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    I, too, would prefer to try to have them matching the discs, so silver. Failing that, gunmetal grey or perhaps black if you want them to stand out.
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    It seems that most of us are happy with our Avensis Tourers, more so if they are the petrol version. In buying them we obviously ignored the negative views of the motoring journalists. Most of them describe the Avensis as a dull drive, with forgettable styling, a dreary interior and rarely award more than 3 points out of 5. We know better. They don't realise that some people put more importance into the practicality and reliability of their vehicles and that their priorities in buying are value for money, spaciousness and refinement.
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    Update: the car has been fixed, replaced the clutch and dmf. The mechanic said that the fingers (I assume this is the pressure plate) on the clutch was very worn, meaning that the car was being driven with the clutch being ridden (foot left on clutch pedal while being driven). Ps: it wasn't me as this is really bad practice, It was the first owner! Lesson here- Don't rest your FOOT on the CLUTCH PEDAL while driving!!!!! I'm going to test the car and get pics of the old clutch and post it up here. Cheers Leon
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    Hi An update on the actuator, took the car down to Toyota garage to get the job done and yepee turns out it wasn't the actuator after all , a caliper pin had spit on the rear calipers , this stopped the handbrake from engaging fully on that side thus throwing up an actuator alarm . So the replaced the caliper pins on the rear and I get them to do the front caliper pins also as I assume they were all of the same age , total cost €300 , that's a massive saving of €1200 . So the lesson is even though the alarm says actuator it may not be that actually causing the error . 😁🚗
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    I guess I'm that type. Personally I never understood what these journalists are talking about. I have tried some of these so-called premium cars and I must say it's not clear to me what they mean by dull vs exiting drive etc. I even was persuaded by my neighbour to buy one two years ago because as he said, passing 60, now is your last chance to own a real car. After driving it for 6-7 months I honestly realized that it really didn't justify the extra cost, insurance, service and gas. So I switched back to a used low milage CVT Tourer with a lot of money left over. I have no trouble admitting that certain car enthusiasts will disagree, but I really dont see the big difference.
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    See http://blog.toyota.co.uk/aygo-reliability-record https://www.whatcar.com/news/reliability-survey-2/
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    Get the hydraulic system checked, from the master cylinder, the pipe work to the slave cylinder. The good thing the slave cylinder is external, unlike the T27 petrol cars, which is internal. It is far easier to check the slave cylinder for leaks, and change if necessary. Pump the clutch pedal, to see if the gears become easier to select whilst stationary. Years decades back, I had similar symptoms which was the slave cylinder. Move on to the more expensive clutch, if the hydraulics are checked as okay.
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    A lot of people tend to forget that the HSD is a "battery assisted petrol engine system" and not a "petrol engine assisted battery system".
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    Bizzarly only a short time after we fixed Bug's A/C, mine failed but not the same fault. Symptom was that when the A/C button was pressed, the A/C clutch engaged or seemed to and was visually spinning with the pulley. On inspection with A/C gauges there was 50psi on the low side and 50psi on the high side suggesting no compression. At tis pont i had it re-gassed by Toyota whi say they vac'ed out 60gms and pit in 380gms. They offered me back my car having cleaned it first and parked it outside the showroom. When i got in it the A/C was off. Upon trying it, it didnt work! Now they must have know it wasn't going to work because on gassing it there was no high output. They obviously thought it was ok having realised no high pressure to just give it back to me without mentioning it and send me on my merry way. I pointed it out to them and in a flash tbey already has prepaired answer " oh well must be the compressor then" " £1800 for that to be replaced". So rather than stop the vac'ing when they discovered no high pressure they carried on so they could make £59 out of me. I did some investigation of the compressor and noticed that there was what looked like black sticky stuff on the side of the magnetic clutch and reaching down to remove it, it felt like thick Tar. After getting a very good understanding of the conditions needed for the compressor to operate, i concluded there was something wrong with the magnetid clutch. I measured tbe resistance of the coil and the12v energising it and all seemed with-in spec. I decided to buy a replacement clutch. After checking the part numbers i exhausted all attemps to find one. I found a few used iQ compresdors on Ebay and had resigned myself to buying one. I checked with toyota who quoted me nearly £400 for the clutch only and over £800 for the complete compressor. That price therefore implys £1000 !!! labour for install. I found on ebay an oil specialist company that sold Denso compresdors. And mine straight frim Densi in tbe west country £315 inc delivery. Just how much does Toyota want to make in profit? To day i set about the task of swapping the magnetic clutch frim tbe new compressor to my original one. Even with the front wheel off and a plastic instpection panel removed its difficult to get grips in there and a torque spanner but it was achieved within the hour and no need to disturb the fan belt or refrigerant. Note if you attempt this, there is up to 3 washers that set the gap between the clutch plate and pulley. The iQ only used 1. On having access to the clutch it was obvious thsat the rubber material had all but perished and although it looked like the clutch was spinning when engsged to the pulley, the middle connected to the compressor was stationary. After it was replaced it now works perfect again. Reason for failure, the car has done 125,000 miles with the A/C all tbe time David
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    I was given £3250 for the car not bad but I am still out of pocket because I filled the car up the two days before it was hit. My replacement is a 2014 aygo move with style it has 22000 miles on it. Cost £4991 from Toyota derby.
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    Personally I'd have a hatchback. I think an estate looks like a working car (my Mother says all estates look like heubiks), and a hatchback looks like a personal use car, but it has the ability to carry fridge sized objects when the occasion arises. I wonder what the ration of hatchback:saloon T22 and T25 Avensis' was. I see lots more T25 hatches around than saloons (or estates for that matter), although I don't see many T22's around any more. Similarly there are lots more Ford Focus hatches around than saloons, or previous model Mazda 6 hatch to saloons, or Vectra hatches to saloons, or Golfs to Boras etc. As I understand it - the manufacturers say a saloon is more upmarket so it commands a better price. But surely the object is to sell more cars - maybe if it was still sold as a hatch they would still be selling them in their old numbers. According to this (Toyota) document http://media.toyota.co.uk/wp-content/files_mf/1507211890ToyotaUKbymodelToyota6517.pdf the Avensis sold 26000 in the UK at it's peak in 2004 against a mere 5000 in 2016 (although it doesn't state the particular model variants). And according to this (non Toyota) document http://carsalesbase.com/european-car-sales-data/toyota/toyota-avensis/ the European figures were 142000 at it's peak in 2004 against 35000 in 2016. Or maybe I'm reading too much into the figures - maybe it's just that in 2004 the Avensis was a better buy than it's competitors where in 2016 that wasn't the case. Interesting to note that Mercedes - the home of the saloon - now sells a few hatchbacks. edit - I've edited it twice now for the word "heubiks". For some reason it seems I'm not allowed heubiks. And just in case it still edits that word out - I'm talking about the big long black estate looking cars in which one would make their final journey in life to a cemetery.
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    I'll have to confess this is a bit of a gripe, but one I have read in dispatches on other posts on this forum. To any Toyota dealers out there reading this post, can I suggest you deliver plug-in cars to their new owners fully charged. Considering the cost of the vehicle, and the fact you are wanting to promote its economy, surely it would make sense to spend £3 (if that) to fully charge the battery at least. A quarter tank of fuel I am not entirely fussed about (although a full tank would be a nice touch), but to not fully charge the battery seems a bit tight and leaves a bitter taste in new owners mouths.
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    To Cyker Just to let you know all is well. Saturday the mechanic went through and double-checked all the connections on the wiring loom and looks like he found a small 'oversight' or something. Anyway the dash is all good and she fires up and sounds good. Still haven't run her yet as there is an abs light on and the horn doesn't work. The diagnostic connection under the bonnet is a type that doesn't fit his universal diagnostics so he was taking it to a specialist today. Getting there...maybe tomorrow... thanks again
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    I just added cruise control to my 2014 Icon Hybrid - cost me all of £16.99 for the switch and about 5 minutes of my time! This has made me wonder if there are any other upgrades it is possible to do via DIY means? I'd love to be able to add keyless entry, for example. Is that feasible, or can this only be done during the original car build? Does anyone know? TIA
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    Those members with Premium membership should be able to get a further 15% off with the Halfords discount card.
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    Toyota are now able to supply upgrade bulbs in HIR2 fitment - Toyota Optiwhite bulbs: see Part number T90981-YZZDN. UK cost approx £48.77 including VAT for a pair. Available to order from Parts King (send pm and include your model details - reg.no as a minimum) or from your Toyota dealer.
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    Ah so your saying that due to the wear there isn't enough throw left in the slave cylinder to be able to release the clutch ? That sounds about right, Thanks
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    Ordered some Hardrace wishbones [emoji102] [emoji7] as my current wishbones are a little worse for wear and have a crack. I don't think this will fix the issue I described though [emoji17] -Ant Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Although, as an owner of a normal Mk1 Yaris, I think the Yaris Verso looks like the unholy offspring of things I can't even mention on this forum , there are a few people on here who think they are the best thing ever made so you've got friends here And since Capybaras, even disguised ones, are obviously the best animal ever, I shall still extend a cordial greeting to the forum
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    My cardboard doesn't have a black side or a white side :(
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    People driving in clear conditions with front fog lights on always get full beam in return from me. I found the fog lights on my iQ were never used so I re-wired them through a relay to come on with main beam making them into extra main beam lights, far more useful now. Craig.
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    If using a diesel on short runs, use only BP Ultimate or Shell V Power diesel.. lots of extra additives which work.
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    I found this article, which may be of interest! http://prius.ecrostech.com/original/Owning/Undriven.htm
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    The reservoir is shared with the brake master cylinder, with a pipe feeding the clutch master cylinder. That pipe should be checked. Also with the aid of an assistant pressing the pedal, the slave can be observed pushing the clutch release fork. Also with a suitable lever the release fork movement can be checked. Can the clutch pedal be adjusted? Links to diagrams of the most of the clutch parts. http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2007/avensis/adt251r-alfqxw/3_273550_144_352W/powertrain-chassis/3103_clutch-master-cylinder http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2007/avensis/adt251r-alfqxw/3_273550_144_352W/powertrain-chassis/4702_brake-master-cylinder http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2007/avensis/adt251r-alfqxw/3_273550_144_352W/powertrain-chassis/3105_clutch-release-cylinder http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2007/avensis/adt251r-alfqxw/3_273550_144_352W/powertrain-chassis/3101_clutch-release-fork http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2007/avensis/adt251r-alfqxw/3_273550_144_352W/powertrain-chassis/3102_clutch-pedal-flexible-hose/3 http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2007/avensis/adt251r-alfqxw/3_273550_144_352W/powertrain-chassis/3102_clutch-pedal-flexible-hose/1 If the hydraulic system is working properly the yes the clutch unit is the next to check. Beware of bent release fork! The big problem is the DMF. If that is broken, is the shaft bearing also damaged in the gearbox? Hopefully not.
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    The UK was the only country within Europe to adopt the 'dim dip' system. The EU took the view that dipped headlights were necessary in towns, etc, and prosecuted the UK for the use of 'dim dip' as it didn't meet EU requirements.
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    Will do! I should be able to get to Snows Toyota at Plympton tomorrow, but it could be Saturday. I have the picture of the box that they come in on my phone via iCloud, so I'll compare it to what I pick up. If they're not the right ones, I won't bring them back and get them to re-check what I want. I actually can't remember if I said Opti White or Bright, but I stressed that I wanted the extra bright ones than standard. The young lady behind the counter fully understood - or at least I thought she did. The way I see it, is that the standard bulbs would be in stock, but it's just the extra bright ones that aren't for the very reason that they aren't standard. Fingers crossed, Mick.
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    Could consider upgrading the bulbs - eg https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-0730526-12498VPB2-VisionPlus-P21W/dp/B005L9EZF6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1509742692&sr=8-1&keywords=Philips+vision+plus+p21w Supposed to be up to 60% brighter, yet are still road legal.
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    Even though my car is manual the procedure is the same. http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2009/avensis/zrt271r-aexepw/2_273560_040_410W/body/5806_console-box-bracket I installed a USB socket in the centre console storage, so had to remove the gear lever cover. First remove the lower side panels, observing how they are located when replacing them. If think you may also need to remove the upper panels. Then remove the dark trim by lifting Now lift and and pull the gear shift cover. Manual gear lever needs to remove the gator surround. Note the photos showing the upper side panels removed You then have access It has been over two years since I stripped the console to install the kit and it was not too difficult.
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    All four fuses related to illumination circuit. 1st fusebox is left of steering wheel, below mirror adjustment switches 2nd box is right above pedals.
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    It's probably not that people are unwilling but that they are unable to because they don't know either. Is it possible that the fuses are actually in the units themselves?
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    The Yatour adaptor does not list the w58830 either. I would imagine that it will work but try emailing the vendor first. They will probably be happy to supply the unit and offer you a refund if it doesn't work with your head unit. http://www.ycarlink.com/pd_10512_USB-Car-Stereo-Adapter-MP3-AUX-Bluetooth-interface-CD-Changer-for-Toyota-Lexus-Scion-Small-6-6-plug-2003-2013.htm
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    Hi I found a cd changer adapter on ebay for 36pound. It has usb micro sd and aux. I havent tried it yet but I read it works perfectly, also you can control from steering wheel. Have a look on this title: Car Stereo USB SD AUX MP3 WMA CD Changer Adapter TOYOTA Auris Avensis Corolla
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    Before I got the previous aygo I had a ford mondeo 1.8tdic titanium X cost a fortune to run tyers where £165 each and cost over £100 to fill up each week. The aygo is so much cheaper £60 tyers £37 a week for petrol. The kids have plenty of room.
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    You could have bought your old car back, totally urmmm... roadworthy Joking aside, the important thing is that you weren't hurt in the incident.
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    I've figured out why I'm not allowed heubiks. It has the letters ae arr ess ee in the middle, like a rude word for bum. Or posterior if it also edits that word out.
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    Nothing wrong with the coolant but it is incorrect for your engine you require: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Super-Long-Life-Coolant-Pink-5-Litres-Pre-Mixed-Antifreeze-/321814159956?hash=item4aed9e6254
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    A K&N filter gives the illusion of more power enhanced by the placebo effect of paying a lot for it...
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    Completely normal. Revs should die down quite quicky tho, like by the end of your street.
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    Agreed, some cars are notoriously picky. The wife's Golf insists on a particular expensive grade of screenwash, or its cunningly fan-shaped nozzles get coked up. Best screenwash I know is Lidl's finest W5, which is German spec, and they know a thing two about winters out on the Polish border where I used to live. Apparently it keeps the nozzles clean. Anyway, it always sells out pretty fast when it comes into the stores, so it's worth keeping an eye out for. It's bright blue, in 2.5 litre bottles.
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    My car does have sat nav and I've just had a look at settings. In doing so I may have shed light on my query that started this post. from memory with sat nave map on screen 1 press set up button it's the second button down from the top of the buttons on the right hand side of screen. 2. With set up screen on go to page 2 3 Select vehicle option on screen. 4. The screen you get is blank apart from veichle customisation in top left hand corner. Touch this text on screen. 5 You then get options for lock settings, climate settings and light settings (think this is the one that would have cured my problem). Hope this is of some help. Brian
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    hi all, just to put some closure on my question. Car went in Friday and recall completed and my fears about a shoddy job/rattly dash we untrue. Cant tell that it has been apart and with the wash/vac and health check FOC, a very pleasant experience. The video highlighted a couple if under the car jobs that i wasn't aware of but saving that for my mechanic at MOT time. I do rate Toyota service very highly but its a shame they don't make a particularly nice looking cars at the moment, although I;m sure they are very capable cars indeed. I really wish I could buy my model type corolla as a new car again!
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    Euro CarParts CarParts4Less GSF Ebay Amazon Buycarparts.co.uk Are on my purchasing list.
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    No bother iv the same set here thank you for the reply 👍
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    I kept it out of the POWER band for the first 100 miles, and max speed of 50 MPH for the first 1000 miles. You should never give wide-open throttle to any engine that is cold, so give it 10-15 minutes to warm up first. It's argued modern engineering doesn't require running in, but I don't agree. How you look after parts when they're new ("bedding in"), and when they're cold, dictates longevity. A study done many years ago by Pratt and Whitney, found more harm is done to an engine when it is cold, than in the whole of the rest of its life. I'm intrigued what effect start/stop has on engine life. When they're in use, the car runs to maintain a minimum temperature, but I can't establish whether it harms the engine more going through start/stop cycles vs. continuous running. One advantage to the hybrids are how they start - it appears the valves are open (no compression) while the engine is spun-up to starting RPM, then the valves are closed and fuel injected to start it, so it's not turning the engine against compression, and avoids the typical resonant vibration you feel when starting conventional cars.
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    Torque Pro does give maf sensor reading during driving, just push the throttle if it increases air flow it is working. But no need to rev past 3000. I also got the long term fuel trim level during driving. But it is all useless if you cannot start the car....
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    Before and after pics of the lights. With my Sons help of course
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    No need to worry, the computers will take care of the batteries and keep them going. Toyota will even extend the battery warranty for up to 10 years. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    The hatchback ceased with the introduction of the T27 in 2009 - just the saloon and tourer (estate) continued.
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    I have had mine since May, my daily journey to work is 10 miles each way on country roads and a bit of dual carriageway, on this route I get around 40-42 mpg. Did a 45 mile run averaging around 50-60mph a few weeks back on A roads and got 54mpg. It varies a lot. I find my battery is nearly always fully charged, probably 1 or 2 bars short of being full most of the time. I find it runs on short bursts on electric only, but runs a lot in tandem with the engine. Its taken a bit of time, but I have adjusted my driving style now, I used to have diesels, and you cannot "floor" this car now, once I was over doing that its fine. I love the car to be honest, I cannot see why it gets panned so much on so many reviews.
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    http://www.mediafire.com/download/gw1wm4kq2vj/Avensis+2002+T0+2007++Manual.rar? is working for me