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  1. Engine coolant temperature - 4 cylinder 1.3

    Just a quick point of information.  I was in the Toyota spares dept  recently  and. Mechanic/technicial from Aston Mattin came in and bought a waterpump for the cynet (1.33) version of the iQ. (Same engine). I know the guys in that department and made equires. Seems they have used at least 10 to his knowledge stating the impeller wears out just thought i would share that   David
  2. Upgraded Upgraded Interior Lights By Tarquin

    Hi Gabriel i have replied to your email   David
  3. Upgraded Upgraded Interior Lights By Tarquin

    Hi oli i have sent you a mail to your premierengineering account outlining info on Dome for your 12v feed for the 3mm accent leds you can take it from the led feed on the back of the traction control button on the consul near the 12v aux socket. I have done this on other illuminated switches i have installed for switching my rear camera ans HUD on David      
  4. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    Hi kat can you pm me a email address that can receive 22mb of data like a gmail account andni will send you a file to get it working again   regards   david
  5. Petrol Additives

    Cheers Liam David
  6. Petrol Additives

    Hi Craig I think the blocking/clogging up is with ref to the 3 cyl version David
  7. Petrol Additives

    Hi Mike The big reason for using it on the iQ is that there is a small hole in the inlet manifold and it gets clogged up frequently. Originally on the 59 and below plate there is an issue with the EGR valve being designed the wrong way round and lots of sooting up of the inlet manifold. Toyota charge some £900 to replace it. But in my experience ( as mine was done under warranty) it still clogs up over time. Using Redex brings it back to (as new) within one fuel tank of fuel. All the hesitancy gone. You can really feel the difference and with( Frosty's find ) great news. There was a deal about 6 months ago at Halfords for 2 bottles for £8 but not sure thats. still around. David
  8. Petrol Additives

    Cheers Frosty David
  9. Return To The Hud

    Yes Bob It Comes self contained and has a mini USB lead to a fused cigarette lighter plug. And a non slip mat. It also has a one way mirror in the form of a very thin see through film which is held to the windscreen by spraying the inside of the windscreen with water and expelling it from between the film and tbe screen with a credit card or similar. It has an on/off switch and a multi function wheel which you set it up. Generally once you have set it up, you dont need to play with it so as mine is buried in the top cover of the satnav its fine. For £33 it was well worth it David
  10. Anyone Know Where I Can Buy A Pair Of These ?

    I imported a spoiler from Japan. Megga import tax. Hence the iQ costing so much David
  11. Shark Fin Aerial

    Hi Mark I did do a a long right up on Antenna's for the iQ. The original Antenna for the iQ is incorrect in length. Although tightly helically wound, it is too short and in fact the Antenna on our Toyota Verso is the correct length for the iQ. It is quite long and suspect the exterior designers didn't like it. The original Antenna is 3db's down on the Verso one. 3db= approx half signal strenth. The helically wound spring in tbe shark fin is a total compromise as it is very close to the body of the car thus making it quite in efficient. I measutes it at around -5db dependant in frequency chosen. I live on the out skirts of London so reasonably ok but rurally deaf as a post. If your listening to FM the Antenna at 100mhz should be 75cm on old cars. Pre amplifiers are employed in the iQ as in most modern cars. The Antenna's are 76cm helucally wound to make them visually smaller but electrically the right length. Unfortunately, there are losses as much as 6db!! Sorry for all the tec stuff David Broacast Engineer Transmitter Engineer
  12. Shark Fin Aerial

    Very nice Mark. I have the very same one David
  13. Return To The Hud

    Oh it also dims at dusk and has a direction inticator. I.e N NE NW S SE SW. Etc David
  14. Return To The Hud

    Thats a good idea Mark will investigate David
  15. Return To The Hud

    It comes with a non slip mat and a thin reflector thats fitted to the winscreen via capillary attraction by squeezing water out. Its used because the laminate in the windscreen gives a double image. Although i have fitted the reflactor its not neceessarry. David