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  1. G4 Prius wheel colour

    The rim of the wheel has been damaged by something on the motorway and needs to be sanded down and touched in. Black paint actually varies hence my initial question,
  2. G4 Prius wheel colour

    Does anyone know what colour paint will match the black on the Prius Excel wheels.
  3. dodgy software Prius mk 4

    I have just purchased 6.8.1 (£0) under map care and now find that "My Toyota" is now telling me I have no purchases. What is wrong with Toyota? This means I cannot download the update. Just sent them an email.
  4. dodgy software Prius mk 4

    I see version 6.8.1 map update is now on "My Toyota".
  5. dodgy software Prius mk 4

    It looks like Toyota have pulled 6.8 from MyToyota. It was there yesterday morning, only 6.7 been offered now. Presumably their must have been problems with it?
  6. 2016 Prius USB Audio problems.

    Reducing the number of tracks on the USB stick does indeed cure the problem. Thank you Phill111 for providing the answer to this problem.
  7. 2016 Prius USB Audio problems.

    Thanks phill111 for replying. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one with this problem. I will try deleting some of my tracks on the USB and see if this resolves the problem.
  8. I seem to be having problems playing music through the USB port. I believe it has happened since the upgrade to map 6.7.0W, when the software had a major upgrade also. If I select USB audio sometimes it will play music OK for a while and then for no reason just freeze. If I select another music source i.e. the radio which will play OK and then go back to the USB I get the message "loading", but it will not load any music. Sometimes when I select USB audio for the first time I get the "loading" message right away. Unplugging the USB stick and reinserting it just continues to give me the "loading" message. Is anybody else having these problems. I have tried another USB memory stick but I get the same problem.
  9. Hill start assist bleep on Gen4

    I don't get a bleep on my Gen 4 Prius. The system works differently to the Auris and previous Prius, on these you had to push hard on the brake pedal to activate the hill assist start and the bleep would inform you that you were successful. On the Gen 4 Prius the hill assist is automatically activated when you remove your foot from the brake pedal.
  10. A question for thecaretaker. I have a Prius Excel but I am only being offered in MyToyota the free map update 4.3.0H for the Touch 2 with Go Plus. Did the 6.7.0WH free update automatically appear in your MyToyota? I have found the answer to my question.
  11. Calculated Range While Using Ev Only

    I think that the range is calculated by using the average MPG for the current tank of fuel. So although you are using EV mode the average MPG will be recalculated and therefore the range will be adjusted.
  12. Help Needed Please

    Toyota run a Vehicle Exchange Plan, if your not satisfied with your purchase and have had it less than 30 days and done less than 500 miles you can take it back and exchange it for another vehicle. So this is another option you could consider.
  13. Auris Icon Plus Hybrid Spare Wheel

    I have a Auris Excel Hybrid with the spare wheel kit. My kit came with a replacement trim which replaces the trim that goes along the back of the boot(covers the boot lock). With this installed I have a perfectly flat floor. Underneath this floor there is a thinner floor and this does slope.
  14. Trickle Charger

    Thank you Andrew and Phil for the information.
  15. Trickle Charger

    Which Ctek charger do you use Andrew? Do you leave the battery connected to the car when you use the charger?