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  1. hi david

    can you send me a Operation system file for TNS 510 .

    My email is:

    appreciated your kind help.




  2. Hi i am away at the moment but search the 'stickies' as the file"Loadin.Kwi has has a dropbox link to it and instructions or wait til i return in a week Regards David
  3. Hi mr.david

    can you help me with the tns-510 .

    its stopped working after I unplugged the battery . 

    I will appreciate that.

    thank you.

    this is my email:

  4. Will do when i get home later. In the meantime, you need to find a 4gb or less SD card and a card reader to put the file on David
  5. Hi send me a pm with an email address capable of receiving 23mb like a Gmail account and i will send you the file and instructions David
  6. God, thats a lot of work David
  7. Hello David, I've seen posts talking about the interior light upgrade that you do. Can you tell me the cost for converting my iQ please? I'm in St Albans (M25 J21a). Thanks, Peter

    1. tarquin


      Hi petet

      There are a couple of options

      first is a modification to your existing Dome light, this changes the quarter watt Led Module to a 3Watt versuon and brings the module forward increasing the beam angle so the increased light output coversthe whole of tbe front area and partially tbe rear. 

      Second option is to fit 2 mini Dome lights in tbe rear, in tbe roof linning inside the rear hatch door. These 2  rear lights are controlled from the main Dome and mimic's whatever the main Dome does. These 2 extra mini domes cover the hole of the rear and "Boot" area when tbe seats are down flat. 

      There is a one day turnaround if you would only  like the main Dome modified, in which case you return it to me and i will return it to you modified. Its very easy to remove  and re-fit. If you would also like the 2 rear mini domes they can be supplied as an add on kit (some installation skills required in running cable in the roof lining)

      the cost of tbe Dome modification is £25 plus £3.50 return postage and the rear 2 mini dome kit  is £25. If you would like both, i can come to you supply and fit for a total cost of £65. 

      Kind regards


    2. Bearddude


      Hello David, thanks for the reply. I'd like to get the full modification for £65. How would you like to proceed? I could give you my mobile number and you could contact me when it's convenient? Let me know. Peter

    3. tarquin


      Sorty Peter didn't see your reply. Only by luck someone was asking about a sharkfin Antenna. Yes give me your mobile number and we can make arrangements. Available most days limited on weekends but should be able to work something out. If you want the whole mod then no need to send dome in advance will do it all at yours. Just need a space like a kitchen table ans somewhere to plug in a soldering iron. 

      My number is 07590009272


  8. Yes i am sure when you seporate the connector it puts a short on the cable indicating to the alarm all is well David
  9. I temoved minr in 2011 to cover the seats in leather. I think the connector, when removed puts a short across it keeping the alarm happy but its 5yrs ago memory not what it was David
  10. Seat belt alarrm
  11. Good afternoon. Help solve the problem Tns510 . Yesterday I replaced the battery. Now I have no radio or audio. I live in Belarus and cars bought in Belgium. Car RAV 4 2009. Please send the TNS file 510 to my email. Thank you very much. I apologize for my English.



  12. Ha Ha Sad is good!!
  13. Hi the Loaging.kwi file should be 21mb for the tns510. That file you have seems too large. No there isnt a CD hidden away. It all runs from the SD card which is a 4gb card. The Loading.kwi file is a UNIX file and is the operating system for the Tns510 and is not encrypted. The map data on the SD card is encrypted via the manufacturers serial number of the SD card so you cant simply copy another one. Where did you get the loading.kwi file you have. If you message me with a email address that can take 21mb like a gmail account i will send you mine regards David
  14. Hi the SD card shoud be formatted to fat32 the original card is 4gb. I know it works with 4gb or less. I think some have got away with 8gb. But it may depend on the firmware in the Tns510 if it will reconise a larger SD Card. The file i use is from a 2008 original Map SD card and may not work if the Sd card you had was newer To use with ignition off put the SD card in and turn the ignition on to first position only and watch the screen. You should see a yellow progress bar. When it has finished, the radio and bluetooth should work again. If it did not work for you, you will have to buy a new Map SD card regards David
  15. I have a 59 plate iQ2. I removed the wheels and replaced them with 18 inch alloys. The 18's have white corrosion on them. Where as the original ones are in the garden face up and look as good as the day i bought them David