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  1. They are twin filament bulbs, One 5W filament for the rear light and a second 21W filament for the brake light. It's usually the brake one that fails as they get pretty hot in use especially if you sit for a long time with your foot on the brake pedal rather than using the handbrake. I'm pretty sure you need an R580 bulb with the crimped end and small metal contacts on them but it would be worth taking the old bulb out to check before buying a new one. If you buy a pair replace both sides and keep the working one as a spare. In my experience bulbs tend to fail at a similar age. Craig.
  2. When using a trolley jack on the rear I always go under the axle / spring seat. You can then lift it up without having the suspension drop as you go so you only lift it an inch or so and the tyre is off the ground. On the front there is a huge bolt that holds the suspension, engine sub-frame on the bottom of the car. You camn see it by looking under the car just behind the front wheels. That is a very strong point so I jack under there. Never jack on the sills myself unless it's a roadside tyre change with the scissor jack. Craig.
  3. Mr

    It runs out with the last block flashing but don't risk it, fill it up before it starts flashing. My car has refused to start on two occasions with two bars left on the fuel gauge. Press the start button, hear the whine of the fuel pump sucking air and that's it, won't start until you top it up from a can again. I now fill up before the flashing light appears Craig.
  4. No radio problems with my camera. The radio aerial cable travels up the same door pillar I think but, haven't had any issues on both FM and DAB. Craig.
  5. As it says sensor 2 I'm guessing there are two sensors, probably one either side of the catalytic converter. Have to ask if the right one was changed? Craig.
  6. I took out the auxiliary power socket / cigarette lighter socket and wired onto the back of that. You can then feed the wire across the passenger dash quite easily and up the door pillar then tuck it in behind the roof lining. I have heard of people using the power from the interior light as there is a permanent live feed up there and an earth but not sure what the fuse rating is for the lamp. The wires that feed it are pretty small as it's only powering a single LED. I have however modified my interior light to run 21 LED's and that is still working fine! When you fix the camera make sure it looks through a bit of the screen covered by the window wiper arc. I was just outside when I first fitted mine and had some very blurry films. Craig.
  7. It could be an air leak in the inlet manifold. If air gets in to the engine behind the throttle body and air flow meter it can lean the mixture making the engine rev more and the throttle body can't control it. Maybe a gasket or rubber seal is misplaced or damaged but I don't know the engine so can't really suggest where to start looking. Craig.
  8. No, The brake pads on an iQ don't have a wear indicator lead. There should however be a low brake fluid warning light that may come on if the pads are really low but then, it may not unless you have a fluid leak. My brakes sounds very grindy after a night outside in a damp atmosphere like we've had here the last few days. It does go very quickly though once the brakes are used a bit. At 20k miles I doubt you are through a set of pads already but it may be worth jacking it up, taking a wheel off and having a quick look how much brake pad material is left. Maybe you just picked up some dirt that cleared itself. Craig.
  9. Okay, cheers Ian Can't say I've noticed any problems on the FM or DAB but then I do have a proper roof mounted DAB antenna and not a stick in the window type one. I have quite an old DR450 Blackvue with GPS and it's been great so far. Sits there discretely behind the mirror and talks to me when I start the car and turn it off. Other than that you wouldn't know it's there. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another, with a rear camera next time but they aren't too cheap. My parents asked me the other day about a camera for their car and soon as I said BlackVue, £300 they went a bit quiet. I will take a look at the Lukas cameras though as the picture quality looks very good. Craig.
  10. Just out of interest what is RFI? I have a BlackVue camera in my Toyota iQ and it's been faultless for the last 5 years. Okay, the SD card failed after 4 years but a new card had it working fine again. Craig.
  11. Temperature will only account for one or two psi in a tyre, not the 14psi difference you saw. What I need is a tyre pressure that has a very small range like 0-25psi. I ride a big wheeled, Fat Bike and the tyre pressure on that can be as low as 5psi but t's hard to find an accurate gauge that low. My Cobra kit car only runs at 20psi tyre pressures too and you can get a number of different pressures with different gauges on them. Craig.
  12. Seems a lot of money for lights you may use a few times a year? Craig.
  13. If they do stay on you may find they dim when the lights come on. Some cars take the DRL's to a lower power when the lights are on and then back to full power when the lights are off. I have seen people at night driving with only the DRL's on and no lights at all on the rear which was somewhat dangerous on the M25! I guess they didn't have automatic headlights but it shows that DRL's can be bright enough to see where you are going in the dark. Craig.
  14. Nice one. Bit different than my version but sits very well. Good to see there are now two iQ's in the world with different radios fitted. Craig.
  15. Just renewed my tax so I should be good until next January. Hopefully it won't increase much in coming years Craig.