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  1. The earlier cars had the plum interior only. Later models came with certain panels in white but I think the iQ3 remained plum throughout. Not sure what year the white interiors came along though. It's not a bad colour to live with really and I guess it's easier to keep clean than the white panels are. If you can't find a later car the panels could be covered in a new material or even plastic primed and painted whatever colour you liked. Craig.
  2. Glad I saw this post at the side of the screen while I was on the iQ forum this morning. My other half has a 2013 Yaris hybrid (which I love driving too) and she has often mentioned the engine revs a bit higher than it should. I kind of dismissed it as it seems fine whenever I drive it but she uses it a lot more than I do. As she uses the car for carrying all sorts of horse paraphernalia about, blankets, boots, clothes, hay sometimes I think, I'm sure the filter under the seat will be blocked solid! I'll get in there this weekend and see what I can find and I'll post pictures too if I find it blocked up a bit. Cheers Craig.
  3. 0w20 is harder to find and more expensive when you do. 5w30 is listed as suitable in the hand book and it works just as well. You may see a slight increase in mpg with the thicker oil but it's made no noticeable difference on my car. Craig.
  4. I have a new genuine Toyota parts clutch kit in the garage for it. Just need to fit it one day. Unfortunately I don't know the history of the previous owner. It's quite possible I'll find a burnt clutch and flywheel when I get it apart due to someone slipping the clutch way too much. I guess that's the risk of buying a used car. Having said that if it is going to judder it only does it once in the morning and then it's fine for the rest of the day. It doesn't slip or anything and the bite point is nice and low so at the minute I'm not in a rush to take the engine or gearbox out. Craig.
  5. I have the 1.33 version with the 6 speed gearbox and love it. I would recommend driving both though if you can as I test drove both and to be honest they both performed very well and on the short test drive it was hard to chose between them. I think the iQ3's are less common so less out there to chose from and if you want a CVT version there will be even fewer about. I haven't had any serious issues with my iQ3 yet. The gearbox is a bit hard to select 1st and 2nd gear when cold and the clutch sometimes judders until it warms up on cold, damp days but searching the internet reveals it's a common problem and not just on Toyota's either. Good luck with the search. Craig.
  6. The stop start won't function all the time the clutch is pressed so all I do in my iQ is pull to a stop with the clutch down using the foot brake. Apply the handbrake, select neutral and release the clutch. This activates the stop start stopping the engine then I simply press the button to turn the car off. Craig.
  7. When I had one fail I bought a couple of the cheaper ones and the light output was dismal. I suspect they were standard halogen bulbs just fitted to a base the same as the HIR-2 bulb. I confined them to the emergency bulb pack in the boot and bought some proper Phillips HIR-2 bulbs. They cost about £70 a pair but much better performance and I think better than the original Toshiba bulbs I had. Craig.
  8. Done all my own servicing on my iQ3 since I bought the car at 2 years old. It is an earlier model that only had the 3 year warranty on it so when it got to three years old, I simply did the service myself. I change the oil and filter every year getting the filter from the local Toyota dealer. They seem quite happy to supply them to me and I get the oil from Halfords or the local motor factors. I use Castrol Magnatec 5w 30 oil and never had any problems. Jacking the car up high enough to get underneath can be fun. I have to drive mine up on wooden planks 2" thick then get two trolley jacks in the side behind the front wheels. There is a big bolt there that holds the sub frame in place and makes a perfect jacking point. I've never been a fan of jacking on the sills myself as they are quite easy to damage. Air filter is a simple clip in thing, I have changed the brake pads myself, nothing special there really and changed the spark plugs too, bit more involved but easy to do with fairly basic tools. I have changed both the drive belts too, (Aircon and alternator) as they were damaged. So far I haven't found anything I can't do myself or feel I need the dealer to do for me. If you need a guide on servicing or how to get access to something ask on here, sure we can help. Craig.
  9. I always fancied putting the Ibherdesign kit on my one as I think it's one of the best looking kits out there and you can buy the whole kit or just bits to suit your taste. May work out cheaper to import too. Craig.
  10. Ohhh, I like them... I used to have a Range Rover with a fold down arm and always missed it in the iQ. At 4 minutes into the video it shows an optional arm rest, ML285. All I need to do now is find that arm rest as I prefer the narrower one and I could fit one on each seat if the cost isn't silly. Craig.
  11. They could be airbag sensors. The iQ has a rear curtain airbag that is in the roof lining just in front of the boot lid opening. I think it has sensors so it will only go off in the event of a rear collision with rear passengers on the seat. I guess you wouldn't want it going off if someone ran in the back of you and you had luggage in there instead or the seats were folded down as it could push the luggage forward into the driver. The centre airbag display shows the plan of the car and has two red lights when you first start the car. I think these show when the airbags are inactive. If you haven't yet driven the car I wonder if it will set off an airbag warning on the dash? Craig.
  12. Maybe it's the earlier cars then, the one I tested it on was a 2010 model. Craig.
  13. Done the check on my 1.33 car and nothing comes up. Chose a random 1.0 model for sale on ebay and that did say it is subject to a voluntary customer service so yes, 1.0 models only by the sounds of it. Craig.
  14. My sensor was quite oily as well when I removed it for the screen to be replaced. Wasn't sure what it was so I cleaned the sensor being careful not to scratch the sensing face. It seems to work okay after being cleaned. Craig.
  15. The sensor should clip onto the window and is held in place by a metal plate bonded onto the screen. I removed my one when the screen was changed and it's quite involved, not just a stuck on thing. Craig.