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  1. Garmin have one - but it's very expensive - details on this Amazon webpage: Scroll down the page for a selection of much cheaper ones
  2. Found that it does include the reserve when the tank is full, but as the fuel is used the reserve is gradually deducted from the cruise range; i.e., the fuel consumption figures are non-linear, and you'll get a higher reading of "mpg" with a full tank than with a partially-filled one.
  3. Had the same problem using USB sticks with the Mk .1 Auris (I was too mean to pay the extra for an iPod connecting cable installation) - think this USA thread summed up the situation: I think I solved it by the sequential numbering method mentioned
  4. If you check the manual you'll find that there is an illustration for some markets where the car is supplied with a full-size spare wheel. So in theory it could fit in the well, but you'll probably lose the lower storage area
  5. " 46,604 cars in the UK are affected, and are limited to 13,890 Auris and 32,714 Yaris models. Affected cars were built between December 2002 and March 2004, and February 2007 and December 2012. "
  6. Suggest you compare your fuel monitor readings against actual brim-to-brim readings - given the number of variables fed into the monitor, particularly the fuel gauge which tends to read non-linearly, at best the fuel monitor is a guide only
  7. Regularly drive across Spain on motorways - leave it in"eco" most of the time - cruise control set at indicated 120kph which is about 112kph actual - my long-term average consumption is 5.5l/100km (51mpg) - that's with the 17" wheels - previous Auris on 15" wheels did 55mpg with similar motoring. Do about 15-18,000 kms and fuel costs €1100 approx. per annum, so 5-10% savings, say €100, aren't a big factor compared with other costs of motoring. Sit back and enjoy the scenery, and don't get too hung up on fuel saving
  8. Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Niro plug-in hybrids announced at Geneva, and Autoexpress is suggesting a starting price of £24,000!!
  9. If you read the manual you will see that it can be configured to accommodate the repair kit, a spacesaver, or a full-size wheel - depending on the local market. I ordered a spacesaver to be fitted instead of the repair kit - it was a dealer-fitted item rather than the official factory-fitted one - it's a bit of a bodge, tilting the floor of the under-tray, but acceptable
  10. Had a Mk. 1 on 15"s, and now a Mk. 2 on 17"s - find economy between 5-10% worse, but ride is improved
  11. Have a Mk 2 pre-update HSD and get "the noise" occasionally - usually only aware of it on long downhill cruises. Rare enough to not be bothered by it, and trying to convince a dealer of it would be hard work
  12. Hybrid's been in our Spanish dealer's showroom for the last couple of weeks. Basically an Auris on steroids - a challenging design - assume brief was to be funkier than Nissan's X-over efforts
  13. Have an early 2015 HSD (pre-facelift) in Spain - took it in for its 30,000kms service last week, and was asked to bring it in again today for replacement headlights (and a new steering column and associated parts - they pointed out there was excess play in the assembly). Never found either was a problem
  14. Waiting for the Ioniq or Niro plug-ins, due next year
  15. This article may be relevant: When you read the requirement of monitoring a 20% deflation - that's 6+psi on a normal reading