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  2. Winter tyres - TPMS Light is on!

    yes. So I may have to bite the bullet and pay up for a couple of years. Then, once I retire and money is a bit tighter, do all my own servicing.
  3. Winter tyres - TPMS Light is on!

    I was talking about the auxiliary 12v battery. They are only guaranteed for 3 years despite selling for as much as £280! (I believe Toyota willl sell one for £100 however)
  4. iPod Player for 2008 Yaris

    Hello Nathalie - welcome to Toyota Owners Club. Topic moved to the Yaris club to generate some response.
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  6. X-Shift vs Manual

    I think the fact that it produces so little CO2 though is good as I was able to get the free tax on an automatic for the first (and last) time. I find it still a bit jerky in the two lower gears but the higher gears are smooth.
  7. Hybrid batteries dead!

    To the best of my knowledge, UK Toyota Hybrids all use NiMH except the previous and current Plug-in models and the Prius +.
  8. Hello

    Hello Cato - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.
  9. Folks, Can anyone recommend a good independent Landcruiser specialist in the Reading /Oxford area. Thanks
  10. Yaris 2015 spare wheel - sloping boot floor

    I didn't buy it separately. It came with the car because I specified a spare wheel and not a can of goop. I did buy one for my previous Yaris (which did not come with a spare wheel from new) direct from the Toyota parts department of my local dealer. I don't think you'll get it from anywhere else.
  11. Hybrid batteries dead!

    Great, thanks all of you for advice. :thumb:
  12. X-Shift vs Manual

    One drawback with the X-shift is that it produces a bit more NOx than the manual.
  13. Yaris 2015 spare wheel - sloping boot floor

    One more thing, what is the name of the part? Or what was the title of the product and where did you buy it from? :)
  14. Yaris 2015 spare wheel - sloping boot floor

    No. 64777-0D000
  15. X-Shift vs Manual

    Yes you are correct. That’s why I understand the pros and cons of this system compared to full automatics and CVT systems. I should have wrote automated manual as this better describes the gearbox and clutch system.
  16. How many I'm out of front tyres

    I owned a 2005 Avensis 1.8vvti hatch during the dreadful snowy/icy winter of 2010 up here in Scotland. It drove great in snow, even tho it had el-cheapo nasty front tyres on it.
  17. X-Shift vs Manual

    Bear in mind that the X-shift isn't a true automatic gerbox, but a manual gearbox with an automated clutch, and the X-shift is a developed version of the previous Multi Mode transmission.
  18. Winter tyres - TPMS Light is on!

    According to Honest John's response, in the UK Block Exemption covers the first three years of the new car warranty. The Toyota GB five year/100,000 mile warranty includes Toyota's standard pan European new car warranty (3 years/60,000 miles), and a 2 year/40,000 mile extended warranty. So presumably one could argue that Toyota GB could legally insist that vehicles within the warranty extension period (ie after year 3) have to be serviced within the Toyota dealer network for the warranty to remain valid.
  19. Yaris 2015 spare wheel - sloping boot floor

    Thank you! Also just for confirmation, part no. - 64777 0D00D? :)
  20. Winter tyres - TPMS Light is on!

    You may well be right. Here's what Honest John says on the subject...
  21. Yaris 2015 spare wheel - sloping boot floor

    Indeed there is! (the Toyota part number is on the photo of the bottom)
  22. X-Shift vs Manual

    I have been driving my x-shift for 6 months and I love it. The little 1.0L engine performs well and the automatic gearbox is better than I have read about online. Last week I drove a ‘67’ plate courtesy Aygo which had a manual gearbox and to be honest I didn’t enjoy the experience. I found the clutch quite sudden compared to other cars and I found the car felt much slower than the X-shift. I know the manual has longer gears and this really dents performance though to be fair this car only had 800 miles on the clock. On the motorway at 70mph my X-shift is reving around 3800rpm and the manual is noticeably lower but I can’t really hear the difference as wind and tyre noise masks the sound of the engine. One really strange thing I did find was the accelerator. Pressing the pedal very slightly and I noticed the car suddenly accelerates more than I expected. I only really noticed it when cursing at 30mph. It’s almost like an on/off switch. It’s very slight but I’ve never noticed it in any other car and my X-shift doesn’t do it. I wonder if anybody else notices this? Overall I’m glad to get my X-shift back and I think the automatic unfortunately gets a lot of bad press due to the problems the earlier systems had.
  23. Paddy The Corolla - 1998 1.3 E11 3-Door

    The engineering lads have delivered! Scrap piece of steel, 6mm thick and 1500mm long, 40mm wide. They didn't have anything thinner, so I'm off to B&Q tomorrow to buy some 3mm thick steel and I can start to fabricate away to my hearts content!
  24. Winter tyres - TPMS Light is on!

    The hybrid battery warranty extension provided by the hybrid health check provides a 1 year/10,000 mile warranty once the vehicle is outside the new car warranty. So if from an earlier post you're doing around 20K per year, to keep the hybrid battery under an extended warranty, two hybrid health check would need to be done per year. As regards own servicing, pretty sure now that doesn't fit with Block Exemption and maintaining the new car warranty.
  25. Morning all. Right losing sleep overy this now and don't want to hear piston rings. I have the t sport compressor 2006 with 55k on the clock fsh seemed to be well looked after. How ever when got the car home and after doing a few runs in here 7000rpm+ I noticed the dip stick pops out. So first port of call was to check the lines I did this and found small kink in one of the boost lines. Repositioned it thinking fixed. No it still pops out, so went and changed the pvc valve even though old one still moving. Did this with no luck ummm so moved onto the crackcase itself as blow by pressure must be building up high. So I took the breather pipe that comes off the crack case that goes into the throttle body after the maf. I blanking capped it off and now venting to atmosphere. Do I need the boost vacuum to help draw the air out of the crack case ? How ever I ran the set up took it for a spin still the same problem. So got myself a d1 spec catch can to run off pcv valve that goes back into the intake manifold. Did this last night and still no luck. I know I know rings but on a toyota with such low mileage and good history. My only other option is to fit a check valve that's coming today pre catch can side before inlet manifold to see if boost is working it's way back into the crack case past the pcv ? Going for a compression test this weekend and looking at decarbonize by terra clean. I am just at a lost end with this as know the out come with high blow back bye bye cam seals etc. Any input be well received as I just want to drive the thing. Also high rattle kind of metallic sound when at high revs from compressor side ? Slipping belt or bad pully ? Has had compressor oil changed regularly. Many thanks Brendan.
  26. Hi guys, I have just bought a Yaris and found there is only the goo in case of a puncture. I've seen mixed reviews of it, so i decided to buy a space saver wheel kit (especially as we approach the winter months), Wheel fits fine, its only when you go to put any weight on top of the boot floor above the spare wheel that it slopes and bends the carpet material, is there any part or accessory to hold it, like with the styrofoam insert that holds the goo keeps it sturdy?? Thanks,
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