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  1. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    Trust me, I pushed hard enough, even got a few of my buddies to try too. It's definitely too thick like you mentioned and needs to be sanded down. So you're saying the plastic ends will fit even if the socket originally had a glass ends? Are these the ones you got: If it is, I'll get those and the ones with glass end mentioned before. Kevin
  2. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    Yea, I guess with these type of things you just gotta buy a few and hope one of them fits. David, I got one more question for you. Did your stock amber bulb also come with the plastic end? Or did it come with a glass end like mine and craggles, but you just decided to use a plastic end? I'm asking because I'm thinking about buying another pair of glass ends and one pair of plastic ends just in case. Kevin
  3. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    Craggle and I both have glass bases. We bought the exact same bulb. His fit, mine didn't. Yours is plastic base.. I'm starting to think every car is different lol Kevin
  4. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    Yea I'll try filing down some of the thicker parts and see if it'll fit. Also, you mentioned your chrome bulb has a plastic end. My chrome bulb has a glass end, and the stock amber bulb also has a glass end. Don't glass ends and plastic ends have different fitting? Because you told me to get the one with the glass end earlier. I'll take a picture of inside the socket when I get the chance.
  5. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    None of what you said made sense. "Waste $10 to try something out"? What do you think that chrome bulb is? I wasted $10 on that and it didn't fit... And also, the wires not being flush you mentioned... they weren't like that when I got them obviously... otherwise I would have returned them if they were all warped. I played around with it to try to make it fit.. When I got it it was exactly like the amber one.. and lol... if you want to ignore just don't click on this thread.. you contributed nothing anyways.. you're just trolling and saying EPIC FAIL... if you want to be a troll go to youtube or something..
  6. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    uhhh... you want to explain why this is such an epic fail? If you haven't been following.. that chrome bulb is the Silvatec one. Craggle bought the same ones and it fits. It also fits the indicator lights at the front my car.. so if you think I got the wrong one then you're the epic fail..
  7. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    Hey guys, I understand this is issue is taking a while to resolve, so you can imagine how I'm feeling. I finally got a chance to take a picture of the two bulbs side by side. As you can see they are pretty much the same.. there are some differences.. but have a look, maybe you guys can see what the problem is. Kevin
  8. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    So the one with 2 on one side, the first link that you guys told me to buy, should I still buy it? The stock bulb I got is also one on each side.
  9. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    Ok I'll have a look. But do you guys remember if the ones you bought had the metal things all on one side or one on each side?
  10. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    So it is okay to have both of those metal connectors on one side and not one on each side? Kevin
  11. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    I got one last question before I make the purchase. How come there's two metal things on the outside for this one: And there's only one metal thing on the Silvatech one? Kevin
  12. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    All right thanks guys. I'll give the 7440 a shot. But do you guys think it's possible that the fitting for the rear indicator light is different for the Scion? I just don't understand why it would fit the front and not the rear. Even the stock rear light bulbs look exactly the same... but the chrome ones just wouldn't go in. Kevin
  13. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    Hey guys, I want to give this another try for the rear indicator lights. But I don't think I will get the Silvatech ones anymore because they don't seem to fit the rear lights. So I found these two: Basically one is 7440 and one is 7443. Which one is the right one? Also, I noticed in the picture there are two metal things on the side.. the silvatech ones only had one silver thing on the side.. so it makes me wonder if either of these will fit at all. Please let me know. Thanks Kevin
  14. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    David, I did everything you mentioned up until the last step. The chrome bulb just wouldn't go in no matter how much I wiggled it. The thing is.. the stock bulb and the chrome bulb looks exactly the same... but it just doesn't fit.. It only goes in half way. The bulb does turn on when I tested it. But its not all the way in and I didn't feel the click. I'm all out of ideas now :(
  15. Light Bulb Type Or Model Number

    Did anybody have trouble fitting in the chrome indicator lights at the rear? The front fitted fine for me. But these lights wouldn't fit at the rear? Are they different at the rear? It looks the same though.. I bought the same one as Craig. These: Anybody have any idea what the problem is? Kevin