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  1. No matter how safe a driver you are or how all your family members practice the best defensive driving techniques, every time you hit the road, there will always be some other driver you need to watch out for. Irrespective of age, defensive driving is extremely important for drivers who are young as well as old. But how do you steer clear of dangerous drivers on the road? * Watch out for drivers who use cell phones. * Speeding, tailgating and drivers who change lanes too quickly can also cause accidents. * Always pay attention to the road ahead of you, the road behind and to your sides.
  2. With spring on its way in and the summer holidays just around the corner, high school students have been spending more time behind the wheel. And this can only mean that the potential for more accidents involving teens is at an all time high. This is why Hall County officials have been doing their rounds around the high school areas to educate kids on the dangers of impaired driving. Lt. Gene Joy, Hall County’s Sheriff said that the team was at the Johnson High School on Thursday, educating the students through a realistic skit called “Fatal Vision” that uses actual vehicles that were present in actual crashes. There are actual smoke grenades that go off to make it look like an actual car crash said Lt. Joy. The actors and actresses in the skit have fake “blood” on them to make it look more realistic. Also, emergency personnel respond to the scene of the accident to make it more realistic. The goal behind this is to ensure that teen drivers make better driving decisions behind the wheel. Once they see this skit and then get behind the wheel, they are going to think about the skit and make better decisions.
  3. Tips For Driving In The Rain

    The danger of driving when the road is wet is tenfold especially when you are new to driving. An inexperienced fellow in a driver’s seat during a rainstorm can put others at risk as well himself. If you are experienced enough, there is no need to panic but not everyone comes as an expert in driving. Rain brings out the worst in most drivers and can cause dangerous driving hazards. The following tips are some of the safety measures which you can adopt to protect yourself while driving on raining days: * Turn on the lights and wipers. Slow down instantly when the rain starts as rain water mixed with oil can make the road slippery and slick. * Don’t follow another driver too closely and try to keep plenty of distance between the front and back vehicles. * Pay attention to the pedestrians walking aside or trying to cross the road. * Pull off the road if the rain is too heavy and the road is unclear. * Drive in the lane which is closer to the center as the slow lanes may have water build ups and is not safe.
  4. Best Way To Use Autoglym Products

    I think autoglym is the best according to waxing up if you get the lint free proper cloth to remove it while final buffer the best iv seen in the game of resin polish.
  5. Leather Seat Cleaning

    Yes you are right. Thanks
  6. Engine Rattle

    Had engine rattle when shifting (manual trans) and accelerating between 1500-2000 rpm range. Seemed to be relieved when the clutch was momentarily pumped. Well, had the clutch replaced today due to genuine clutch problems (squealing sounds, friction sounds, etc).
  7. Leather Seat Cleaning

    Get a cloth or a flannel and some warm water and just wipe them over if they are just in need of a little clean. Put a little bit of soap in there if there is a mark on the seat.
  8. Totoya Sprint Series

    I am sharing toyota sprint series with you. The TSS Team are delighted to be announcing the 2011 series. Building on the success and remarkable reputation of previous years we have been able to negotiate a fantastic calendar of sprints to make up this years championship.
  9. Must See Barn Full Of Toyota's

    I never get why you'd have all the cars and just leave them there. Plus they must be owned by some one so surely they are stealing them.
  10. In Navarre, a woman from the cantonment was recently penalized for driving carelessly after crashing into the rear end of a car, which then crashed into the vehicle in front of it. 55 year old Vera Daniel was seriously injured in the wreck that took place earlier today, said a Florida Highway Patrol announcement. She was heading East on Highway 98 when she rammed in to Hyundai van, which was waiting at the Coral Street intersection. The van in turn was then propelled forward by the impact and struck a Volvo in front. Daniel’s passenger escaped with minor injuries. The occupants of the van were not injured seriously and the occupant of the Volvo was not injured at all. Alcohol is not one of the factors and everyone was found to be wearing seatbelts.
  11. Please help me troubleshoot a problem with my ol 400. Suddenly, it is making extreme rattling noises (is that what pinging sounds like) when under load. It is also idling really rough. It starts right up so obviously it has gas and spark. So is it the timing? Could it be the electronic ignition module. Could it be the vacuum advance on the distributor? Please give me some ideas on how to diagnose it.
  12. Spraying Rims

    Best to goto a specialist crowd like TSW and get them done properly...or just leave them standard, as they will definitely look better that way!
  13. Scratch Removal

    I use Finyl which is good. I had a dvd which was scratched and skipping annoyingly in one spot. I treated it with Finyl & it stopped skipping & was restored! The proof is in the pudding as they say...great product.
  14. Clay Bars

    How effective are clay bars for removing bugs? During the summer our vehicles get coated in dead bugs and the heat helps to bake it into the paint before I get a chance to wash the vehicle.
  15. Driver Awareness Courses

    The awareness campaigns to drive against those who are driving while driving have been present in the past 20 years. The efforts of group include MADD and SADD along with Indiana State Police Program which have been pulled over to make people realize and think that getting on the wheel while driving is very much dangerous.