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  1. AUX input socket problem

    If you have the standard, fully concealed built in radio I doubt there is anything that can be done, it's a very basic unit behind the plastic trim. I gave up with the stereo in the end and made my own mount to fit a standard Pioneer DIN size radio with a USB socket in it. I just copy the music to a tiny USB stick and play them through that now. The Aux socket is only a standard 3.5mm stereo jack socket though so I'm a bit surprised if the lightning connector can't be made to work with it. Craig.
  2. AUX input socket problem

    There is no fuse, it's not a powered socket. If the phone still plays when something is plugged in the problem is with the phone or the cable. It should stop as soon as a cable is plugged in. What iPhone have you got? If it's using the lightning connector they were made long after the iQ was so they may not be compatible. My iPhone 6S works fine on my iQ but you do need the correct cable as it's not a standard headphone socket in the iPhone 6, it has three bands on the connector, not the normal two. Craig.
  3. New Car - not so nippy & a bit wobbly!

    At only 33k miles is the car still on it's original tyres? If so 11 year old tyres will be getting a bit hard and possibly cracking sidewalls by now. Might be worth changing them or seeing if you can borrow another set to try and see if that improves things. Craig.
  4. Cost to fix this damage?

    Repaired similar on my partners Yaris Hybrid I took the bumper off, turned it over on a workmate and clamped the split back together with a couple of clamps and a bit of wood. I then melted the back of the plastic together with an old soldering iron in a stiring motion but take care not to poke a hole right through the plastic. Next step was to clean the area and apply resin and fibreglass mat across the break. Refit the bumper and if the crack can still be seen contact a smart repair company who will fill, sand and respray the are for about £120 Craig.
  5. Crunching noise on braking.

    It will be the ABS cutting in working as it should. Mine does it all the time on rough roads. Craig.
  6. Front Tyre Wear

    Had the same thing on my iQ with the fronts wearing faster than the rears. Think it's perfectly normal for tyre that have to do the driving and the steering. I swapped them around to put the front's on the rear and the rear's on the front to wear them out to get all 4 to an equal level. I then replaced all 4 at the same time and now swap them around once a year. Craig.
  7. New 18 Wheel Offsets

    Shame you got black wheels, can't see them. I have indeed got the TRD sway bar. Ended up importing it from the States as couldn't find any UK supplier for them. I imported the Scion roof spoiler too as it's a big bigger than the UK one and improves the look no end. Have a look at my car thread as the sway bar, lowering springs, spoiler etc. are detailed in there. Craig.
  8. Water Leak Through Interior Light Fitting

    Is there a hole in the roof above the light, Anyone added an aftermarket radio aerial to the car that could be leaking? Sounds like water is getting in somewhere and making it's was down the wiring loom to the fuse box. Craig.
  9. Instrument cluster panel lighting

    Not wasting my time at all. Happy to help and glad it was something simple. Have to wonder why it blew in the first place but glad it's working again. Craig.
  10. Instrument cluster panel lighting

    Have a look in the little fuse box under the dashboard, passenger side of the car. There is a small clip on panel and the fuse box is kind of behind that. There is a 5 Amp fuse in there that is associated with the panel illumination but check them all while you are there. Most can be seen if they are still good without removing them from the box. A torch can be helpful as well. Craig.
  11. Instrument cluster panel lighting

    Does the Air con display and buttons light up? What about the LCD display next to the main cluster? Craig.
  12. Extreme power loss

    Who did the gearbox change, a known, good garage or a Mr Clutch type place? Sounds like a vacuum hose is disconnected or broken. Craig.
  13. Help Droning noise on Rav4

    I think the drive shaft that runs from the front to the differential on these have a support bearing in the middle, Check that.
  14. surfboard

    How long is a surf board? I've had 2 metre lengths of plaster coving and plumbing pipe in my iQ but that is about the limit. They have to pass between the seats and rest on the passenger foot well and the back of the rear seats. Craig.
  15. Ls1 v8 MR2 build

    What transaxle are you using? Many years ago I thought about building a GT40 replica but it was the lack of transaxles that put me off. Ended up building a Cobra with a Tremec TKO transmission instead. Craig.