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  1. My car has a small clip on panel in front of the passengers knees and the fuse box can be seen through there. I know the fuses in there quite well now after my central locking problems.... Panel arrowed in red on this picture of a left hand drive car. Craig.
  2. Always wondered what the quality of the Ibherdesign bits are like. Are they all finished, ready to paint and stick to the car or are they rough finished fibreglass mouldings that need a load of work blending into the car before re-painting the whole thing? I looked at their rear spoiler but ended up getting the Toyota / Scion one from the states that was pre-painted and only needed a couple of holes in the boot lid to fit. Hour job at the most and it looks great. I always liked the look of this one in green. Maybe one day I'll do it along with my rear engine addition. ;) Craig.
  3. I assume the car is always in park when you try to start? There will be another switch on the gearbox that senses the car is in park, could be that switch playing up as well. Craig.
  4. Normally if you press the button with no brake applied the car accessories circuit comes on. Press the button again, all the dashboard lights come on then, press it again and the car is turned off. Pressing the brake (Clutch in my car) says to the car you are ready to start and it will. I wonder if your brake light switch mounted at the top of the pedal under the dashboard is faulty. If the car doesn't see this switch being made it will assume you don't have the brake pedal pressed. Maybe get someone to stand behind the car and press the brakes lots of times to make sure the brake lights are working as well. Craig.
  5. This needs to be moved to the iQ forum. My iQ has ran out of fuel before the last bar starts flashing so my advice is never let it get that low. There was fuel left in the tank but if the pump manages to get a gulp of air rather than fuel it makes it very difficult to start again. I now fill up when there are two solid bars showing and if the last one does flash I get very desperate to find a station quickly! Craig.
  6. Drive my iQ3 regularly on dual carriageways and motorways and haven't yet felt like it needs more power. Okay, it's no sports car and it certainly doesn't match my other car with 400bhp but it's quite enough to hold it's own on the road at most speeds. Mine will cruise happily along at 70-80mph and it has seen the far side of 100mph once. The 6 speed gearbox certainly helps for more relaxed cruising. I no longer use standard size iQ wheels, 16" on the iQ3 as I have gone for aftermarket 17" wheels with 205/45 17 tyres. This does help the handling and makes it feel more planted on the road but does increase drag a bit putting MPG down a bit. I think the thing I notice the most is wind if it's a breezy day. You really can get blown around on faster roads and you need to be aware of that but it doesn't happen often. I test drove both the 1.0 and the 1.3 version and I was impressed with both but in the end I went with the iQ3 as I wanted all the toys and the 6 speed gearbox. Craig.
  7. I'll have to try timing the 0-60 time on my car as I'm pretty sure it's faster than 12 seconds. I can keep up with most cars on the road at traffic lights. Craig.
  8. That is most odd. Glad it's sorted but have to wonder why that caused the issue? Craig.
  9. Don't suppose the Aygo has the stop start technology that stops the engine at traffic lights does it? Craig.
  10. What size tyres are you using? I run 17" Oz Racing wheels with 205/45 17 tyres. I can't remember now what offset the wheels are but I don't get any rubbing problems even on full lock. The thing I do get though is the wheels jumping or skipping on the road at low speeds when turning tight. It's hard to describe and happens more in reverse but the design of the iQ steering allows the wheels to turn so tight they can't move together on the right path so either the inside or outside wheels has to change line in order to keep rotating. you hear it first as the wheels slide on the surface then you get a bump as they move back into line. It isn't anything to worry about and only happens on full lock so hopefully not too often and only at very slow speeds. Craig.
  11. Not sure what size battery you have but assume it's a reasonably large one, 70ah battery perhaps? So if you were drawing 1 amp from the battery it would be flat in 70 hours but as you are only drawing 0.35 amps I think it will take 200 hours to completely drain the battery. Might be worth getting the battery load tested and the charging circuit tested to make sure that is all up to speed. I have seen car batteries fail when only a year old so age isn't always a good guide. I used to own a Range Rover and that had an issue that the key fob worked on a similar frequency to wireless door bells and wireless routers. If I left it parked close to certain buildings the signal would wake the vehicle up as it thought you were nearby with the key but it didn't unlock the doors. You could watch the battery drain going up and down as the vehicle went to sleep then press the door bell and up the load went again. I was told once that airport radars can have a similar effect? Have you parked there before? Craig.
  12. Hi Fahad, Welcome to the club. I'll send you a private message with regards the iQ manual. Do you have the standard stereo with only a slot in the top of the dashboard? Craig.
  13. Ah, got you now. I never went to the hassle of removing the inner trim. Turned out to be a blown fuse in my car but that was affecting the other 2 doors as well which is a different problem to what you have. Hope the new battery sorts it out. Craig.
  14. There is a way of manually unlocking it? I couldn't find a way when I had my central locking problems recently, how do you do it? Craig.
  15. If you want a small, discrete unit that is easy to hard-wire, look at the BlackVue range. I have a DR450 single channel one with the GPS add on and it really is fit and forget and so small you can hide it behind the mirror and not notice it is there. They speak to you too so you know it's working at the beginning and end of the journey. My only complaint with it would be the micro SD card is supplied blank so you need to go to and download the firmware to copy onto the card before it will work. Minor issue if you are aware of it but if you didn't know that, you could spend ages thinking you have a faulty unit. Craig.