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  1. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    Hi the Loaging.kwi file should be 21mb for the tns510. That file you have seems too large. No there isnt a CD hidden away. It all runs from the SD card which is a 4gb card. The Loading.kwi file is a UNIX file and is the operating system for the Tns510 and is not encrypted. The map data on the SD card is encrypted via the manufacturers serial number of the SD card so you cant simply copy another one. Where did you get the loading.kwi file you have. If you message me with a email address that can take 21mb like a gmail account i will send you mine regards David
  2. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    Hi the SD card shoud be formatted to fat32 the original card is 4gb. I know it works with 4gb or less. I think some have got away with 8gb. But it may depend on the firmware in the Tns510 if it will reconise a larger SD Card. The file i use is from a 2008 original Map SD card and may not work if the Sd card you had was newer To use with ignition off put the SD card in and turn the ignition on to first position only and watch the screen. You should see a yellow progress bar. When it has finished, the radio and bluetooth should work again. If it did not work for you, you will have to buy a new Map SD card regards David
  3. Wheels

    I have a 59 plate iQ2. I removed the wheels and replaced them with 18 inch alloys. The 18's have white corrosion on them. Where as the original ones are in the garden face up and look as good as the day i bought them David
  4. Advice on 2010/2011 IQ

    Hi i think the 59 plate was the last one for the EGR issue David
  5. Am i assuming there is a pair of wires that are visable making their way to the side light feed at the moment Adam David
  6. Starter

    I had a weird problem once. Normally when you try to start the engine, thesteering lock comes off first. My front wheels were jammed and stopped the lock comming off. Had to take the hand brake off and roll tbe car backwards a few inches and all was well David
  7. iq2 stereo

    I did some time ago get a costing from Toyota for the whole cover for tbe Tns510 satnav. It was around £250!!! You can go to toyota spares dept and call up your model and they can group together the list of items you are interested in and cost it for you. Although i amnot sure about that bottom bracket unless its the 2 satnav mounting brackets laid flat side by side. I am very familiar with this part of the iQ as i have installed a Heads up Display in the top cover. David
  8. iq2 stereo

    If you go on the Celsusice site they are on there to buy david
  9. Hard wiring a roadcam

    No problem Vox David
  10. Hard wiring a roadcam

    The method i use is to feel round the edges of the "V" shaped A/C unit and you will feel for the 2 indentations, one either side under the lip. Grip them with your finger tips and pull towards you. You will need to pulll quite hard. Its best to do it in ***** movements. It will come off, you wont break it even if you think you might. If you have the LCD version, there is only one small plug to unclip. If its the manual A/C then there are stiff cables to manage. When you have removedit, then you can pull away the front curved panel under it to get access to the rear of the Aux socket. You will see there is plenty of room to pass your cable through from the area behind the curved chrome panel down to the Aux socket. Word of warning, if you or anyone else doing a similar connection is thinking of cutting the cigar plug off and putting an in line fuse and connecting to the rear if the Aux socket, make sure your device is 12v and not 5v as the cigar plug may contain a 5v regulator. If you decide you want to bring your cigar plug out to the front and plug it into the socket then you should be able to see easily how to achieve this. David
  11. My Modifications And Upgrades

    Hi Omer tell us more about your chip tuning David
  12. Hard wiring a roadcam

    To remove the curved panel with the chrome strip (£48) insidently for that strip, you have to remove the 2 x 10mm bolts. 1 either side of the lower panel which carries the optional leather pouch. To get to the left hand bolt, you have to pull free the thresh hold strip and the 1/4 triangle kick panel. With the bolts removed, grab the lower panel and un-clip it. There is about 6 clips to pull yje panel off. Once removed the top curved panel in clps. You can cable tie your cable to the existing wiring. David
  13. Hard wiring a roadcam

    Much the same as Craig has said. The offer was in case you were unsure or not wanting to do it yourself David
  14. Hard wiring a roadcam

    Hi Vox i live in Essex and have installed some in Hertfordshire. One was for a Police officer. If your interested can you pm me for details Regards David
  15. Help Tns 510 Navigation System

    Hi 996tt i have just sent you the file and instructions David