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    Hi! My name is Philippe. I am an Aygoistic man as I owned four Aygos, 3 mk1s and 1 mk2. I thought I might post a little comment. This is more intended for people who have the Aygo 1 as it is a comparison between the two generations. I kept all Aygos around 70 000 kms / 43 500 miles. I have always owned entry level models, 3-door, no option at all, not even a keyring or floormats. Some observations are certainly wrong, I am not an expert! I am an eco-driver and drive mainly on the highway. Things I prefer about the Aygo 2: - Sound insulation: much better. At low speed, the A2 is extremely silent, I sometimes feel like driving a HSD. On the highway, the difference is striking. In the A1, the engine was so loud you could consider it your fifth passenger in the cabin. - Suspension: much better, I no longer jump when I drive over a speed bump. - Button to open the fuel cap: you no longer need to use your key to unlock it. - Car computer: now gives more indications such as fuel consumption, ambient temperature... - Brakes: the A2 brakes harder. Changes I neither like nor dislike: - More responsive: the 1.0 engine feels more powerful. But the power curve is strange, as though a turbo engaged, whereas accelerations should be linear on an atmospheric engine. - Seats are more bucketed: in the A1, the seats were so flat that if you put some object on the passenger seat, it would fall off in the first turn. But, on the other hand, my legs feel more wedged on my seat. - Boot: slightly bigger. But I guess that is why rear seats seem a little less roomy. - Overall quality: the A2 looks like a real little car that is far from the basic car the A1 used to be. But I miss the roughness and simplicity of the A1. I liked feeling the engine and the exterior environment. Things I do not like about the Aygo 2: - Gear ratios*: gears are much much shorter, which implies shifting more often. This is the first thing I noticed, and it is quite boring. - Commands in general feel hazy: steering feels much too light, I did know I was buying a boat. All 3 pedals are imprecise and offer very little feedback, I am driving the A2 like a young driver or a grandpa. A1 controlled more precisely. - Shape of the steering wheel: I like steering wheels that are regular in thickness, round and thick, like the one on the A1. The one on the A2 is very thin, irregular, unpleasant to hold and to look. - Visibility: all windows are smaller: windshield, back window, side mirrors... - Interior space: less roomy, I feel surrounded with prominent plastic, which is a general tendancy in contemporary cars. - Gear shift indicator: as in many cars, this eco-thing is crazy and useless. Every time your foot skims the accelerator pedal, it will tell you to shift up a gear. Unless you are in top gear, "shift up" is always lit. Follow its advice if you want to have fun. - Storage compartment under the steering wheel: I loved it in the A1, there is none on the A2. - No space on the sides of the seats: in the A1, I loved storing things under my seat, I could reach them easily from my seat, in the A2 it is no longer possible. - Tire repair kit*: A1 had a full-size spare wheel as standard, A2 has a cheap repair kit. - Doorlocks: I do not have remote opening and all locks are hard to operate, and it is not a matter of "break in" time. - Unfriendly: many little details mentioned above and others (doors are heavy...) give the impression that the car will not be tamed. - Tire size increased: people like me who had winter tires will have to buy new ones. - Exterior design: the "X" looks nice and modern but the overall design looks bulky and boxy. - Interior design: I prefered the A1 with its central console lit. * guess these were to maintain low CO2 emissions. Conlusion: I must admit that Toyota did a great job. Customers were heard. Absolutely every single detail was improved from the first generation of Aygo to the latest one. The overall comfort has progressed. But the A2 feels more like a revised A1 than a brand-new car. Consumption remains low and even decreases. My latest Aygo beats the record with 3,99 l / 100 km. I was used to driving the A1 and paradoxically, I miss it. It felt lighter to drive, more communicative, had more personality. The A2 is more comfortable. Yet, it feels more like a fat clumsy squary little thing that controls awkwardly. Yet, I am entirely satisfied and it will certainly be my next car! Problems I had with my Aygos: - 2006 Aygo: infiltration of rainwater in the boot. I put silicone around the central brake light but to no avail. Whenever the weather was wet, the inside of the car was: condensation on the dashboard, wet commands, wet air... In the long run, this might lead to problems with electronic devices. - 2013 Aygo: driver side door lock jammed. I had no remote opening. The door lock got harder to open until it eventually refused to. I had a quotation from the dealer to replace the part. A small garage managed to repair it for free. I'll be happy to share experience with you. Thanks for reading!
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    Just passed the 200,000 mile mark! The car is a 2007 one which I've had since 2010 when it had 18000 miles on the clock. Apart from routine maintenance in that time, the only things I've had replaced are the radiator (although they call this a condensor) which I asked the dealer to do as it was 25% clogged up with debris, and a foglight as the reflector deteriorated. In terms of bulbs I've replaced one headlight bulb (awful job!), a licence plate bulb and 2 sidelight bulbs. I'm on the 2nd set of brake discs and all 4 brake pads have 110,000 miles on them and lots of wear left in them. Dealer serviced, not cheap but they are very very good (Vantage Wakefield). Average MPG the last year 62.3, up to 68mpg summer, 58-60 winter. A lot of motorway miles in that. In the last 50,000 miles or so I now put in about a litre of oil between services. I generally get between 30,000 and 40,000 miles on the front tyres, and between 60 and 70,000 on the back ones. Gripes? Hardly any - the plasticky dashboard can be noisy sometimes, I have to apply copper grease to the front brake pad holders occasionally to get rid of disc squeal, and once I sprayed silicone lubricant on to the tie bar rubbers which were creaking a bit on uneven surfaces. Hopefully it will be good for many thousands of miles yet! However, there must be loads of Prius's out there with mega-mileages on them. In Leeds they are very popular as private hire cars, several of them have 57 and 58 reg plates.
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    I can't say it will in my opinion. You can't compare a PHEV to an EV really. That's a bit like saying the original PiP had competition with the Nissan Leaf.
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    Impressive stuff. The amount of people who, once I tell them I have a Prius, tell me that "how long do the batteries last, you'll need to replace them", is amazing, so much ignorance around about hybrids.
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    Repaired similar on my partners Yaris Hybrid I took the bumper off, turned it over on a workmate and clamped the split back together with a couple of clamps and a bit of wood. I then melted the back of the plastic together with an old soldering iron in a stiring motion but take care not to poke a hole right through the plastic. Next step was to clean the area and apply resin and fibreglass mat across the break. Refit the bumper and if the crack can still be seen contact a smart repair company who will fill, sand and respray the are for about £120 Craig.
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    Sorry, can't agree... most folks would expect a Toyota costing as much as these do to last more than seven years or 111,846 miles (where did that obscure number eminate from?) I do a low milage... 3-4k a year, so seven years and 30,000 miles and I have a wrecked Toyota! No thank you mister... Toyota should fix ALL of these vehicles regardless of miles or time scale; it's a design fault so they should step up to the plate and swallow it. Under UK consumer law... an item should be fit for purpose.
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    Got the IQ dropped by 30mm all round, and the TRD Sway bar installed, rides far better, no understeer, rides the A roads like a dream. Feels like an original mini. Switchbacks installed on the sidelights, xenons and 3in1 mirror DRLs Getting better, time for a wrap and tint.
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    If you have no rev counter, how do you know you're not in the red zone? I've had my Aygo X-play for 13 months and don't need to use high revs in order to change gear and achieve a reasonable degree of progress - and I'm not a slow driver. Sounds as though the car is suffering from a degree of abuse. You shouldn't need to rev that much to change gear and achieve reasonable progress.
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    I do the services on my own car, and basically every service I change the spark plugs with Denso ones. I think it's overkill, but to me they cost £10 for a set so it makes sense to me to do so. Anything by Denso really on a Toyota in my opinion will be good, then maybe NGK. I wouldn't bother with anything else.
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    So, even though I flounced off in a bit of a tantrum after (in my opinion) unnecessarily strong moderation; I have an important update for those concerned. I have had a call from Toyota who now tell me they were aware of this fault and they made in production modifications to stop it happening. They say it should not and should never happen - that the windows should never fall out. And they don't want their cars driving around with windows falling out and she understood the potential for what could happen "did not bear thinking about". They have insisted on replacing the window at their expense, even though I said I was happy with my repair and did not want it; they could not insist I had it done but she was very kind and polite in requesting that I do let them from a moral and legal perspective. This is being done as goodwill accepting no liability off course. So - don't accept things that are clearly not right or acceptable. Stand your ground and finally you will get to speak to someone with the common sense and power to resolve the matter. Anyway, this thread has now officially run it's course. If you have had this window failure and are running your own repair please speak to Toyota, who will replace it for you. It's not been widely publicised so hopefully now here, the word will spread and if you see other similar failures you can point people to this thread.
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    Sorry, but 1.8 does not have cruise control support in the ECU. Only way is to install a aftermarket crise kit! You can do something like this it is in estonian, but one picture says more than a thousand words.
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    I didn't have any issue with my 57 plate 2.2 (150) & I have just done a deal today to trade in my 61 plate 2.2 (150) which again has been faultless (against a pre-reg 1.8 Valvematic petrol in case you were wondering). I would personally be happy with a 2.0 or 2.2 AD series engine produced after the dates given in the TSB (e.g. for an Avensis after February 2009). Still wouldn't touch a Mazda 2.2. However, my general recommendation to anyone is not to run any modern turbodiesel from any manufacturer outside warranty unless you can afford to fix them should they go wrong as the potential costs involved (DMF, DPF etc.) can be horrendous. Make sure that a diesel is the correct engine for your driving needs (i.e. not all short journeys where it never has a chance to fully warm up or for the DPF to be able to regenerate) & that you do enough annual mileage (12,000+?) for the fuel savings to pay for the additional cost up front.
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    Hi Everyone, aracim 2002 Corolla T-Sport, now the fastest T-Sport in Turkey, I am happy to be among you, good luck some of my videos that I made myself Thanks
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    I have one of these in the spare wheel well of each car plus a couple in the house - They retain the reading until one releases the air in the gauge, and have an easily read dial. Although forecourt air pumps are supposed to be checked for accuracy regularly (either by trading standards or specialist firms), some aren't.
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    Rightio then, I'm back. Slummed it in my Peugeot 3008 which decided to develop an intermittent airbag fault when I was in Belfast. Although that's the only place it moaned, everywhere else it was fine. ***Insert reference to Belfast and explosives in cars here***. As I was passing a random breakers in Donegal I enquired about the thermostat housing. The guy was confused when he presented me with one that came off a distributor 4E-FE engine and I said mine was distributorless. "On a '98 Corolla? You sure?". Anyway he found one like it (apparently) and relieved me of €10 for the pleasure. Only rocked up this morning so no idea if it'll fit but if not I will just have to take a trip in to Birmingham one Saturday morning and have a look. Didn't take the car off the jack stand after doing the exhaust, glad to say that after 2 weeks the exhaust is still there! Hopefully if I'm bored over the next few days before going back to work I'll see if my Irish part fits and I can continue on with where I left off.
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    I reckon they'll say that you saw the car complete with it's wheels and decided to buy it. You tried and tested it to your satisfaction so you'll get nowhere.
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    for me the term lifetime is from the day the car rolled off the production line to the day its crushed so during that timescale the glass shouldn't come loose,you wouldn't expect the windscreen to come loose and fall out after a number of years so why should the side glass if the correct adhesives has been used for the intended application there shouldn't be any problems.
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    The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have launched a free MOT reminder service. To register one needs to have the vehicle registration number and an e-mail address. Once registered, a reminder is e-mailed one month before the MOT is due, and again two weeks before an MOT is due. See
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    Hi Saxo Yes they are made in Denmark so they should be good , but after reading a few negative reviews on eBay about parts damaging caliper and other faults I think I will go with the Toyota ones. The brakes are the one thing I don't want failing . Thanks
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    As it's under warranty, I would take it in to a Toyota dealer, explain what's happened and let them check it over. That way it'll be on record and you'll be extra covered if it does break down.
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    the headlights should be set at 0 as when you chosse 1,2 or 3 the headlight lowers the beam to allow for having a heavy load in the boot or adults on the back seat. but generally speaking the Auris headlights are only marginally better than having gas lamps
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    You make it sound like the BMW engine conversion to Toyota is not good. If the vibration is that bad, I don't blame you for wanting to change the car. Regarding the suspension, something is not right. My '09 petrol handles and rides fine, and the grip is good. There must have been a few adjustments or my car is a little softer, being older. It is still firm and not on premium brand tyres - my car is on 17" wheels. I once mentioned that I spoke to a sales person at a dealership a while back. Hybrids and petrol versions of most models are selling well over diesel!
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    Sorry, it did sound a bit patronising but ti's the sort of thing I might go and do! Definitely get more mpg after about a five minute warm up but that seems to apply to our petrol cr as well. As I have said before though, I defy any other non hybrid/electric automatic car to get 52 mpg from cold on a 3 mile urban trip!
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    Not so much in the UK where the Avensis didn't have the right image for/ never caught on with the predominantly Ford/Vaux/VW modding community - check Polish, Russian & Japanese sites.
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    Shame it doesn't have the device that phones the emergency services automatically after a crash, giving deceleration force details and location, etc.! Mind you, can be a two-edged sword I suppose - there was recently a story in the (UK) press about someone with a Ford that had the system - he crashed into a roundabout on the way home from the pub. Apparently, the driver didn't know he had the system, but the Police turned up, breathalysed him, and as a result he got banned and fined.
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    The combination of the two lights suggests a voltage issue, the battery warning is indicating a battery charge issue so either the battery is faulty and not taking/holding a charge or the alternator is faulty and not providing sufficient power to the car and charge to the battery. The fuel filter light will on because the voltage issue has stopped the fuel heater from working, as the heater is a high power user its the first circuit to get "upset" by the low voltage
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    I had a go at cleaning it but the seats are still coated in fine sanding dust lol, they were incredibly clean before I sat in it a few times.
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    Have you got any car mats in the footwell, impeding full depressing of the clutch?
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    I wouldn't expect the AUX to be powered, it's an input for sound from an external device. Have you tried pushing the plug harder into the iPhone? The iPhone speakers shouldn't produce sound if the cable is properly inserted. Good luck !!
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    Yes 'fly by wire' throttle can feel and operate differently, though I have not noticed too much with my Mk3. Back to the clutch issue, I would not worry about the clutch unless it definitely show signs slipping with fairly medium to hard use - that is how high discovered my clutch was nearing the end. During normal use, the clutch did not slip. See my post - With the new clutch fitted the biting point was a little lower but not by much. At the same time it has a firm grip before the top of the pedal travel. This means that drivers who ride the clutch by rest their foot on the pedal, may cause premature wear! My foot only touches the pedal when changing gear, ready to move off from standstill (including slow manoeuvres) and starting the car (there is an inhibitor). Other times I foot is on the rest next to the clutch pedal. Once I have the clutch changed, it should last my ownership! I have driven different car of different brands, and the controls feel different. My car has very light controls - the clutch feels like it's not connected, the brakes need a light touch, throttle makes the engine rev easily in neutral (need it due to the lack of torque), and steering a little light. I driven later cars have heavier clutch and brake pedals! Like to an update if the clutch is okay or worn.
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    At the time Toyota didn’t think electric only was the way to go. Now regulations are charging, they will have change. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not sure whether this will be legal in the EU. Reflectors are supposed to make an unlit vehicle conspicuous to drivers, etc approaching from the rear. It seems to me that the effectiveness of the reflectors will be reduced by installing LED's in them.
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    I used Online Car Parts and bought a Denso fuel filter for my Corolla. I think it cost about £5 more than the Japanparts one.
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    I don't have this type of Rav4 thankfully (by the sound of it)... all very well Toyota showing 'goodwill' upto seven years and or a milage; but as this was a design fault, perhaps Toyota should consider the customer goodwill involved here... like customers thinking that their next car WON'T be a Toyota! That holds good for the flywheel fiasco as well... If you mess up, you hold your hand up, make good the mistake and then everyone will respect you for it and maybe buy the product again.
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    Sorry for late reply. Haven't got a chance to actually check the proper mpg but the mpg matches the d4d avensis if not better my mazda 6 is the 145bhp so apparently the mpg is better/different than the 165bhp both petrol versions. I'd say mines sitting in or around 56mpg on normal unleaded will be sticking super in and give that a try also..1 thing I don't like is the electric steering I'd prefer the hydraulic like the avensis had.but need to get used to it I guess.
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    In my experience they've used the same reasons twice! Year 1 to year 2 saw an increase of 22%, then year 2 to year 3 saw another hike of 13%, but I negotiated it back down to the same as last year (otherwise, in 2 years, I would have seen my insurance cost rise 35%!!!). Outrageous! Neither the insurance tax nor anything else the insurance companies were, or are, screaming about, accounted for the rise! I paid £350 fully comp. this year, and have 5 years NCB.
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    I was more on about overall particulates. Brake dust for instance is considerably less on full EV compared to a standard ICE car as a high percentage of braking is done through regenerative braking. I would love to know a case where Diesel cars are better than a hybrid for NOX for instance, or particulates from the exhaust. Size for size, CO2 isuaually lower for a hybrid but not by much although there are some shining examples. So compare the two models mentioned in this thread. The CX5 2.2 Auto Sport Nav at 175hp produces 152 g/km of CO2. Over 10000 miles 7.87KG of NOX. The RAV4 2.5 Hybrid Excel at 194Hp produces 118 g/km of CO2. Over 10000 miles 3.37KG of NOX, so less than half. That is not the full story though, calculating the NOX is part of the vehicles production and part of the production of the fuel used. That element can be controlled and dealt with in the plants. From the exhaust Hybrid trounces Diesel. The CX5 over 10000 miles slates out 4.6kg of NOX, the RAV4 just 0.11KG. This is the element that cannot be easily controlled and the one filling our crowded towns causing health issues. It may seem a little anal me researching all this, and it probably is. However I feel we should all if possible do what we can to reduce our impact on the planet.
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    Might seem a stupid idea but check there are no insects trapped in the vehicle.
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    Which model is it? I usually use this page to find the correct part numbers.
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    It's a shame the original thread was locked. There appeared to be animosity from the start and I cannot understand why. I have always respected Frosty's comments and will continue to do so, but I have to say I agree with the posts made by rgv. We all know the Aygo has many faults, the awful water ingress issues being one of them, but these are irritating and annoying rather than dangerous. I have to concur with rgv that the bonding used on the front hinges in the 5 door models should not be failing within 10 years. This is not nearly enough longevity for a modern car, and if this was indeed its 'design life' then someone made a grave error. I have no intention of speaking to Toyota about it as I have no doubt whatsoever that this issue would never end up as a recall, but I see no problem with the matter being pointed out by a forum member and those members making their own decisions on where they want to go with it. I will finish by saying that I am happy with and understand that the Aygo is built to an extremely low cost, and I generally accept the poor level of construction that goes with this, but windows falling out is not acceptable. I had assumed that I was the only one that had suffered the problem. It appears not.
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    Hi, Have you considered a proper diagnostic check to try and identify the actual problem and check the ecu ? The trouble with secondhand and really cheap sensors etc is you never know if you are introducing more problems than they cure.
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    only the gutters from the sides have been removed. This was removed in the next version by the software developers. I did add a light grey instead of white to tone it down a little..
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    That seems much better @Steve, Thank you so much for your quick response as the pages are up to date now and a "Refresh" isn't needed.....Good work, Sir! As for the problem on the latest posts section, I don't actually see the problem, or any problem, so could you explain what you want me to look for, please? Many thanks again and all the best. Edit, The individual owners club pages (Aygo club, etc) seem to be loading fine but if you go back to the Home Page from there, there still seems to be a bit of a lag when you do....Not as bad as it was but I thought you'd like to know. To be honest, it's probably not worth tinkering with, thanks again. Edit number 2: Have you toned down the white background a bit, Steve? It seems much kinder on the eyes, so thanks for that as well!
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    That looks dangerous to me, there are loads of dangerous scenarios that I can think of, what if a moped was right behind you when the glass let loose of itself..... Expected life of parts (and glues) should be much longer than 10years, there are still loads of first gen. Aygo/107/C1s on the road, Toyota have no excuse.
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    Hi Sean, I dunno if you wish to complain to Toyota Head Office but this link will take you to it. Mike
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    Could be wild expensive and hard to get the parts to do bet for engine would be diesel route to easily up the power..but I guess you have the petrol version that would need to probably need the cams done ;ported and polished full flow exhaust the works.though you could just do the body kit to make it look better.
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    I have not updated this in a while, the corolla is still going strong with 117k miles on the clock. Here is some stuff I have done since: Blitz SUS Power panel filter Spark Plugs (Denso Iridium SK20R11) Mintex pads and MTEC slotted rotors New Dunlop Sport BluResponse tyres all round (205/55/16) with alignment I have bought gear oil but too lazy to change it I tried to restore the headlights like I did on my old car but they still look pretty bad, I will need to try something different. I painted the strut bar since it was rusted, also tidied up the engine bay. Here are some pics:
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    Hi, replace the fuel injectors or reconditioned them
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    Hi all, I've purchased some carbon fibre mirror covers and would just like to share the photos for your opinions. These are not stick on covers but carbon fibre laid over a replacement cover, the quality is superb.