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  1. Full size spare?

    Page 661 of the manual shows the full-size spare wheel configuration, which is provided in some markets - probably lose the underfloor storage area
  2. Auris E150 Sat Nav MY differences

    "I'm viewing a couple of hybrid Auris T-Spirit cars" - difficult to know what he was asking - surely the hybrids weren't released to 2012?
  3. Auris E150 Sat Nav MY differences

    Good/bad points (incl. a number of comments re: sat-navs):
  4. The Derbyshire craftsmen
  5. Hybrid fuel consumption vs wheel size question

    Had a Mk 1 with 15" wheels - averaged 54.2 over 3+ years - Mk 2 with 17" averaging 51.0 over 2+ years - similar motoring throughout; rural based but with frequent long motorway trips. The reduction is worthwhile given the better ride quality with the larger wheels IMO
  6. Auris Hybrid Estate Questions

    Have a space saver in a non-tourer - it fits in the well OK, but the floor of the under-floor storage (if that makes sense!) is slightly tilted, but acceptable. This was done as a dealer modification at delivery. In some markets there is either a factory-fitted space saver or a full-size wheel as standard with the non-tourer
  7. 2018 Auris hybrid on youtube

    Think they've been based on these "spy" shots: Personally think the interior needs a major upgrade - the Mk 1 and 2 have been a bit low-rent
  8. A/C is to cool.

    On a related subject, preferred the Mk 1 cup-holders which were located near a fascia vent and in hot weather could keep a water bottle cool; unlike the centrally-located Mk. 2 ones
  9. Is the hybrid engine too weak for the new CHR

    The Spanish specification gives a kerb weight of "1455*/1495" kgs (depending on wheels - * weight is for 17")
  10. Discounts Already!

    Thanks - a Google for "Auris 2018" brings up plenty of spy photos, etc.
  11. Discounts Already!

    Is the Auris due for an update? Toyota Spain are advertising 21% discounts on the mid-range hybrid, with corresponding deals on the other models
  12. Wish list to Toyota

    "Fuel economy Your Toyota is designed to achieve the best possible fuel economy during normal driving (using the gasoline engine and electric motor [traction motor]). Driving in EV drive mode more than necessary may lower fuel economy."
  13. Head Up Display (HUD)

    Garmin have one - but it's very expensive - details on this Amazon webpage: Scroll down the page for a selection of much cheaper ones
  14. Cruise Range

    Found that it does include the reserve when the tank is full, but as the fuel is used the reserve is gradually deducted from the cruise range; i.e., the fuel consumption figures are non-linear, and you'll get a higher reading of "mpg" with a full tank than with a partially-filled one.
  15. Playing Albums/songs on USB

    Had the same problem using USB sticks with the Mk .1 Auris (I was too mean to pay the extra for an iPod connecting cable installation) - think this USA thread summed up the situation: I think I solved it by the sequential numbering method mentioned