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  1. Water In Footwells

    Hi some have had success with the hose extension but others have not. There was i think Geman guy on here that found a gap had appeared around the A/C unit where it meets the bulkhead hand had to have ir re-bonded. So still not sure the hose is the cure. The botyom of the car should be waterproof so short or long hose should not really matter. David
  2. Tns 510 Navigation System Map Update?

    The other thing the update offers is not only the map data but a OS update incorporating newer phones and 4.01 bluetooth compatability David
  3. Tns 510 Navigation System Map Update?

    Interesting probably from Hungary David
  4. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    Hi everyone It is with deep regret that i can no longer support people with Tns510 and Tns350 sat nav's that have lost their operating system due to flat or changed battery increasingly my email address has been exchanged to the point i am spending up to two days a week emailing the files to people and answering queeries so i ask anyone who has had the files from me in tbe past to step in and pass them on although i suspect the people looking for a quick fix are no longer members. Alternatively you can look on ebay under tns510 or tns510 and you can buy replacement cards from around £30 plus you get full use of your satnav then not just your Radio and Bluetooth Best Regards all David
  5. Hi david i hv also sent u my email.thnk u

  6. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    Hi Victor i have sent you the file and how to use it David
  7. Hi,

    I have a problem with my TNS350 and I lost my SD and cannot fix it now. Can someone help me, please?

    If somebody has file "Loading.kiw" please send it to me email:


  8. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    No the directions are in English
  9. IQ Air con system

    2 genius's fixed Bug's ptroblem David
  10. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    The problem with the Map sd card is that the map data is encrypted using the cards unique serial number. I just looked on and there are tns510 map cards 2017/18 for £33 so maybe €50 good luck David
  11. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    First to answer your question. No you cannot add extra maps to your SD card. My thoughts are that your map card is too old at 2008/09 and will be included in later versions. Mine is 2014 and included Greece. See photo i suggest you look on ebay under tns510 there are many version maps to choose from at reasonable cost. Check with the seller greece is included David
  12. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    Hi as far i understand the Western Europe map contains Greece. It is shown on Toyota's map update site and is aldo shown on my Western European map SD card. I am not sure why yours does not have it. On thr Toyota site, they only show missing countries as Serbia and its neighbours David
  13. David is a good person, he helps the people with passion.

    Thank's for all David.




    1. tarquin


      Kind Regards Roberto

  14. Replacing The Door Mirror

    Glad the explanation helped David
  15. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    You are very welcome. We got there in the end