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  1. An Iq Called Toya

    Hi David Not sure why I missed your post.  My car is an iQ3 registered early 2010. Unfortunately this morning saw an unfortunate incident on an icy road. I tried to get out the way, Pretty much stopped and took to the verge but got tagged on the drivers side. Other drivers insurance is dealing with it very well though and has booked it in for repair already and offered a hire car for the repair period. No cost to me, no excess to pay and they said they will deal with everything.  I'll let you all know how it goes.   Craig.  
  2. Rough and sluggish at low rpm

    I too pay the £30 and think it's worth it just for the extra gear in the gearbox.  Whichever one you end up with you will love it, Great little machines.  Craig.
  3. Hi there I haven't got the CVT myself, have the 6 speed manual box in my iQ3 but I have driven a few and they are fine to switch between the D and S while moving. I do it sometimes in my partners Yaris hybrid if your coasting down a hill and don't want to use the brakes all the time. Pull it back to S and it slows you down quite well. As for the oil level. It's a special Toyota CVT oil so don't put anything else in there. It seems to involve pulling the drain plug out the bottom of the gearbox and (hopefully) there is a tube inside that stops all the oil coming back out. You check this tube is screwed in fully then fill it until the oil comes out over the top of the tube.  Here is the manual pages... Craig.
  4. Petrol Additives

    Indeed. I haven't heard of any EGR problems on the 4 cylinder versions. I still use it though as it does seem to make a difference, just a small one. :) Craig.
  5. Petrol Additives

    I'm just running a bottle through my car too but as it's the 1.33 version I notice a change but not a huge change. I did the last bottle over 8 tanks about 6 month ago so I'll stick to that regime I think and see how it goes in the future. Really need to do an oil and filter change this month too, Need the weather to either dry up or warm up! Craig.
  6. Mpg

    The cold weather affects things too don't forget. The engine will be colder when left overnight so will take longer to warm up and the engine normally runs a bit richer during the warm up process. Bit like the choke in the old days. Also colder weather usually means things like the heater, lights and heated windows are used more adding more load to the electrics and then the alternator which is engine driven. Not sure how tyre rolling resistance is affected in the cold as well but there must be a difference. Craig.
  7. Parking

    I have the same issue too. I park nose in to a space outside a friends house quite often and I think I get nice and close to the curb and way further in the space than her Yaris next to me but I then get out and realise I'm about two feet away! I'll try your method next time I go there. Craig
  8. Long Time Lurker...

    Hi Carl Welcome to the forum and look forward to following the updates to your car. My spoiler came from America through ebay. If you do a search on there for "scion iq spoiler" you should find a few dealers out there selling them. Mine came already painted as the silver is an option in the states as well as here but not sure if the black is. Might be worth contacting them first to check they can supply the colour and don't mind sending to the UK. Don't forget to factor in the import duty on your purchase too. Usually the 20% VAT plus a handling charge. Hope that helps but give us a shout if you need anything else. Craig.
  9. An Iq Called Toya

    Found some time on Saturday to get the door lock out the passenger door, open it up and change out the motor that actuates the lock. All went well until I connected it up again, closed the door and tried it. When the car was meant to be locked the door was open and when the car was meant to be unlocked the door was locked! After some head scratching I came to the conclusion that the motor must spin the wrong direction so once again, took it all apart, placed the new and old motors next to each other on the bench, touched 12v onto the terminals and sure enough, one span clockwise and the other anticlockwise! Fortunately this can be solved by removing the two relevant pins from the connector that feeds the lock and simply reversing them to change the polarity of the motor so once back together it works perfectly with a really positive clunk, Much better than it was before. After it was all sorted I decided to prise the old motor apart and take a look inside. When I was touching 12v onto the terminals I noticed it sometimes sat there doing nothing until I nudged the output shaft which then got it spinning. As you can see from the photo the motor commutator is very dirty and sooty although the brushes themselves look fine. With a good clean and re-assemble it would probably be fine again but as new motors are only a few quid each made sense to me to simply change it. Also fitted some door check strap covers I got on ebay from China, just clip into place for a tidy look. :) Craig.
  10. An Iq Called Toya

    Can't believe it! Only a month or so ago I had to change the drivers door lock for a new one as the motor had stopped working and now a matter of weeks later the passenger one is doing exactly the same thing! At least I bought two motors so already have the spare one and know how to take the lock unit apart to replace it this time. I can't be the only one having this issue can I? Craig.
  11. Dab Radio

    What type of radio do you have? If you have the satnav version with the big screen I think a DAB add on was available and it's probably these that are being talked about above. If you have the standard radio though with nothing but a CD slot in the top of the dashboard then you can't add anything extra onto it. The only way is to do what I did and get a spare radio housing from ebay, Cut it about, fibreglass new material into it and re-paint it to match. you can then fit a standard DIN radio but it takes a lot of effort and sanding! Craig.
  12. Iq Not Starting

    Funny you mention this as it happened to me today as well but it's not the first time it has happened to me either. I was having the car park scrape repaired today on the rear bumper and once the job was done I started the car, moved it a few feet then stopped it again. Once everything was tidied away I jumped in and tried to start the car again. Cranked over just fine and sounded like it would start but no, just wouldn't go. I tried it again using some throttle and it did fire into life with a splutter but once running it was fine and drove normally. Like you I can only assume the short start in cold weather over fuels the engine and then trying again a short while later adds more fuel making combustion difficult. Hope you have yours going again now? Craig.
  13. Another Mpg Thread

    All through the summer I have been on my wider, 205/45 17 wheels and tyres and averaging 46-47mpg in the iQ3. Last weekend I fitted my winter tyres which are the standard, 175/60 16 size, Dunlop SP winter sport tyres running at 32psi and one week and a tank of fuel later I'm up to 49mpg. Tyres make a huge difference to fuel economy and the Bridgestones are an eco tyre. I prefer the grip that the 205/45 17 Toyo T1-R's offer over the fuel saving of the very ungrippy Bridgestone Ecopias though. Craig.
  14. About Tyre Pressures

    I think the reason they say so high is for economy. I used to run mine at 30psi all round (2.0 - 2.1 bar) and the tyres wore perfectly evenly and it was a bit softer on the road. Downside is increased fuel economy. I now have 205/45 17 tyres for the summer and as they are wider you can run them even lower, 28-30psi and they are great. If you think that is low I have an AC Cobra look a like car I built a few years ago and that has much wider tyres and as the car is pretty light they need only 20psi in them. There is a way of working out the ideal pressure based on weight of the car, tyre size, load rating etc. Craig.
  15. An Iq Called Toya

    Got my new lock motors. Only difference is the shaft on the new motors is a round shaft about 20mm long and the original motor has a shaft with a flat about 10mm long. Easy job to hold it with a pair of pliers though, file a flat on then reduce the length to suit. New motor is now fitted and it's all back together but can't test it fully unless I take the door trim off the car again so I'll save that for another day. Took the OZ Racing wheels off on Saturday, pressure washed all under the arches and fitted the original wheels with the winter tyres on them all ready for the cold weather, just in time I think as this morning was pretty chilli. Craig.