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  1. "... The sooner car makers give up on this nonsense and move to Carplay / Android Auto the better. " Not sure about Carplay, but the Kia Niro hybrid includes: " Android Auto Connectivity** - ✓ ✓ ✓ Kia Connected Services Featuring TomTom® (Traffic, Speed Cameras, Local Search & Weather Updates)**
  2. Spend my life between NW Spain (Southern UK-type climate) and SE Spain (Mediterranean-type) - overall the year, there's probably a 5+ mpg difference
  3. If you don't have an inbuilt sat-nav, consider the Garmin DriveAssist which combines a 5" sat-nav (with lifetime maps and traffic) with a dash-cam, and can be mounted on their dash-mounted Portable Friction Mount (an update of the old beanbag mount) Garmin DriveAssist Flexible Friction Mount
  4. "2016 Hyundai Ioniq to cost from £19,995"£19995
  5. UK sales - came from this article:
  6. Approx. 1650 sold in 3.5 years - shouldn't think Toyota is treating its release as a priority
  7. Highway code: "Your brakes and steering will be adversely affected by under-inflated or over-inflated tyres" How much is over-inflation?
  8. Use the "AmazonBasics GPS Dashboard Mount" successfully
  9. The Prius "bricks" are available for download - see "sticky" thread no.1 above
  10. From the AA comments above: " This is far less common as the diesel nozzle is physically larger than the petrol filler neck on most cars. " How did you get the larger diesel nozzle into the filler?
  11. With Hyundai and Kia releasing their first hybrids in the next couple of months, they're not exactly helping themselves
  12. "GROWING HYBRID SALES at Toyota mean it is finally achieving serious economies of scale with hybrid production, according to Karl Schlicht, executive vice president of Toyota Europe. As a result, this should finally start to bring hybrid prices into direct competition with those of diesel-engined rivals." Autocar
  13. Seems to be the current fashion - Kia Niro hybrid interior:
  14. They were getting ridiculous in size - 788 + 288 pages for the Auris - probably lowering the mpg figures due to weight. A lot of it is not relevant to the model/trim you've chosen - with modern electronic publishing they could easily produce a manual specific to the car you've ordered, and it would be half the size
  15. Check your manual. In that for the Auris Mk. 2: "A buzzer will sound once to indicate the system is activated. The slip indicator will also start flashing."