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  2. wing mirror glass

    There is no change on how to change glass from 2009 to 2012. They share the same part numbers.
  3. Door Mirror Glass Removal T27

    no worries, many thanks for your help. im sure it will be ok. thanks Neil
  4. Strange Noise At Idle

    Hi just wandering if you may have sorted this issue you have. Appreciate it’s a bit of an old post. my car is showing the same symptoms you have described. When parked and engine is running it’s a annoying whining/humming noise and when I press the clutch it disappears. I’ve also noticed that it’s more apparent through the gears and gets louder but once I’m out of 4th and into 5th and 6th it stops. I still have a few months left under warranty as I took out the extended warranty. My car is a 2006 T180 with 98K on the clock but with the new engine from Toyota the mileage on this engine is about 40K roughly
  5. Door Mirror Glass Removal T27

    I cannot find any photos of the inside of the cover to show you, or advise you. You need to give it a try.
  6. What Tyre Brand Would You Choose?
  7. wheels for hiace
  8. Door Mirror Glass Removal T27

    hi konrad c many thanks for the link, i can see on one of these forums that there are 2 screws holding the cover on? is this correct or is it just trim tool and work my way around, dont want to brake the housing.
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  10. Door Mirror Glass Removal T27

    I did my usual research, because even though I am careful and fold the mirrors, but you never know. It seems that the cover needs to be removed using a suitable trim removal tools. Link to videos I searched:- Link to the part showing the indicator/mirror housing:- Toyota use the same technique for most models. Should apply to T25 to t27 including recent models.
  11. Where is icv?

    That is another thing to do, replace pcv, do a partial flush of power steering and break fluid with pump. So any ideas where the icv is?
  12. wing mirror glass

    hi all i need to replace my drivers side wing mirror glass so i need to take it off with the backing plate, i can see some people say they just pull off the 2009 version just wondering if its the same on the 2012 new shape avensis hope some one can help as
  13. Door Mirror Glass Removal T27

    Hi all sorry i seem to be a few years late but i need to take the cover of my avensis 2012 is it the same as the 2009 as my avensis is the new shape, does the mirror housing just pop off like your ones?
  14. Hello!I got a Toyota Rav4 1996mod with Delta 4x4 fender flares. I've got some damage on the fender-flares left front and right back. Could anyone help me where to buy new one?
  15. Yesterday
  16. replace passenger side mirror 2012 iq

    Moved to the Toyota IQ club.
  17. need instructions for replacing passenger side mirror 2012 iq
  18. Vsv voltage help

    Have attached a test procedure for the VSV. However, it is common for VSV's to seize up. The recommended procedure is to spray some GT85 PTFE lubricant into the valve, allow surplus lube to drain out of the valve overnight then refit. vsv_test.pdf
  19. many mile from a full tank?

    Jesty, im also in Sussex, and own a 2014 Auris Hybrid. Mines somewhat downmarket compared to yours, but maybe that accounts for its lifetime average of 59.6 mpg, on the smaller wheels. Actually thats including running winter tyres part of the year. I use normal mode, as its more economical consistently than eco mode. no idea why, but it is. Have noticed since it passed 30k miles the car is improving in economy, so maybe they take a while to run in
  20. Where is icv?

  21. '76 Carina Kewwp

    .... Just drop onto RetroRides and see collection/refurb/sorting out.... Very nice & totally rot free!! 2sav
  22. '76 Carina Kewwp

    I'd love to own this....
  23. corolla tsport

    PM sent.
  24. RA64

    Hi guys. Just picked up a 1985 Celica GT hatch with around 200k miles. Runs pretty strong. Needs a lot of interior work (panels mostly) and has spedometer and temp sensor problem. Probably taking it to a shop to get it completely rebuilt just because I plan to make this my daily driver. Any advice on the rebuild process?
  25. corolla tsport

    Hi so at 3am this morning on a navigation road rally in lancashire, the engine of my corolla went capput. I think it's the bottom end it was a stock corolla tsport with Koni adjustable sports dampers and eibach springs, a 6mm alloy sump guard and mintex m1144 pads. It was a competitive car but it'd cost more than it's worth to me to fix as I had already started building something else. would this car be of any interest to someone as it is or if I broke it would Anyone want anything off it? cheers Charlie
  26. Test Drive

    I found a H2 refuelling point near me, about 2 miles away, at the Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP). Apparently you have to book in advance, but I can't find any info on the cost of a refill.
  27. Touch-Up Paint Chip

    Agreed. I use a wooden toothpick for the tiny chips. It sometimes helps to blunt the point a little first, depending on the chip size. I've also used touch up "spears". A bit like a cotton bud but harder and pointed.
  28. Touch-Up Paint Chip

    Don't use the brush they give you - buy a smaller, finer brush just for touch-up jobs - means you can be a lot more precise.
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