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  1. Dash Warning Lights ?

    If bleeding the brakes doesn't fix the problem, get your brake flexi hoses checked. I've had older cars where the internal structure of the flexi hose breaks down and causes similar mechanical symptoms.
  2. Engine Bay

    Sounds like a loose heat shield on the exhaust! Try the one on the manifold first! ;)
  3. Headlight Removal ?

    If my (failing) memory serves me correctly, if you undo the bumper screws in the wheelarch and push it forward off the big clip. You may have to loosen the screws along the top of the bumper too. Sliding it back on the clip can be tricky though.
  4. Avensis Air Bag Light

    D squib is drivers airbag actuator. Check the YELLOW plug behind the cowls on the steering column. If that is o.k. follow the big yellow wire and check for further connections!
  5. Headlight Removal ?

    It depends how small your hands are! I used to loosen the bumper fixings around the wheel arch and pull it down slightly but it's very tight! Unless you've done a few (I did loads when I worked at a Toyota dealer) it's probably faster and safer to remove the bumper! ;)
  6. That's what I think eno, EXCEPT that the coils are paired and if you unplug one coil it's partner stops firing too! Unplug the injector wires instead and then only one cylinder at a time is affected! I've had to replace 2 coils now (not bad for a ten year old car) and I got my replacements off ebay for £11.99 inc p&p! ;)
  7. Get them from Ebay and fit them yourself!
  8. Hi All, New Member, Looking For Tech Info

    Is the noise the same with the left wheel off the ground as it is with the right wheel off the ground?
  9. Thought My Exhaust Was Gone

    A partially blocked cat may cause those symptoms, had one once where the core cracked and rotated inside the housing causing a partial blockage! It was a pain to diagnose that one.
  10. How Do I Slacken V Belt To Remove Altenator

    Do you have a bigger picture of your engine bay? One that's not as "zoomed in".
  11. 40,000 Mile Service

    £220-£240 for a service!!!!!! I'm glad I do my own. (I know it's done right every time that way too!) ;)
  12. Annoying Rattle

    There should be an adjustable rubber bumpstop on each bottom corner of the tailgate. Try winding them out a little and see if that helps. Also if the tailgate trim has ever been removed, check for old or broken plastic clips inside of the tailgate. ;)
  13. Avensis Climate Control Not Blowing Cold

    It can be a common problem for the seals to "dry out" and the gas escapes. When not inuse the o'rings dry out and shrink slightly. I use my Aircon all year round, (it's great for demisting windows in the cold when set to hot), when in use the circulating gas carries a lubricant that keeps all the seals in tip top condition
  14. Sun Roof Stuck!

    Sounds daft but they have a fail safe, cut out built in to the motor! Try lubricating the seals with a dilute washing-up liquid solution and adjusting the glass position slightly as if they are sticking slightly the motor "overworks" and can cut out.
  15. Oxy Sensor

    If my mil light comes back on I may try that first! :D