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  1. Hi David,

    I've been pointed in your direction by another member.

    My B9004 head unit is very similar to the TNS 510 & is showing an identical contact your dealer message after I disconnected the battery.

    I've read you other posts but my problem is the B9004 doesn't have an SD slot, only DVD & CD. The original maps DVD remains inside.

    The satnav packed up a while ago but I still getting radio & phone capability. Any ideas on how I can get these back?

    Many Thanks,



    1. tarquin


      Hi Nick

      sorry i cant help you. The file that gets corrupt in the Tns510 is a file called Loading.Kwi which is tbe Tns510's operating system and is only compatable with the Tns510



    2. Doctornick


      OK thanks. Took it to indy garage who had it all day. Finally got it working by disconnecting battery for 30 min & leaving before reconnecting!

  2. teapot

    And the Wheel arches David
  3. Back in 2012 i purchased a set of the original leather upgrade. It was Plum in colour which matches my interior. It cost £570 from Toyota and is sourced from Greece. I borrowed upholstery tools and fitted them myself. The glue over the existing seat covers. You have to glue otherwise the covers do not take the contour of the seat and they flap about at the point behind your back. Beware because whatever you decide, you have to take into consideration of the "squib" airbags on the side of the seats. David
  4. I think i got mine in 2013 and works perfectly. If using in an auto model then you have to put it out of drive to unlock the doors David
  5. Hi you seemed to have activated /registered memory points i dont have the 510 anymore but i have the 350 which is similar. I also have the user manual. It can store upto 106 memory points press menu then settings then memory you can then registet memory points edit memory points delete memory points you can also delete previous memory points David
  6. Dear Tarquin,

    you really seem to know al ot about this navigation system, compliments!

    I have a Avensis 2011 with a TNS 510 navigation system. The navigation puts little dots on the map where I've been the last weeks... annoying. How to get rid of them? Please help. Thanks a lot!!!

    See also: 


  7. please i need your help


  8. Hi David,

    Would it be possible to get some more information for your interior light upgrade modifications for the IQ please?

    My email address is

    Kind regards

  9. Hi, would you be able to give me the Dropbox Link or Email me the loading.kwi file for a TNS510 Unit please?  My email address is

    Many Thanks



  10. Hi I have Tns 510 program cannot be read problem. can you send firmware files? My email is 


    Thank you! :)

  11. HI

    I found you on this forum some time ago.

    I have a problem with my TNS510 .. I cannot start it up..

    I tried disconnect battery etc.. nothing helped.. I read a solution from you.. With the loading.kwi file ? Thats right ?

    You wrote, to left e - mail and you can send the file.

    I will be so happy.. i can not use my radio now..nothing..


    pls help..

    Thanks a lot!

    1. tarquin


      Hi will send you the file yu need when i get home. You will need a SD card of 4gb or less and a card reader to put the file onto tbe SD card



  12. hi 

    i need your help about toyota tns510

    this is my e mail adresse :

    thank you very much



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    2. mouna


      ok iam waiting you this evening thanks

    3. mouna


      hello david

      im waiting your help thanks

    4. mouna


      problem resolved

  13. Send me a pm with an email address that can receive a file over 21mb like a gmail account and i will send a file and instruction how to use it David
  14. hi david

    can you send me a Operation system file for TNS 510 .

    My email is:

    appreciated your kind help.