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  1. I disagree - even filament DRLs are clearer and less energy consuming than dipped headlights. When I say clearer I mean in the sense of unambiguosity (not sure if that is a proper word) - dipped headlights can cause confusion.
  2. Well, that's exactly the gap that DRLs fill, and they are a lot better than dipped headlights.
  3. The are transparent so if you pull them out you can see the 'element'. If it's well blown it'll be fairly easy to see, but sometimes the break is little more than a crack, so the most reliable way to test is to connect a meter (set to Ohms) across the blades to check continuity.
  4. I had mine regassed in May this year (at 7½ years old) as SWMBO said it wasn't very cold (it wasn't). Used a local Best Autocentre and cost £56 all in. The machine that does it supposedly leak checks as well as cleaning/regassing - took about an hour.
  5. A quick web search suggests the 1.33 uses a 12mm thread plug needing a 14mm socket. But that doesn't fit with your replacements needing a 10mm socket (so presumably 8mm thread maybe).
  6. Good result. I like a nice neat bodge fix . Well done.
  7. Wouldn't you still need to remember to switch it to AUTO? Or can you leave it there all the time without draining the battery (with the parking lights)? It could be done with wiring/relay(s) but knowing modern cars it will be a lot harder than the simple theory suggests.
  8. For the driving you describe (not sat in traffic and mostly with a warm engine I'd guess) then I certainly wouldn't bother changing it more often than recommended. You'd be doing it almost every month
  9. Sounds to me that the previous owner bought some fatter tyres for the rear, for appearance. Then at some point someone has swapped front and back to even the wear (e.g. at a service) without noticing they are different sizes (they are only 10mm different). In theory the 205s will have better grip, so ought to be on the back ... In reality I doubt it matters an iota
  10. We have a pre-DPF Mk2 with the 1.4D and that has been showing 60+mpg for a year or two. This is on mixed driving with quite a few short journeys, though not commuting, and neither of us drives for economy specifically. Mostly Tesco diesel. So while 73 is an impressive result, I can believe it.
  11. In warm humid conditions the evaporator (the bit of the aircon that is in the heater casing) condenses moisture out. This water should drain into a pipe leading out the bottom of the car (enter panicked people seeing water puddling under their car at the supermarket). These pipes often get plugged with gunge which means the water then has to find another way out of the heater casing, usually into the car under the dash. The quick and dirty solution is to get under the car, find the end of the drain and rod it with a piece of wire. How long that'll do for depends on other factors - the best solution is to access the chamber with the evaporator and give that and the drain a thorough clean and demoulding .... but that's a big job.
  12. Brilliant. Thanks for letting us know.
  13. It's not a true automatic, it's a 'manual' gearbox and clutch with electric actuators and a computer to replace the driver in operation of the clutch and gears. So changing the oil is unlikely to help. It's most likely a problem with the clutch. As Devon says, reinitialising it may help. However, as it's a normal mechanical clutch it may simply be worn out. You don't say how many miles or what sort of use it may have had before you got it, so that info would help. I will mention that ours (a 1.4D MMT) also can sometimes be a bit sudden when cold, but that is sorted within a hundred yards, so yours does sound excessive.
  14. I'm really not that bothered to be honest; the car is clearly in the system and I think it's one of the less likely causes of my death or injury at present, so I'll just wait for the notice.
  15. Yes, you're right. Looking again the top left is the DVSA logo, but the other corner is Toyota. Some of the wording sounds a bit more like it's Toyota speaking as well.