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  1. I saw a fairly new car, Audi i think it was on the M25 one night driving along merrily (in the middle lane I should add) with just the DRL's on. They were illuminating the road in front of him quite well but absolutely nothing on the rear of the car! No amount of light flashing from me or anyone else made him turn them on.. Craig.
  2. There is a post on here at the minute of someone who fitted non standard, non HIR2 bulbs and melted the connectors and wiring to them due to the higher current they draw. Do yourself a favour and stick to the standard bulbs. I replaced both my Toshiba originals with Philips versions when one blew and there was a difference in brightness so maybe the new ones are an improved design over the older ones. Craig.
  3. What type and make of bulbs are they? Just wonder if they were a brand name or a cheaper version and what wattage they are. The standard bulbs are 55W but you can buy 80W and 100W versions. Have you put the standard bulbs back in to see if the revs drop when they are on? I once tried GP Thunder 55W blue coloured bulbs, Think they were 7500K but I hated them and took them out at the end of the first journey! They were dimmer than the standard bulb and the colour was a horrible cold light and it made everything appear one colour. It was quite hard to define the difference between the edge of the road and the grass if there wasn't a curb between the two. I got some genuine Philips HIR2 bulbs and put them in to replace the blown Toshiba bulb and will stick to them. Craig.
  4. They obviously draw a lot more power than the proper HIR2 bulbs do. Surprised the fuse didn't melt first though. Craig.
  5. Need to do this on mine too. Have never used those lights but still, would look good if there clear again. Craig.
  6. Just under the top seatbelt fixing is a small slot in the trim that the metal buckle pushes into. It's there for the job and I find it works very well but some say it doesn't stay in place. Craig.
  7. The handbrake uses the same brake pads as the foot brakes do. I have stripped the discs off my car once to clean and paint them and they come apart pretty easily in a similar manner to the front ones. Would be worth taking the caliper off and trying to push the suspect piston back into the caliper then pressing the pedal (carefully) to extend it again. If it's under warranty you may as well try them first to get it sorted though. Craig.
  8. I've had the keyless entry play up on my iQ in various locations if the keys are in the same pocket as my mobile phone. (iPhone) I assume the phone is busy doing something and the signal blocks out the key signal to the car. I know now if it doesn't work all I need to do is pull the keys out my pocket and it will work fine again. Craig.
  9. Hello all Been a while since I posted on my thread but no news is good news I guess. iQ has been running really well recently and taken me many miles of happy motoring. Made a small change last weekend though in fitting new horns. I always thought the single tone, small horn of the iQ was a bit feeble so bought some twin tone ones from ebay and managed to squeeze one in the same space as the original horn and the other one in the space near the front wheel. Bumper comes off nice and easy to allow fitment and the wiring was nice and easy too. Does sound a lot better. Craig.
  10. Hi All I have a 2010 Toyota iQ3 and my partner has a 2012 Yaris Hybrid. On my iQ I have the smart entry system where the car unlocks soon as you touch the door handle assuming the keys are with you and it has the start button system to go with it. The Yaris however has the smart start thing but doesn't have the automatic unlocking door handles so you have to press the keyfob buttons to lock and unlock the car. while this seems a minor issue it's a real pain after using my iQ for the week then having to find the keys each time I drive the Yaris, and then when you get in the car, you don't need the keys again to start it! Question is can the smart locking system be retro-fitted to the car and what would you need to achieve it? As it has the sensor in the car to detect the key proximity and has the start button I'm kind of hoping all I need to do is change the door handles to the ones with the sensors in them and all the wiring will be in place ready to go but I fear this may be wishful thinking? Craig.
  11. I change my wheels each year for winter tyres. I have the winter tyres on the original Toyota wheels and have 17" OZ Racing wheels with the summer tyres on them. I always mark the tyres as they come off with an F or an R so I know where to fit them next time. The tyres on the front of the car this year will be on the back next year. This evens out the wear and makes them the same time so when they need replacing they all will be replaced. I can only move my tyres front to back though as they are all directional tread pattern so can't swap them side to side. I can't see how rotating your tyres can be bad practice if it's done regularly. Craig.
  12. Are they disc brakes on the rear? If they are I get this quite often on my car. The handbrake is left on, the brake disc gets damp in the rain and corrodes the brake pad into place on the disc surface. It can sound horrendous when first moving but normally clears in a few miles. You can help it by pulling the handbrake up slightly while moving. This will bring the pads into contact with the disc and polish off any high spots. Craig.
  13. Okay, That does sound less clutch like now. Sounds an odd problem, Fuel related maybe? Craig.
  14. If a timing belt slips the engine will stop pretty quickly sometime accompanied by expensive sounding crunching noises as pistons hit the valves. Sounds like a slipping clutch to me. It will slip when the load increases and grip again as the revs die down. Craig.
  15. Shame they don't make a two door version, 4 door rally cars never quite look right and I should think it's a bendier body than it would be in a two door version. I know roll cages go a long way to stiffening things up though. On a similar vain I always fancied a hybrid Yaris but once again, only 4 doors available in the hybrid version? Craig.