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  1. Corolla Bulbs Sticky

    Hi, does anyone happen to know any of the front bulbs for the earlier, 2000-2001 (Facelift for the E11) Corolla? I won't have a chance to take them out of mine to check until Saturday, and I'm hoping to order replacements (Osram Night Breakers) in the meantime. Autobulbs (cheers for the link!) only has an entry for the "97-02" model; did the "facelift" and "non" models use the same bulbs? Thanks.
  2. Y-Reg Corolla 1.6 Vvti Gs

    @OldRedCelica: Nice! I want one! And (you can see this one coming...) the car ain't bad either! Honestly though, I really like what you've done with it. If you don't mind, can I ask roughly what it cost to replace the seats? I've been giving it some consideration since I'm finding the standard ones a bit uncomfortable for long journeys regardless of setting (I'm 6"1 and most of that is in the legs) plus would prefer a seat that I stay in when I go round corners ;) Also thanks everyone for the advice. I'm taking it for a service next week, in the meantime I'll try resetting the ECU as described by Sizzla538. I had all four tyres replaced after buying the car (had tracking done too); since then I've only done just under 25,000 miles so I'm in no hurry to replace them again. That said, they've had a fair bit of wear thanks to the roads being riddled with potholes, cracks and gaping craters and the various Councils' idea of "repair" being to shove any old crap in the hole and leave it there to rise up forming a nice jagged-edged landmine which does more damage than the hole would have... er I'm probably preaching to the choir here . Anyway thanks again, I'll let you know how I get on :)
  3. Corolla Top Gear

    It's true, no passion has gone into the design of the Corolla. They were too busy messing around with unimportant things like "making the car work properly"... You'd be much better off with a car that inspires deep emotion as you sit by the roadside waiting for the AA ;) Honestly though, I still don't understand why after all these years, Clarkson still has an inexplicable hatred of all Japanese cars, regardless of how demonstrably better they might be in every way...
  4. Cheap Insurance?

    My quote from RAC has actually gone up from last year; back over £1000 despite me now being 25 and having no claims. This is probably because I only took my test in 2008. Even so, it seems pretty high for a 10-year-old bog-standard 1.6. But looking at insuring this and other cars, Admiral seems to be the cheapest - about £200 cheaper than most big names on average. Whether this reflects the service I don't know as I've never used them. Oddly enough though, for the first year I was with Direct Line and Comprehensive insurance was much cheaper than Third Party! This is something to bear in mind since we normally (logically!) assume Third Party would be cheaper.
  5. Y-Reg Corolla 1.6 Vvti Gs

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum - so please go easy on me! To be honest I feel a bit... inadequate, in present company. All the T Sports and Compressors about, and here's me with my bog-standard Y-reg 1.6 GS. But to be fair I really rather like it. It's the first car I bought, having learned in a Fiesta and then briefly been a named driver on a Focus then an Astra - if this were the internet (which it is) then you could call me a Noob. I like the fact that it's adequate for overtaking and generally feels at home on A-roads and motorways. It's the final "facelift" of the 90's model, and I don't mind the looks even though it's the uglier 5-door. But above all I like the reliability; the fact that it starts first time every time and it's given me no major problems despite my questionable driving skills and general lack of maintenance. What I don't like is: 1) Its endless ridiculous thirst for oil. I have to add more every couple of months, probably more regularly than washing it. 2) The fact that gusts of wind at 60mph+ on the motorway can suddenly give the impression of trying to sail a boat, spoiling the usual sense of security - none of the other cars I've driven have seemed to react this badly to a bit of wind. 3) Handling when turning into tight corners can be pretty crap. 4) I seem to have lost some power in the first three gears compared to when I first bought it two years ago; I now have to use higher revs for the same effect. I suppose what I'm really hoping for is any advice on the above issues from any current or past owners of this model. I have heard that the first (the oil guzzling) is unavoidable and incurable, but surely this is not true? The second I suppose is just a consequence of an un-aerodynamic design and is unavoidable. The fourth is really odd - I definitely recall having more power at my disposal in the first three gears without having to floor the accelerator as I do now. I wonder if it's a consequence of me driving in high gears so often... but anyway, I'd be grateful for any thoughts on any of those issues. I'd also be grateful for any general advice on things to look out for - it's just passed 80,000 miles and is due a big service shortly. Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give, or any experiences with your Corolla. Cheers!