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  1. hi , when i change gear mainly during 3rd and 4th this strange little clunkin sound comes from my nearside front ,sounds like the driveshaft slipping i have had a new cv joint and wheel bearing on this corner and the pads and shoes are all new or could it be the clutch the t2 d4 has done 132000 and i have been told the clutch was changed at 60k service under warrenty but have never seen any paperwork any ideas its been a smashing car from new and has a full book of service stamps and never been a problem til now any help would be greatfully received steveo
  2. Warning Lights On Dash Come On

    cheers i read some where that disconnecting the battery for 20 mins or so would reset things ive removed the egr valve an cleaned it thoroughly time will tell
  3. Warning Lights On Dash Come On

    cheers buddy i will give it a try
  4. Warning Lights On Dash Come On

    i have a t2d4 2007 avensis estate, my concern is that my traction control light aswell as my vsc light comes on and stays on after doing some speed only by switching the car off resets this display of lights on the dash in the owners manual it does not really explain why i have just had a new cv joint fitted and the warning lights still appear ive also replaced the front tyres with a different brand , only discs and wheel bearing to try any ideas ?????
  5. traction control light comes on

  6. traction control light comes on

  7. traction control light and vsc light comes on

  8. Cv Joint

    does any know where i can get hold of a cv joint for my 57 plate t2 d4 avensis but not at toyota prices,any help would be massive
  9. Egr Valve Cleaning Photos - 57 Plate 2.0 T-3X

    found it now thru you tube , i will buy one tomorrow and report back , thanks
  10. Egr Valve Cleaning Photos - 57 Plate 2.0 T-3X

    hmmm fuel filter , wheres that then ?? easy to change ??? yes the valve was opening and closing fine after id clean for nearly an hour with a small toothbrush , its gleaming inside , ive also put that bg244 stuff in but already had a full tank of tescos finest
  11. Egr Valve Cleaning Photos - 57 Plate 2.0 T-3X

    i have a avensis t2 d4 tourer on a 57 plate , ive just cleaned the egr valve like it says above . it runs even worst than before and dont seam to be able to accelerate smoothly anymore it feels like its holding back then trying ,what else could be wrong ????