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  1. New Customer Service Campaign on 1.0

    Maybe it's the earlier cars then, the one I tested it on was a 2010 model. Craig.
  2. New Customer Service Campaign on 1.0

    Done the check on my 1.33 car and nothing comes up. Chose a random 1.0 model for sale on ebay and that did say it is subject to a voluntary customer service so yes, 1.0 models only by the sounds of it. Craig.
  3. Auto wipers not working

    My sensor was quite oily as well when I removed it for the screen to be replaced. Wasn't sure what it was so I cleaned the sensor being careful not to scratch the sensing face. It seems to work okay after being cleaned. Craig.
  4. Auto wipers not working

    The sensor should clip onto the window and is held in place by a metal plate bonded onto the screen. I removed my one when the screen was changed and it's quite involved, not just a stuck on thing. Craig.
  5. An Audi Strikes Again!

    Sorry to hear this Bob, Know how you feel. What was she thinking in that lane to go left! Good to see most has polished out though and no bent metal. Has the bumper polished out too or will that need to be sprayed in? I used one of those independent, smart repair companies to spray a bit of my car and it was very good. Craig.
  6. 2010 Yaris 1.33, wouldn't start.

    As you say you depressed the clutch I assume you have to do that in order to start the car? I have had a similar thing on my iQ with the keyless ignition and it's as simple as the clutch not being pressed fully. The lights all come on like it's going to start but nothing happens. Check the clutch pedal has free and full travel with no rubber mats or carpets pushed up under the pedal. If that is all clear there must be a switch on the clutch pedal somewhere that operates when the pedal is fully pressed. Maybe that needs adjusting or replacing. Craig.
  7. My new IQ.

    Is the tyre compressor in the car? There should be a black compressor like thing in a bag wrapped up under the seat. That contains the tyre sealant as well, it's an all in one type thing but I carry a couple of tins of extra stuff too. I do carry a spare though as well now. I too take the headrests off and stow them under the seat in a storage compartment there. I like the option of dropping the seats when I need too and the rear view is greatly increased with them missing. Enjoy the car Craig.
  8. My new IQ.

    All iQ's are indeed chain driven cam shafts, 1.0 and 1.33 versions. Craig.
  9. My new IQ.

    Yup, That's the Redex. I use it on my 1.33 version too although they don't seem to have any reported EGR problems it's still a good thing to do every few months. First time you try it you will notice a difference in the way the car drives. Not sure how much a replacement EGR valve is if your one does decide to play up but as the one you have fitted has already cover 55k miles in theory a replacement will do the same. Here is the bulletin that describes the differences and the symptoms. Craig.
  10. My new IQ.

    If the car still drives fine then don't worry about it. Stick a bottle of Redex fuel system cleaner through it occasionally and replace the valve if it plays up in the future. The Design was changed in the later models I believe to put the intake for the EGR after the catalytic converter and not before it and some owners managed to get Toyota to change all the bits to the later version which included the exhaust manifold hence the cost but I think at least one owner here has had issues even with the later style. You can also remove the EGR valve and clean it out to extend it's life. Craig.
  11. Red IQ? Any pictures?

    If you went for the stripes I'd loose the chrome strips. They are only self adhesive plastic so should pull off quite easily, maybe with some heat from a hair dryer to help. Once they are off a quick polish and it should be good to go. Craig.
  12. Red IQ? Any pictures?

    I've often been tempted to buy a car like that one, swap over the interior into my car and then sell it on again. If you got it for a good price you could probably get a free interior upgrade assuming it sells again for what you paid for it. Craig.
  13. Red IQ? Any pictures?

    I like it, Love the interior! The Chrome strip on the door and boot lid can be removed but I like them and they are not cheap options so be careful if you do remove them, someone on here will be keen to buy them and re-apply sticky tape to use them again. The door sill plates are a nice addition that I have just added to my car. How about removing the side chrome and getting some stripes on the side to break up the red like I did with my car. Maybe white stripes would work on the red and they only cost £16 a pair and can be removed later if you change your mind. Craig.
  14. reconditioned gearbox failure after 2000 miles.

    Ahhh, metal bits not so good then! Hope you get it sorted Craig.
  15. reconditioned gearbox failure after 2000 miles.

    Not sure how the Auris gear linkage works as I have an iQ but are you sure it's not just the linkage from the stick / cables from the stick to the gearbox that need adjusting? My iQ used to be a bit tricky to get 1st and 2nd butafter adjusting the cables a bit as described in the manual, it all works again. Craig.