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  1. Hi sorry there is no way of updating a map card you have to purchase a new one with the map you want David
  2. Hi i will email you tomorrow a file to put on a SD card with instructions David
  3. Have replied to you Colin regards David
  4. Excellent News Regards David
  5. Hi Andreano i will send you the file later today David David
  6. Many thanks for your coments Geoff kind regards david
  7. China has a trade agreement with the UK there are no. Custom charges i installed it in my iQ along with other peoples and has been in constant every time i use my car. For the ladt 2-3yrs Dsvid
  8. Oh nearly forgot this all happened about 3 months ago checkef the oil today as i was doing our Verso and the oil level was almost off the bottom of the dipstick. And rather black. not golden. Looks like all they did was have a cup of tea. Will have to do an oil change myself now B*****ds David
  9. I used to have a really good relationship with my main dealer. On the last service of the plan i got when i bought the car. They had a new manager he is a young stroppy person. Firstly my service book says on a Full dervice to check the cabin filter and if required to replace it free of charge. I remember making a comment about it on here. The next year after mine they changed the wording to say the same but at the customers cost. Anyway he would have none of it so i argued with hilm until he agreed. Then i said its due to have the plugs changed at 60K. He said they were done at 40K. I said No they wasnt because they were not due then. He goes away and agree's i was right. So having waited fir the service for not a lot of time. He comes back and says the car is ready!! bearing in mind they had to change break fluid, check cabin filter relace the oil and filter, air filter and change the plugs. I some how think this could not be done in an hour and 10mins that i had been waiting. So i went through the list and he looks at his ticked list and says yes everytime i mentioned an item. So i asked him again about the plugs. He says deffinitely done. So i gave him the benefit of the doubt and one back with my car, i opened the bonnet and looked at the head. I could not see any disturbance at all besring in mind its a fiddly job with the 3cyl. I went o the spares dept and saw the guy who i know well and asked him to check plug stock. He said thst there were 9 in stock and now only 6. I dis remind him i know about how they claw hours back by skipping items that cant be seen. He said 3 were booked out but they dont record what vehicle they were for. The manager who has helped me out before with the EGR valve issue was phoned and he said its difficult because there is a record of the plugs being booked out. Also the "technician gets about 25mins to change them. I said it was a full service how could it have been completed in an hour and 10mins. He said could have been more than one person working on it. Basically i was opening a can of worms oh and when i quizzed the original guy about the cabin filter after havig a argument with him, when the car was ready he said with a smurk on his face " oh it didnt need changing". When i checked it myself when i got home. Out came all the debris. And it was partially clogged. Not even checked. Can you take a look at the head on yours for me to see if yours looks "disturbed" cherrs mate David
  10. Hi Mate the Play2 looks great. Great installation. On the subject of your 60k service, did you have the plugs changed? As thats the normal time for them David
  11. Here is a vidio i made on i put on youtube showing another module i used. (More wiring on this one) David
  12. Hi all you can get this module it goes between the plug and socket behind the mirror switch. One wire goes to goes to +12 permenant and a. Wire goes to the door lock wire located behind the kick panel on the driver side. The module can be "lost" anywhere behind the dash. function. Leave car , and lock doors by touch or fob and the mirrors close. Unlock the car by touch or fob (The mirrors stay closed). Mirrors open again when the ignition is started. I have used this exact module on the iQ. It works perfectly. I have a module for mirrors but have not tested it yet David
  13. Hello.

    I've been reading about your amazing interior light mods, and wondered how much you charge for just the front light? 99% of the time it's just me in the car, but would be nice to actually be able to see things in the front this time of year!

    Thanks, and happy New Year. :)


    1. tarquin


      Hi James

      can i ask you to pm message me for details with an email address or a phone number

      kind Regards


    2. tarquin


      I have only just discovered that my mail inbox was full so have empted it. 

      Please try again James

      Kind Regards


  14. Yes Frosty when i get requests i always request email by pm but he had already posted it. Sound advice David
  15. Hi i will send you a file that you have to copy onto a 4gb or less SD card. I will also send instructions to your supplied email account later today Merry Christmas David