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  2. Cost to fix this damage?

    Agree with Madasafish. Probably more cost effective to get it done on insurance and take the premium hit.
  3. Sell diesel now?

    And yes Teresa may is a t#at
  4. Sell diesel now?

    And as my main journeys are long motorway ones most the times you can't put a charge on motorways so I'm assuming it's all Good it will be like the centwr of towns etc that will have it and not the little suburb bits where I live. Can always park outside the zone and walk or get a bus into it. Suppose it's doable. Like the congestion charge in London is a tiny area so I'm assuming like Birmingham etc it will be In the main city center and not all of Birmingham. Etc. Fingers crossed I will get to enjoy my little polished up pride and joy for some time
  5. Sell diesel now?

    The new one in London will charge lorries 100 per day.... And cars 12.50 if they dont meet euro 6 it messes up everyone my work have to buy new vans or if not stick the extra cost onto jobs which loses us customers. I need the van for my tools and specialist equipment so it's not really fair. I only use my cars evenings or weekends so I will probably not be affected where I live as it's not busy enough to warrant toxicity charges. I will keep the car even if it falls into place by 2020 thats still a long time to have the car even if I spend money on it
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  7. Corolla D4D clutch

    I assume there is no way to do a visual check to ascertain which type of clutch is fitted without dismantling the gear box?
  8. Sell diesel now?

    That will just be horrific, as how else will all those shops etc function? Plus the cost of the charge will leak down in to the prices paid by the shops which will in turn be pushed back on to you. But it's strange too that they'd single out lorries as their emissions are always bang on (constantly tested, no room for cheating). It's the private vehicles that are the issue really. Plus, Theresa May is a dead duck really so I wouldn't put too much faith in what she has to say.
  9. Cost to fix this damage?

    Minimum £2k.
  10. Sell diesel now?

    Yeah and these are not starting til 2019 In the big city's and towns but I live near dartford under bexley council and I don't drive around the south circular or north circular etc I just use the m25 and m1 etc and do lots of holidays around the country but never in cities. Maybe I will be ok I doubt they can penalise people in built up towns etc too much. Maybe certain roads etc that get busy but maybe they should spend there money on making alternative less congested routes. Or better still instead of this plan bexley has to smash down lots of houses and build 7 story blocks to cram more people in don't do it. It's the high volume of people that is the problem to start with. I'll just stick with it was only a 2k car and its only on 76k miles it will last some time it has fun toyota approved history etc. Seems a waste. Hopefully by the time it comes round it will be long dead. Maybe I wont worry about spending the money on it for now. I've just read another article that says the city's may just affect lorries etc and not penalise cars as Teresa may is not keen on the idea of making a everyone's life a misery who owns one. Fingers crossed I can have it for at least another 3 years
  11. Sell diesel now?

    I don't think the "Cash Cow Tax Toxin Charge" will go as far as 20 miles. I know councils can be tempted by such things, but I think you'll be safe enough as long as you don't drive right in to London. But you could consider buying a car outside of London further north, like Birmingham where we don't have "London prices" on things (not yet anyway, Hello HS2!). But again, a Euro 6 diesel is still going to be an expensive purchase. I think, though, that if you're not driving in to a zone like that then you can stick with your Corolla for a time yet. But, as you point out, other councils might start to introduce it (although I would argue that they may lack the infrastructure to cope with such a scheme, so there would be a period of warning before it's an official thing). It's at that point you'd need to wonder what you could do. If it was me, I would stick with the car (especially as you don't tend to travel in to London) and start to build up a fund to purchase a more "environmentally friendly" car when you actually need to buy one.
  12. Very very helpful thanks so much
  13. Blue Tooth Synced Music

    It should work, we used to have the music playing my phone and only changed to a usb drive as I am not the only driver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 2010 Rav 4 can I replace the 2.2 with a 2 ltr D4D

    Hi Heidfirst, I know where your coming from. I had the engine running for approx 15 minutes while I was underneath it in the my garage pit but not a drip to be seen. Temp was up to normal. Hopefully Mr T can resolve the mystery. BTW they (Mr T ) indicated to me that I should not have to worry about cost.
  15. Sell diesel now?

    Not as much as 20 pound a day to drive though that's a joke especially if you go through more than 1 council controlled zone. I'm hoping they don't go full whack with it as I don't really drive into city's but I do long journeys to Wales and stuff so that's why I got a diesel
  16. Sell diesel now?

    Then again one would pay a lot more in vehicle excise duty .......
  17. Blue Tooth Synced Music

    Thanks Frostyb...s, Don't have a satnav, guess it's' 'touch'. Been looking at the users manual but cant seem to make any sense of it but will persevere. Maybe I can't get music which is synced on my IPhone? Cheers, ronbin
  18. Sell diesel now?

    From what I've seen diesels have to be euro6 petrol can be euro 4. Makes sense though I may as well go and swap for an old v6 or v8 petrol that's only got to be euro 4 makes sense completely. It's not the diesels thats the problem in London it's the overpopulation causing the standstill traffic. Much like all big city's. If you could just drive through would be OK. Diesels may be bad to immediate health (so they say. Can't believe anyone anyway) petrol is full of ozone depleting substances so instead of affecting a few people near the diesels lets all go get v8 engines and kill the ozone and every can die of the sun's radiation as the government's smart like that. As well as that batterys for the newer hybrid cars and full electric are not exactly expensive friendly to dispose of. Any there's no way our electricity is that environmentally friendly either so the whole emission free stickers make me laugh. It's hard I don't know whether to keep my car now and hope I'm not affected as I don't really drive into big city's but bexley council where I live love a bit of extra money so could implement something. Or whether to sell and leave myself short and buy an old car. Like is it worth me paying for the timing belt and water pump and stuff. I don't know how I will be affected and I'd rather have an idea sooner rather than later when I can't sell it. Shame really my friends diesel corolla is om other 200k so seems a waste. Why don't they just phase them out by making diesel production stop the old ones will dissappear naturally. Will have to have a good think about whether to sell my pride and joy or to keep it
  19. Multi media system

    Normally pressing the volume control changes the function each time - bass - treble - fader - balance - ASL (Auto Sound Level). When ASL is selected, turn the tune/scroll knob changes the ASL effect off, low. mid or high. This seems to cover every unit from my early basic stereo to the recent multimedia units. I checked here to see if any changes -
  20. Biting point issue

    It seems like the clutch is okay. No disrespect to your manager, but I did say that every car is different and not knowing if he has driven a similar Avensis, he assumed the high biting point was a sign that the clutch is worn. Normally it is correct, but until there is signs of slip, you are fine. Seat position can affect the angle to the pedals. Just enjoy the car for now.
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  22. Sell diesel now?

    Glasgow & Edinburgh also likely to get - & possibly before 2020.
  23. 2010 Rav 4 can I replace the 2.2 with a 2 ltr D4D

    it may only weep under pressure (i.e. when running). My 57 plate Avensis had that - replaced foc by Mr T as apparently it wasn't uncommon. Mileage would fit too.
  24. Cost to fix this damage?

    When driving on a single lane road in the countryside I pulled in to let another car pass and managed to hit a jagged rock wall. I didn't hit it very fast at all but from what I can see the damage includes: Actual crack in bodywork. Front panel lose and scuffed. Fog light broken. Headlight misaligned. And somehow I knocked all the internal clips keeping the front panel on inside. Any idea how much this is going to cost me?
  25. 1zz parts on a 4zz

    Hi Ant, by any chance when performing the upgrade was the TB cable or electronically operated? Trying to find advice as I've performed the upgrade on a fly by wire TB but suffering from rev hunting and not too sure how to deal with it. Any advice is much appreciated
  26. Yaris 2012 Hybrid

    Hope it goes to plan with this one. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  27. Yaris 2012 Hybrid

    Well forks, Wolverhampton Toyota would not do any service before selling me the car because it's just over 3 months. Deal is off. But a Toyota Grimsby is now negotiating. Another hybrid Yaris
  28. Blue Tooth Synced Music

    Touch is the multimedia unit - eg radio, music from USB, etc. Touch & Go is the same multimedia unit with the satnav module (Go) fitted. So if you have satellite navigation it will be Touch & Go - if no satellite navigation it will be Touch.
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