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  1. Warning light identification and meaning

    Does that not also act as a handbrake warning light?
  2. I have a 58 plate D4D MMT. There has been some discussion on other threads indicating that one cause of problems with these may be due to the lubricant in the actuators getting old and the resulting stiff operation then messing up the coordination, etc. There was a description by one user on squirting lube into these (or possibly just the clutch actuator) but I think this was on a petrol version. With a view to doing some pre-emptive oiling (it's over 7 years old and at 47,000m) I had a look under the bonnet of my diesel the other day and the space above the gearbox is well stuffed with the battery, cabling and intake filter, ducting, etc. No obvious way to get to the actuators without what looks like some significant dismantling. I can probably do it, but I suspect that as I'm not sure exactly where the units are and how they are orientated that by the time I get to them it will turn out I'll have removed quite a lot of stuff that need not have been touched. So, the question I have is: Has anyone done this on a D4D specifically? If so can you tell me what needs removing (and maybe how) to get at the actuators for the gears and clutch? If you've done it on a petrol one and have pictures or can describe the location/orientation of the actuators (assuming the gearbox shell, etc. is the same) then that might be some help.
  3. Electrical Problem In Yaris 2008 Sedan

    Clearly the voltage all over is getting very low. As the battery is new we can probably eliminate that, so the volts are presumably being dragged down by a connected item. Yes, it may be the alternator. It could also be something else that is putting a massive drain on the system, though I'd have expected most of those would blow a fuse. In the UK getting an alternator reconditioned or swapped for a recon unit is relatively easy and not horrendously expensive, but you appear to be non-UK so you'll have to make local enquiries.
  4. 1999 Inermittent LED display

    That's what I'd think too.
  5. Electrical Problem In Yaris 2008 Sedan

    Certainly sounds like an intermittent power fault because when the engine dies you should get at least the oil and charge warning lights come on. But of course these things are a devil to track down because they aren't reproducible at will. I'd suggest listing all the things that die or don't come on when this happens, then get a wiring diagram and trace them back to a common point. The problem should then be either at that point or somewhere upstream, but after wherever something that doesn't fail is fed. Bear in mind that the ignition switch could be a common point for both the aux and ignition circuits as it controls both.
  6. Yaris Boot Not Shutting Without Slamming

    Better get a BMW instead. That'd be way out of warranty by now ...
  7. Electrical Problem In Yaris 2008 Sedan

    Possibly a faulty ignition switch? (If the contacts are worn or loose you might occasionally lose power to the ignition and/or aux circuits.) You need to be a bit more specific about the symptoms: Some time back the power steering started to fail at times ... About a month ago this problem came up again but this time all the other electronic components like the Radio, Air conditioning were failing and the engine suddenly stops and nothing works for about 5 minutes (can't start the car). Do they all fail at the same time? Does a single one fail, then work, then another fails? When the engine stops are the dash warning lights on? Do you wiggle the switch on and off during the 5 minutes or just leave it for a while and it then starts first try?
  8. Because steel is cheap, pretty durable and fire proof. Cars are generally designed for a minimum 10 year life - having this corrosion problem at 14 years isn't actually surprising. I doubt you'll get another 14 years without something a lot more expensive to fix :)
  9. Diesel is a fuel oil, but it isn't black. I'd suspect it's partly dissolved the tarmac where it's been lying. And just to nitpick a bit, you don't have a petrol tank. That sort of talk leads to someone putting petrol in it ;)
  10. Removal Of Damaged / Faulty Heater Plugs

    They are only for preheating to help with cold starts and aren't used while the engine is running. As Tom says, not really needed most of the time here as anybody who has started it without waiting for the preheat light to go out will have shown - SWMBO every time. Even if you need them (I guess Durham isn't the hottest place in the country) once the three heated pots have fired the fourth won't be far behind. If you want to lose the indication there are two possibilities I can think of. One is that a suitable programmer may be able to reset the code/indication and program it to ignore the fault in future. Failing that, disconnecting the faulty plug and putting a suitable resistor or even another working plug on the lead - suitably mounted and protected - to fool the system.
  11. Removal Of Damaged / Faulty Heater Plugs

    I don't believe that is true. The MoT checks specific, safety related warning lights such as SRS, ABS, ESC, electronic park brake and brake fluid warning. An engine fault (obviously providing it runs and passes the emissions part of the test) shouldn't be a reason to fail. Testers do vary a little (though they shouldn't in theory), so to be sure I'd go to the place you are likely to get it tested and ask. Might save you £500 - 3 out 4 glowplugs is usually enough in this country.
  12. Electrical Problem In Yaris 2008 Sedan

    Sounds like an intermittent loss of power. As there seems to be corrosion around have you checked the battery earth (negative) connections are all good and solid? (Should be heavy connections to the chassis and engine.)
  13. Can Anyone Help?

    Do the dashboard lights come on when you turn it to 'Ign'? If not it's likely a dead battery or a significant loss of power like a main fuse blown. If they do then there may be another fuse that is common to the locking and engine systems, though that seems unlikely. Is it an automatic?
  14. 52 Plate Yaris Gls Airbag Light

    That is a slightly relevant fact you failed to mention in your first post. It sounds more like a warranty claim now (assuming that this is the same bag that was replaced of course).
  15. 52 Plate Yaris Gls Airbag Light

    Aside from concerns of injury, it's an MoT fail and means the car is technically not roadworthy, so it does need fixing. (Or maybe not - was that bag required on 52 plates?) If there was an injury accident the insurance might get 'interesting' too. Was that £500 for the fitted price? If the part was much less it might be cheaper to get an independent to get the Toyota part and install. Also might be worth asking a bodyshop/accident repairer. They presumably have to replace quite a few each year and may have access to cheaper units. Unfortunately with older cars things do go wrong (they are usually built to last 10 years) and repair often exceeds the 'value' of the car. However, you need to look at the condition of the rest of the car and consider not so much how much it would sell for but how much it will cost to get something else that is better - ie. what it is worth to you.