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  1. Winter Washing.. The Power Of Ten........

    Yep Thats it Andy....
  2. Rav 4 Prices Anomally

    In the case of the ones in my thread which are at Listers .. Listers bought 100 cars from Toyota at an advantageous pruce.. Cars are the registered so become Pre reg cars... These cars are at a fantastic price because of the above.. You will struggle to get a discount on these cars and PX prices will be very low.. I have advertised my car now and will buy one of the pre reg cars if I get a sale. ... In the meantime I'm still looking for a late SR as PXing is not necessary if I buy one of those..
  3. Winter Washing.. The Power Of Ten........

    Coorrrr I use less than half the bottle ! Is it because the wee boy comes out in you and you just like spraying the foam ? Kids up our street when I lived up the road used to run up "Can we have a go Charlie"
  4. Winter Washing.. The Power Of Ten........

    Andy.. That dilution rate is to strong.. Take your lance bottle and add the two inches of product (in your case magifoam) and the add a touch of shampoo then fill the bottle to the top. Half filling will mean a strong mix equal to putting four inches of product into the bottle.. When you say "waffle" which type exactly ? Some of the older type waffle towels are blooming awful ! A recommendation. see link. The above is a very high quality very very soft microfiber towel which does not fall into the waffle category. It is very important to use the correct and best towels on your car because Japanese paint is ultra soft so using anything that will or can marr the paint is a complete no no....
  5. Winter Washing.. The Power Of Ten........

    I never dry a car with a towel after a spray wash..
  6. Winter Washing.. The Power Of Ten........

    Kev I think the foam looks spot on. !!!! Car looks Bonny too. ... On the wheels try a spray with a non acidic wheel cleaner like verry Cherry which will eliminate the brake dust residue.. Give the car a wax with Colinite which had fantastic durability and is perfect for the winter month ..
  7. Yes the warranty will still apply to your car ! You must ask to speak to a senior person or manager and point out what they should already know which is of course the 7 year "GOOD WILL" warranty which covers you car !! DO NOT under any circumstances allow the dealer to dismantle you engine ! This is VERY important. Time and time again we see this happening where the dealer says they do not know about the warranty !!!
  8. Invincibles For £24500 !

    The 19.3 to 60 figures are auto filled boxes which I cant alter..... I do understand the VAT or tax point the dealer has to pay on any cars they take in PX and then sell on... But the fact remains if the car is only worth 6K I will just keep on driving it... My thoughts are.. Every car has a monthly price drop. In the trade known as a "book drop" now my old car drops by only a slight amount each month where a nearly new car drops large numbers.. Much as I want to sit in a new car we are entering into winter now and the toll on a car may as well be taken by the old car not a new un.... I just cant accept a boot in the goolies and take 6K even accepting the 4.4 is a good price.. I realise some of you can but not for me.. Many people finance their cars and with these schemes where you have low payments with a balloon at the end or hand the car back it is easy too get sucked in. Difference between a good PX price and a bad one over say 4 years is very little each month.. But I choose to pay on the nail for my cars. So the figures seem very real. It does focus the mind a wee bit !
  9. Whats Best? A New Rav4 Or A Hi-Lux?

    HaHa Brilliant !!
  10. You ask mate and we will answer...............
  11. Strictly a beano and dandy kid me..........................
  12. Road Hawk Hd

    These devices are getting popular now and price is I believe dropping.. Could anyone give a idiots guide on what to buy and how to fit as ole Charlie would like one of these ??
  13. Invincibles For £24500 !

    Cards on the table.. Went into the dealers with the intention of buying a manual invincible at 24480 as advertised. First choice is an auto but they did not appear to have one in stock and the offer is just on the manual cars.. Consideration of MPG also at the back of my mind.. To cut to the chaff I asked for 7500 for my car and offered to pay the cost to change there and then by bank transfer. Simple easy no nonsense transaction... The chap who I was dealing with was a mature Scotsman and we hit it off straight away.. You either gel with the people or you don't.. He of course went off to see the wee man in the cave. Said man came out and dispite my assurance that I do not and will not take finance tried his best to sell me finance.. Fair play that's his job.. I likely would not get finance anyway as I/We at our house have no credit rating.. Haven't had a mortgage for 15 years. No loans or finance agreements whatsoever and we don't even have a credit card.. The guys were amazed at the condition of my old car.. They could not fault it. But still the PX offer was 6K........Now perhaps I want it at both ends but I simply refuse to sell a car that they will retail for over 9500 (Their words) for six grand.. So putting the T180 on PH is a punt... Its worth a try eh...
  14. Invincibles For £24500 !

    There is not currently a brand new unregistered Rav4 Invincible in Pearl white for less money or anywhere near the price of these pre registered cars... These cars have between 11 and 13 miles on them..... There are quite a few Invincible cars up and down the UK that have from around 2000 to around 5000 miles and they are mostly upwards of 28K Of course these cars at rock bottom prices mean the dealers will offer rock bottom PX allowances.. That is why my car is now on the internet for sale... My asking price on PH may be a bit optimistic but have look at the price of similar T180s on PH.. My one is actually very realistically priced... Of course I will sell the car for considerably less but there has to be a starting point.. I recently sold My Jag XFS on PH and sold it for way above book price. In fact I sold it for way above what garages had them up at ! All it takes is one guy or gal who wants a proper car with a proper full documented history and in top condition and Bobs yer Muvvers Bruvver... We shall see... Guys on the Jag forum told me I would not get the asking price for my XFS.... Completely wrong.. Sold it within two weeks for the full asking price...
  15. Invincibles For £24500 !

    Its Listers in Cheltenham that have the cars I'm talking about..... Paul I would post a link but I can only find the link on my phone and cant work out how to do it from the phone. I simply cannot work out how to do the Toyota Approved website on the home PC ! Its just so complicated so I do it from the phone... Listers also so have a white Icon in the showroom but its over 29K..... But its not a pre registered car like the Invincible cars.. I would compromise on the automatic transmission.. Only because the gear change is silk now and of course the increased MPG over the auto which is my first choice but the sales guy at Listers tells me there are no white ones left in either branch or group stock.