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  1. Strange Windscreen Wipers Fault

    Thats a pretty weird one nice catch on the fault shame about the battery too ouch, never had alternator or starte problems with the carina E but the did plague the carina 2 I had many years ago can you remember if it was a bosch or denso alternator?
  2. Rev Counter Going Crazy At Idle......

    Battery??? Latest update I removed and cleaned the contacts on the distributor cap and rotor, this fixed the issue for a day till it rained and the fault came back again. Leaning on this I managed to track down an original jap replacement part from a trusted motor factor only €14 ! last one hed had ha ha not surprising , but the cars been running like a dream since even after a wet morning start. The weird thing is this has fixed both the cough and the crazy RPM dial issues, fingers crossed she stays fixed............
  3. Strange Windscreen Wipers Fault

    I had a fault on mine when I bought it, all the intermittant modes didnt work but the fastest mode for heavy rain did, turned out to be the leaf switches built into the motor housing were faulty, its in a kind of resin blob after where the wires go into the motor, couldn't fix it so a new motor for 20 quid sorted it that was over 7 years ago and its been fine since hope this helps............
  4. Rev Counter Going Crazy At Idle......

    Update: now the car is running like a pig when is really damp and gets better when it warms up, has to be something to do with the high tension from the coil?
  5. Oil In Coolant :(

    I dont think those products are that precise to be honest! but your right not to use it if your definatly holding onto the car bit like those cannisters to fix a puncture the tyre mechanics hate when you uyse them and some charge extra to clean it up :-<
  6. Oil In Coolant :(

    Same as my own so the core of my rad literly dissapeared due to rust by 15th year even though it never came near to overheating at any stage, the 1.8 has a much larger radiator and an oil coller unlike the 1.6 which ran hotter. I would say like youve suspected the head gasket is deteriorated from age and is seeping oil into the collant, would it be a good idea to try one of those 'rad weld' products that you pour into the coolant and see if the problem goes away temporaily at least?
  7. Oil In Coolant :(

    What engine and what year is your car? Did you check down the sides of the engine block to see if there are any streams of liquid, if there are try and determine if its water or oil or both. Have you also taken the oil cap off and looked in to see if there is just oil and not the dreaded brown mayonaise substance. I had a blown head gasket years ago on a carina 2 but it badly overheated a few times, did anything like thi happen?
  8. Hey just recently my rev counter needle started going crazy at idle speed it would jump fom the 1k mark up to about the 4k and back down constantly at idle( a bit like its reacting to the music from the radio :-) ), the weird thing is when your accelerating or driving normally in any gear the reading is perfectly stable, the engine is not randomly reving just running normal but it has developed the odd cough any idea if these 2 problems are related?
  9. '97 Carina E Estate. Electrical Problem.

    Have you tried a second hand light switch stalk? I had a similar proble with my Carina2 back in the day
  10. Wanted Font Door Window Regulator

    Both my electric window regulators cables snapped within about 6 months the design isnt the best since the cable is expsoed and the water just runs down the cables constanlty and rusts them, still though not bad going they lasted 17 years! The orginals are getting really hard to find I managed to pickup a passenger side orginal from a scrapper pretty cheap and it was in great condition. At the time time of the year the driver side went it was getting fairly cold and wet so I hurridly picked up a pattern part from Ebay for around €45, big mistake it always stuggled to lift the windows and I had to modify the one of the mounting holes in the door to get it in. After 1.5years the gearing popped and that was it, luckily this It was the summer so I had a bit of time to search out an orginal part. Both still working great and much smoother that the pattern part, my advise if you have to pay a little bit extra for an orginal second hand part do and slap on as much grease to the cable as you can get away with happy hunting!
  11. Carina E 1996-Bonnet Catch/timing Belt/niggling Problems...

    Glad you decided to keep it there a great car, I bought mine to move house from England back to Ireland just as a big cheap car didnt even know what model it was at the time best £900 I ever spent never failed to start once in 8years rain hail or snow. I said at the time If I get 2 years out it without any major problems Id be happy, Its now in its 8 year with me putting up over 115K miles in that time, naturaly like any car of that age its not without its problems but again maybe a part / year or 2 ,(New rad, Windows regulators front, Water pump and Tbelt) ive not even spent the price of the car in maintenance in 8 years cant really complain about that! The best way to keep the costs down with any old car is do most of the minor maintenance and drive it regulary there like old people they seize up if not mobile ! 239K and still going
  12. My buddy has 1st gen model Avensis with the same as your 1999, from looking at it you may well need the wiring harness and the Ecu from the 1999 car along with the engine might be easier if you can get a like for like motor
  13. High Revs

    I had this problem after I had bought my carina happened out of the blue then got gradually worse, as Raistlin says its air leak related. Find the trottle body and underneath it you should see a green or black block with a connector and hose attached. This is the idle air control valve either its faulty / gummed up or like mine it was faulty and the vacum hose feeding it had a tiny hole in it, had to replace both to sort problem, 6 years later now and issue hasn't resurfaced so id say its fixed!
  14. Broken Wiper Arm - Any Out There?

    Hey lad, id say your quickest bet if you can't get a spare or second hand one from a scrapper is buy a later model arm and repair your s if its only a broken spring, I used to have an 1985 liftback version of one of these great cars pity the rust finished her off!
  15. Abs Diagnostic Box

    I dont think there is a sepparate one for the ABS? if its codes your looking for I just have a small fuse box type in the engine bay marked "Diagnostics" here you short 2 of the pins and the lights will flash on the dashboard (in a cetain sequence see google for what they are),so you can read the codes these cars are pre OBDII systems as far as i know