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  2. Heater

    thanks might just do that but in mean time any more answer's thanks
  3. Great condition only 18 months and 8000 miles old selling because I've scrapped my car
  4. Hello all

    Hi all, Got myself an 2007 auris since 2014, which has been up and down the country with, while it wasn't my first choice when I got it, i really like it now, and dont want to part with it, i am hoping to see just how far will it go :), I hope 200k+ :) Just signing up here to mingle and to get a little advice, but will get to that later :). Thanks :)
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  6. New Wheels & tyres iQ

    Hi Craig, 35 offset struggling to see where they are rubbing.. I need a couple of big heavy lasses to sit in the back while I have a look !!! 4x 17" Axe EX5 - Gloss Black with Polished Face (17 x 7.5" 4x100/N ET35) 4x Falken ZIEX ZE914 205/45R17 88W XL (EB71)
  7. Coolant check during servicing

    Great to get an answer from someone calling themselves Frostyballs on the subject of antifreeze - you're clearly the right man for this subject ! Further web searching supports you are right about the formulation being greatly improved in recent years, for instance see I'm glad to see that link also refers to regular topping up with antifreeze during servicing in days gone by, so at least that supports my memory of how it used to be. That still leaves me with my original question about checking the coolant during the service. Perhaps it is covered by the line at the bottom right of the checklist "Re check All levels" which has been ticked for my car service. And perhaps the Jemca gentleman knew about modern anti-freeze duration and that level checking was sufficient for him to be able to say my car was ok for the winter.
  8. My aygo has been written off

    My replacement aygo has the dreaded water where the spare wheel is! The old one was fine. Not having much luck at the moment.
  9. indicator flasher relay

    Thanks for that diagram, which seems clear, but I cannot find the relay in that position... It is necessary to unmount something around there? Could it be on the opposite side of the fuses (which are easy to access)? Because under the fuses I cannot imagine where it could be...
  10. indicator flasher relay

    Found this diagram, its where I said, just that its on the opposite side to my RH uk model, though I was wrong about the location of the integration relay.
  11. Rav4 auto folding mirrors

    You can find all three wires in driver's footwell at the bottom of right wall under plastic trim. There are few connectors there, I first located one for the the door by unplugging them one by one and trying to lock the car from remote and once I found the one I needed I tested every wire with multimeter while locking and unlocking car from remote to find the wires I needed. It was actually easier than I thought.
  12. Rav4 auto folding mirrors

    Thanks for your help. Managed to find out the harnesses of the unit all plug together then there is 3wires to connect. Read to connect to the fuse box. 1st goes to permanent live 2nd goes to the locking system 3rd goes to the unlock or acc on. Put me off a little tho when I checked the fuse box diagram and the locking system is shared with the ecu... Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  13. Not sure about current plug in but mine always started in EV mode so battery level would quickly reduce unless you pressed the button to switch to HV mode. I suspect the dealer's drivers just assume it is like the other hybrids and don't know how to maintain charge in main battery.
  14. indicator flasher relay

    My Corolla is left hand drive and it isn't TS... Is it possible that the relays are located so differently between LH and RH cars?
  15. 2012 Avensis Tourer 2.0 D4D Low mpg

    You have dis-regarded what I said, I kow the figures are not real world. But, every other car I have ever owned I can get close to the "official"mpg, this car is miles away, even with the most careful of driving, as I said Toyota themselves admitted it has poor mpg during various discussions. As for the electronic parking brake again Toyota themselves admitted the first generation units were poor and not sealed properly, so it actually is not a rare occurence. Hence why our car was 2 months out of warranty when after some arguing and presentation of various similar cases as evidence Toyota replaced the EPB parts under warranty.
  16. Indeed. Missing an opportunity if they don't. If I was a dealer I would have my eyes firmly glued to the forums 😀
  17. True, but then again they do have a 3-pin socket for the standard domestic 16amp charger. It only takes 3 hours to fully charge an empty battery in my experience 😀
  18. Airbag Recalls

    Ok. But I found it odd is what I am saying. By all means get it done.
  19. Rav4 auto folding mirrors

    Thanks, I'll send them a wee message.
  20. Rav4 auto folding mirrors

    No, for my 2012 I have bought controller for rav4 2008-2013 from the same seller. I'm almost sure though that they are the same, I have bought another controller for a friend of mine for his Qashqai and controller was exactly the same, only plugs were different for Nissan harness. If you need one for mk3 RAV4 I would recommend to get in touch with the seller, they are very helpful and answer messages quickly.
  21. Steel rims lighter than alloys?

    The document does have some limitations with most companies stating the fitting of winter tyres will have no effect. However, the fitting of winter wheels and tyres may affect one's policy with some companies within the document, especially if the wheels and tyres are a different size to the OEM wheels and tyres. Although it is four years ago, one member found that his insurer wouldn't consider different sized wheel and tyres for winter use - see extract below: "I would like to point out to members again, that Toyota Insurance do not accept a change of wheel size from original specification. I have a 2012 Auris HSD T-Spirit with 17" wheels, and enquired about fitting 15" wheels and appropriate tyres for the winter. Toyota insurance will not provide cover for this change. I have concluded that if I want 15" wheels I will have to seek out an insurer that will provide cover for alternative wheels, or change my car for an Auris HSD T4 supplied new with 15" wheels."
  22. btw make sure that you are comparing mpg by filling brim to brim & not trusting the computers.
  23. OEM DAB

    Another option is to get the adapter kit which allows you mount a standard double DIN unit in place of the Toyota unit. You can then get what you want.
  24. New Prius Plug-in - Deliver Fully Charged!

    As the Club is independent of Toyota, I doubt whether many dealers do visit the forums.
  25. Airbag Recalls

    If the recall is the Takata airbag recall, several vehicle manufacturers are involved across the world, and manufacturers have had to wait for Takata, whose responsibility the recall is, to suppy the parts. In excess of 50 million vehicles are involved globally
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