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  1. I think it's x secs or if a door is opened, whichever is earlier. But I may be confusing it with the other car
  2. As the diesel is a different engine I suspect there will be a lot of minor if not major differences that will make a swap tricky. It might be worth asking a transmission shop if it's possible to refurbish your current box but use higher ratio differential gears to give it longer legs.
  3. Yep. It had all the quality and handling of the 'standard' Reliant ... but a lot less of the comfort It did attract the odd chat from motorcyclists as it was a bit more weather-proof than a bike (you can/could drive a three-wheeler on a motorbike licence), and it was and still is quite an attention grabber. But I'm afraid it really was an 'enthusiast' car.
  4. The socket is required by 'regulations' to be in reach of someone in the driver's seat, so they are usually somewhere around the bottom of the dash near the steering column. When buying try to check with the supplier that it will function well with your car. Although most will read most codes from most cars, when it comes to resetting them it can be hit or miss.
  5. I actually bought a Bond Bug new. I was young. It was terrible. Sold it after 6-9 months.
  6. Interior lights are often 21 Watt. That's 1.75 Amps. For a fully charged 50AH battery (typical sort of rating for these cars) it'll be theoretically dead flat in less than 29 hours. In reality it may be longer before it won't light the dash lamps as the current drawn will drop a little as the voltage falls. But getting a start out after a day seems improbable. I think some cars may use a 10 W interior light, in which case it would be 60 hours, but even then getting a start after a couple of days seems unlikely, bearing in mind there are the other 'always on' loads like remote locking as well.
  7. Patience. A lot of people only come here once a day and many others less often than that. Leave it at least a day, preferably a couple to see what happens. Of course now someone will appear in a couple of minutes
  8. On our later Yaris the second press deadlocks the doors, but doesn't toot, just flashes the indicators again. On my Ford it toots on the second press as an audible confirmation that it got the message the first time (when it flashed the indicators which you may have missed). Doesn't do anything else. If the car has an alarm it may indicate this is now set - often they don't set on the first press, so you have some separate control over lock and alarm. If you don't have an alarm it obviously won't be that.
  9. Ha! I've not used the tablet for TOC for several days, but have been on the PC every evening - stayed logged in OK. This afternoon I used the tablet and had to log-in again - I suppose it may have timed out the log-in as it hadn't been used for a while. However, this evening the PC has lost it's log-in, and I can't believe that's a coincidence. Very strange. Edit: I just exited the site on the PC (not logged off) opened it on the tablet and read this post. Closed the tablet and opened in the PC again. In both cases it's retained the log-in OK. I think there must be a time factor involved somewhere
  10. I've used a couple of times. Good service, but as bobby says you choose the final fitter which will usually be a local place and unless you already know (about) them the service at that point is a bit pot-luck.
  11. As it's an import it has presumably already been through IVA, which is much stiffer than MoT. If not yet then that is where it might be raised. The MoT itself only checks that a speedometer is fitted, it's condition (legible basically) and that it can be illuminated.
  12. Hmm. Today at lunchtime, having used the PC for a few days, I picked up the tablet and it was still logged in. So I did a bit with that. This evening I've gone back to the PC and ... that's still logged in. Hmmmmm. All I can say is that this proves conclusively that Google's AI is spying on me and setting up little tests to see how long it takes for me to react.
  13. I think you need a more specialised resource. I know it's not great etiquette to mention forum competitors (though I'm not sure they are) but 6-7 years ago when I was thinking of changing the wheels on our MkII Yaris I found a lot of info on sizes, ET, etc. on this forum (I think): YarisWorld If it wasn't that one it might have been: Yaris Club UK I still have both bookmarked but haven't visited them in years (until just now to check they are still going before posting links).
  14. My recollections are that back then the figures quoted were generally optimistic, but only 10-20%ish, so you could see some semblance to your own results. The current test figures all seem to be 40-50-60% away from most people's real world and so are almost useless IMO.
  15. I use Chrome on everything as it syncs bookmarks automatically. The bookmark is: