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  1. anybody where i can get one?
  2. does everything work competly fine after doing this as just like when factory fitted? as in the radio and the sat nav? as heard it can slow down your sat nav, just purchased a ECLIPSE AUX-105 3.5MM MP3 iPOD AUX INPUT, because i dont really need to control it uing my h/u, will this slow the sat nav down aswell ?
  3. should ave kept my tsport really lol, but u can get induction kits and that for the 1 litres lol
  4. why have they not released n e 4 this model?
  5. Heya everybody ive just bought a 08 plate Toyota Yaris 1.3 Sr, just wondering what induction kits, exhaust systems you all recommend as want to buy one as soon as. and cant find anything for this car can find loads for the old mk1 yaris the basic n sr n tsport but not new one.
  6. and where would i get one of these pipes from, also any websites for these dry panels? whats wrong with the k & n ones? btw i have a yaris mk2 sr 08 plate now not tsport, i used to have a k & n typhoon on my t sport
  7. hey ppl just bought myself a very nice 08 plate yaris sr, just wondering what can be done in means of induction kits, and so on with this new version, i used to have a yaris t-sports but fancied a change. n e ideas?
  8. do they give a bit of a sporty sound like a induction kit does?
  9. Ive had that problem with my saxo vts, was a sensor in the engine somewhere got a bit dirty and he replaced it. and dad had same prob in his Yaris SR but had to pay £700 because sometime was wrong with it and he had, had the car for about 5 years.(the orange engine symbol you mean yea) could just be a sensor though mayb
  10. yeah maybe lol, not sure, but thanks anyway
  11. just ordered one, just wondering if they are easy to fit, and where do the sensors on the current one go?
  12. y can i see no picture?
  13. No not tht mate, similar engine bay though, plus mines phase 2, who's us tht? Looks smart
  14. It's a 1.8turbo charged mate been converted.
  15. Close mate it was at goodwood race circuit they have a sweeping corner and goes amazing