spend most of your time driving around town), the Prius makes a credible case as a comfortable, safe, large family car."
  5. Had a blast to my mechanics house today! Can defo feel the difference with the front strut brace on, a lot more stiffer up front. Doesn't roll as much too. With the lowering springs on too it's a good match up for the handling. If you can get one cheap enough I'd fit it. Wouldn't spend a fortune on one though, some going for £70-£80+. I personally wouldn't pay it, that's just me. For a Whiteline etc one yeah, not for this OEM.
  6. No, as mentioned its a gearbox lock only, just like park on most automatics. The parking brake is a standalone system which isn't linked in any way shape or form.
  7. I had a problem with juddering intermittently. I gave the erg valve a clean and it seems ok now (touch wood).
  8. Precisely put; so how can they sell more subscriptions? Write something which will sell more subscriptions ,of course.
  9. Does the transmission parking button activate a motor to put the brake on, or just a manual mechanism, like in a traditional automatic?
  10. Hi, did anyone have any luck with LED bulbs for the sidelight/DRL? i bought vanssi leds from amazon and they only flash once. Dont really fancy the blue halogens
  11. Can someone advise how to locate 87106h 87106-02030 its a air mixer.
  12. Hi Pete, I had the same issue with my HID light on my avensis on the right hand side. I took it to toyota and they had a look and said the wattage was fine but it might be the lens and wanted to take it apart. But if they couldn't fix it i would need a new one which was going to be expensive. We looked around and found that you can get non HID lights second hand and they plug straight in (whole light with casing not the bulb and you have to change both) My partner took the bumper off and unplugged the old ones and plugged the new ones in 10 minute job. The headlights are amazing now. I recommend you call toyotaz galore in Auckland if you are in nz to see their prices. Or I have a left hand HID light for sale. 😊
  13. A picture might help those with the knowledge
  14. I wanted to avoid disassembling the dashboard but seems like I will have to, I found one cheap online as you said, I'll order it tomorrow if the dash doesn't fix by itself going to work. Thanks
  15. it's probably an SMD (surface mounted device) bulb - a small LED soldered direct to the board. if your own soldering skills aren't up to it you can probably send the whole thing away to somewhere to get it done rather than replace the whole dash.
  16. Hi all the blue main beam light on my 2003 RAV has stopped working, 'I'll put a new bulb in" I thought so took the dash out to find no bulbs that I could see, I took the glass off and the back off but not a bulb in sight. Help please anyone😱 Graham
  17. It's best to get an old speedo/instrument. If you look at E### its very cheap. Better than messing around with the car. You have done the basic things and I don't think you can do anymore apart from getting another display.
  18. I have a Mk 4 (Nov 2016) Business Edition Plus.
  19. Mine is 9-2010, Prius III Dynamic so one of the first with LED. Actually it is the same LED system as on the RX450H 16 September 2013 Thank you for your further email. I can confirm that the HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps on the RX 350 do not need to be converted for travel on the continent. The set up of the headlamp is such that the light shines in a horizontal flat beam which has no kick up and as such is not dazzling to drivers of oncoming cars. As you have suggested, we would recommend that the Intelligent Adaptive Front-lighting System (I-AFS) is switched off when travelling on the continent. Yours sincerely Claire Newman Customer Relations Executive
  20. As Pete has said. I seldom use the parking brake unless on a very steep hill, Park is normally suffiecient.
  21. Did you attempt to continue to drive the car when you ran out of gas?
  22. What year and model is your Prius? I can confirm their statement is incorrect, as my 2013 PiP with LED headlamps definitely has a kick up to the NS. Having looked into this subject a while after my original posting, it seems you put the beam deflector over just one light unit each side, however I can't remember which one it is off of the top of my head. I'd be concerned if new cars have got a flat beam pattern, as this will be resulting is a significant amount of light being lost from the road!
  23. the XT5 was a local car, phoned my local Toyota dealership and they had done all of the early years work, no info on the engine at all
  24. Good idea.Worth a try,I've3 nothing to lose.Thanks.
  25. So that means the information in the vehicle listing on the travelspot website is incorrect. We don't need to buy any headlamp beam adaptors! I just concluded that since the Prius with LED lights have 4 bulbs, they mention to use one sticker on the Outer Bulb, and one sticker on the Inner Bulb. And the European Prii would comply to 5.8.1 -c which means that the headlight beams would be symmetrical ( e.g. 'flat') according to 5.8.2. Thanks for sharing!
  26. I've only had the one conversation with Toyota on this so I'm assuming the information is correct. They told me that all European Prius' have the same beam pattern so they are suitable for LHD and RHD cars. As far as I understand it, the flat beam pattern is just that. The dipped beam doesn't have a higher light pattern on the near side. I asked the rep to confirm in an e-mail which is what I've copied, above. We're not due to drive in France until the Spring, so I don't have any 'real world' experience of it yet.
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