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  1. Mines Ecu For St205

    Mines ECU For ST205. Price is 450£ shipped It will give you: more power 20/30bhp quicker spool more torque better throttle response 1.1bar of boost rev limit around 7.8k rpm No need for boost controler (saving)
  2. Wtb: Aussie Downpipe

    or Berk DP. bump
  3. Celica Gt4 Mods

    If I install aftermarket ECU like AEM FIC, will it have a fuelcut above 18 psi?
  4. Wtb: Aussie Downpipe

    nobody? Need and Aussie or Berk Downpipe
  5. Wtb: Aussie Downpipe

    Hello. I want to buy an Aussie Downpipe for my GT4. Any offers?
  6. Which Celica Do You Drive?

    Recent pic of my ride.
  7. St205 Or Mr2

    Where are you guys?
  8. Trd Sticker White One)

    Hello. Where can I get a white TRD sticker? Like this: 0:15 I need it for my yellow GT4. Thanks
  9. St205 Or Mr2

    Which one is better? ST205 or MR2? Like on the track or on a drag race? I've seen the best motoring video where MR2 is a little bit faster than GT4 on a drag race, but ST205 is faster than RX-7,cosworth, Silvia. I see that there are MR2 fans actually, but what is your objective opinion about that? p.s. I know that ST205 is way much better looking car than MR2, don't tell me an opposite. :P
  10. Hello. I'm gonna to change an oil(engine & gearbox) for my GT4. Can you tell me what oil should I use (like the brand of an oil)? Do I need to get the different oil for gearbox and for engine? + Is there any differences what oil filter should I buy? Like trd etc... Also I need to change other fluids (rad, charge cooler, clutch & brake fluid). Thanks
  11. Celica Gt4 Mods

    What do you think, 3 is better than 2.5? If I install downpipe and also gut the cat, wouldn't be any advantage to increase bhps? Thanks
  12. Celica Gt4 Mods

    So If I install downpipe, it's not necessary to gut the cat? Great. What would you recommend me 3 Aussie downpipe or 2.5?
  13. Celica Gt4 Mods

    Thanks. Seems like I need only to gut the cat and downpipe. Any info how to cat back on ST205? Leeky, what do you think is it possible to reach 300+ bhp on a stock ECU?
  14. Celica Gt4 Mods

    On how much boost can I get 300bhp?