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  1. Welcome news

    With Hyundai and Kia releasing their first hybrids in the next couple of months, they're not exactly helping themselves
  2. Welcome news

    "GROWING HYBRID SALES at Toyota mean it is finally achieving serious economies of scale with hybrid production, according to Karl Schlicht, executive vice president of Toyota Europe. As a result, this should finally start to bring hybrid prices into direct competition with those of diesel-engined rivals." Autocar
  3. Toilet seat for 2016 Prius.

    Seems to be the current fashion - Kia Niro hybrid interior:
  4. Gen 4 Handbooks

    They were getting ridiculous in size - 788 + 288 pages for the Auris - probably lowering the mpg figures due to weight. A lot of it is not relevant to the model/trim you've chosen - with modern electronic publishing they could easily produce a manual specific to the car you've ordered, and it would be half the size
  5. Hill start assist bleep on Gen4

    Check your manual. In that for the Auris Mk. 2: "A buzzer will sound once to indicate the system is activated. The slip indicator will also start flashing."
  6. 17" tyre recommendation?

    My "fuelly" figure for the Mk 1 Auris on 15" wheels was 55.0 mpg - a year in the Mk 2 on 17" is showing 50.7 mpg. Type of motoring comparable - 80+% motorway cruising
  7. Toilet seat for 2016 Prius.

    From a non-Toyota website: " Just had a test drive in the new Toyota Prius. It is an excellent car and I would have placed an order for one except for the white sanitary ware that is part of the interior trim, will they supply a toilet roll holder in the excesory [sic] list. What was the design department thinking of?"
  8. Inspirational Gen 4 Prius design

    From Autocar'sroad test: "JOBS FOR THE FACELIFT 􀁏􀀃Think about a manual mode for that transmission. 􀁏􀀃Make some extra second-row head room. 􀁏􀀃Offer other fascia trims. Glossy white won’t suit everyone."
  9. EV Mode: When to use?

    Surely this will just result in the ICE running for longer when you restart. The manual's notes on EV mode sum it up: "This mode allows you to drive in residential areas early in the morning and late at night, or in indoor parking lots etc. without concern for noises and gas emissions. Fuel economy Your Toyota is designed to achieve the best possible fuel economy during normal driving (using the gasoline engine and electric motor [traction motor]). Driving in EV drive mode more than necessary may lower fuel economy."
  10. Gen 1 Auris Hybrid Values

    Not sure how they were specced in the UK, but my Mk 1 had the TNS410 - basically a built-in but demountable TomTom - having seen the cost of built-in Toyota sat-navs' updates, TomTom's at €40 per annum for 4 updates were a bargain - also TomTom updates its maps a lot sooner than the other lot
  11. FYI - there is a dedicated "hybrid" forum, including the Auris HSD 1. Yes, it will accelerate - being in "eco" mode should, in theory, reduce the "wildly" effect, but it seems to be marginal 2. I've never mastered the heating/ventilation system - find it difficult to get cooler air to upper body, and heating to lower (something Ford did in the '60s) 3. Checking my fuel records, the biggest fill-up in four years is 38 litres - as running dry is bad news with an HSD, Toyota is very conservative 4, 5 & 6. They got worse in the mark 2 Auris - now pretty useless - classic case of Hutber's Law - "improvement is deterioration"
  12. Not a thing of beauty, but could be very competitive price-wise:
  13. New Prius IV in Autocar Shock Horror!

    ...and Auto Express not far behind: "**** (4 stars) We may not have been big fans of the Prius before, but we are now. There’s lots to admire in the engineering and technology, if not the look of the car. And it’s hard not to be swayed by the numbers – it’s not cheap to buy, but it will be cheap to run. It’s comfortable, refined and easy to live with – and more than just a cabbies’ favourite now.
  14. Toyota Prius Redesign

    Super Bowl ad