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  1. Hi Tomas Similar but the lock may differ depending on what car you have. In that video his motor seems to be housed in a separate part of the lock whereas it's inside the main lock on my iQ. Once you have the lock out the door you should be able to see what it's like and hopefully figure it out from there. I have to loosen the widow runner with a single screw and move it out the way but once again, that will depend on the car in question. Hopefully it won't be too complicated to remove. Craig.
  2. Hi Nicola Welcome to the wonderful world of the iQ. Hope you are enjoying the car so far. Come over to the iQ forum and post there with a picture of the car as we like to see pictures. Any problems or questions with the car, please ask and someone will sort it out. Craig.
  3. Looks a lot like my car, iQ3 I'm guessing by the wheels. Similar age too. Enjoy it, looking very good already after a good clean, really need to find the time to do the clay thing on my car again. Any plans for upgrades or keeping it fairly stock? Craig.
  4. Hi There I didn't bother disconnecting the battery, no need as you can just pull the plug out the door lock with no ill effects. The last photo is the back of the motor showing the brushes and all the black carbon in there, the shaft is there but sticking out the other end. Feel free to ask any further questions when you get started and I'll try to reply soon as I can. I've turned on notifications for this thread so I get emails when there is a post. Craig.
  5. Yep, Exactly the same, tries three times then stops unless you try it again. It knows somehow that it hasn't unlocked / locked so tries three times then gives up. The sound is softer when it fails too as you describe. The slightly more worrying thing on the iQ is that I could try to lock it, car tries three times on the faulty door to lock it, you them move the keys out the way and try the passenger door, locked, try the boot, locked, try the drivers door, open. Opening it though you'd figure would set the alarm off, Not on my car! It has an alarm siren under the bonnet but I've never heard it so not sure how you get that to work. Once I had the new motors installed the clunk when locking it or unlocking it is a really good, positive clunk so I think the motors get gradually weaker with age. Craig.
  6. There are two motors in there but I only replaced the one, bigger motor. The smaller motor operates the double lock mechanism. On my car you press the key fob button or the door handle twice to operate this one so it seems to get used less and last longer. It might be worth taking the lock out first to make sure you have a similar version to this but I ordered these. They are supplied with a longer, completely round shaft and the Toyota ones have a shorter shaft with a flat so you will need to file the flat then cut the shaft down a bit to suit the worm drive. Getting the housing open is also a bit tricky as you have to undo about 20 clips to get it apart. It sounds and looks complicated but is possible with fairly basic tools. Craig.
  7. Had a similar thing on my iQ I have the keyless ignition and door handles that sense your hand to unlock the door. As you say, it tried three times making the correct noises but remains locked. I kind of ignored it for a while leaning across from the passenger side to open the door from the inside handle but then it started doing it on the locking as well. It got so bad in the end that I couldn't lock the door. I stripped out the lock mechanism from the door and pulled it apart to find it all looked fine inside but the motor that actuates the lock was very dirty and basically, worn out. A couple of new motors from ebay and it's as good as new again. Strange thing is I sorted the drivers door then only 3 weeks later the passenger door started doing exactly the same thing! Good thing I bought two motors. If you try this you may have to swap over the wires in the plug that feed the motor, My new motors span in reverse to the original ones so when you locked the car it unlocked and vise versa. Simple thing to swap over the cables in the plug though. Craig.
  8. Welcome to the iQ forum Peter I have a silver, 59 plate, 2010 model and the paint is perfect still. What do you know of the history of the car, Have you owned it from new or did you buy it used? Also is it peeling all over or just in certain areas? Craig.
  9. If the temperature light hasn't come on and I assume the Aygo doesn't have a temp gauge, It's probably working as it should. It's not at all unusual to hear the fan when the car is stationary and the fan should start, run for a few minutes then turn off again once it's cooled the coolant enough. It will start again after a few minutes more when the engine gets warmer again. The electric fan will be the only means of getting air through the radiator when the car isn't moving so if it's starting, it's doing it's job. Craig.
  10. Hi Yasmine and welcome You didn't have any luggage on the passenger seat did you? I quite often chuck my camera bag, shopping, laptop and things for work etc. on the passenger seat and that can set off the alarm. I guess the weight needed to register a passenger is quite light and the car thinks there is someone with you not wearing a belt. Craig.
  11. I give my car a couple of good cleans a year with a pressure washer, normally in the spring and autumn, in between the normal cleans of the body work. I jack the car up, remove the wheels one at a time and then pressure wash under the wheel arches and under the car to lose the accumulation of built up dust and mud from the roads. I always pressure wash the engine to remove the dust and leaves that get under the bonnet. I've never had any electrical or ignition problems on any of my cars doing this and I much rather see a clean engine that one that has never been cleaned. As the engine on my iQ is oil tight as well I've never needed to use more than the water from the pressure washer but spilt oil etc can be cleaned up with engine de-greasers then pressure washed off again. Craig.
  12. The earlier cars had the plum interior only. Later models came with certain panels in white but I think the iQ3 remained plum throughout. Not sure what year the white interiors came along though. It's not a bad colour to live with really and I guess it's easier to keep clean than the white panels are. If you can't find a later car the panels could be covered in a new material or even plastic primed and painted whatever colour you liked. Craig.
  13. Glad I saw this post at the side of the screen while I was on the iQ forum this morning. My other half has a 2013 Yaris hybrid (which I love driving too) and she has often mentioned the engine revs a bit higher than it should. I kind of dismissed it as it seems fine whenever I drive it but she uses it a lot more than I do. As she uses the car for carrying all sorts of horse paraphernalia about, blankets, boots, clothes, hay sometimes I think, I'm sure the filter under the seat will be blocked solid! I'll get in there this weekend and see what I can find and I'll post pictures too if I find it blocked up a bit. Cheers Craig.
  14. 0w20 is harder to find and more expensive when you do. 5w30 is listed as suitable in the hand book and it works just as well. You may see a slight increase in mpg with the thicker oil but it's made no noticeable difference on my car. Craig.
  15. I have a new genuine Toyota parts clutch kit in the garage for it. Just need to fit it one day. Unfortunately I don't know the history of the previous owner. It's quite possible I'll find a burnt clutch and flywheel when I get it apart due to someone slipping the clutch way too much. I guess that's the risk of buying a used car. Having said that if it is going to judder it only does it once in the morning and then it's fine for the rest of the day. It doesn't slip or anything and the bite point is nice and low so at the minute I'm not in a rush to take the engine or gearbox out. Craig.