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  1. TNS510 GPS antenna location

    Hi All, An update to my question :- After driving the car around for about 20 miles the TNS510 started to work as you would expect, it wasn't a sudden change but as it was used in motion it started to track my current location with greater accuracy and after about 20 miles it worked in the same way of tracking my moving location on the map as you would expect from any sat nav. Chris
  2. TNS510 GPS antenna location

    Thanks for the reply Lee, I've tried the antenna in the place on the diagram and it receives a signal and shows my location after a few mins, but if I drive around it doesn't update my location until I stop for quite a few seconds. I have tried another gps antenna and then changed the entire unit and that had the same result which made me wonder if I had the antenna in the right place. I wonder if I take it for a long drive tomorrow if it will get quicker at updating my location after it has been in use for a while ?. Anyway thanks very much for the reply and link. Chris
  3. Hi All, I have recently added a TNS510 sat nav unit to my IQ which is a 2010 model. My car had the original cd radio and I have managed to get all the parts after much work to do the upgrade. My problem is that the unit I have is struggling to get a good gps signal and although I have tried to put the antenna for the gps in several places it remains the same. Does anyone know the location where the factory fitted units put the gps antenna ? Thanks Chris
  4. Dash Lights Won't Turn Off

    You are so right, thanks again for your reply, without the warranty I'd have to take out a second mortgage. Chris
  5. Dash Lights Won't Turn Off

    Thanks for the reply's, the local dealer eventually fixed it, it turned out to be a faulty ECU which is for the stop/start, even they had problems in figuring it out but ordered the ECU and when changed this fixed the fault. I have had problems in the past with dash board errors created by bulb problems on other makes but not Toyota and all the bulbs were working on the car and non have been recently changed. Many thanks Chris
  6. Dash Lights Won't Turn Off

    Thanks for the reply David, I'll have another go at it tomorrow but if it persists I will have to take it to the main dealers, fortunately it is still in warranty I'll also ask them to look at the clutch slave as I suspect that it is also giving problems (slight pressure loss after a few days standing). I'll let everyone know what it is when I find out. Chris
  7. Hi All, I have 2 Toyota IQ's and am very pleased with them. Today my wife's car has developed a strange fault, it is a 1.33 manual with stop/start etc. When I got home and turned off the ignition with the stop/start button the radio dash display and some of the lights next to the speedo remained on, I got out of the car and locked it and the radio display remained on along with the temp warning light and some of the other warning lights and no matter what I do the lights remain on. I have disconnected the battery and left it for some time to see if it clears but when I reconnect it the light come on but the ignition and everything else is off. When I turn on the ignition the car behaves normally and will start when the clutch is dipped and the lights behave in the normal way when driving but when I turn the car off the radio display and lights in the dash won't turn off. Has anyone had this fault ? Thanks Chris
  8. Bluetooth Without Satnav?

    Hi All, I have the Parrot MKi9200 and it works very well in my IQ1, you can also play mp3's from iphone's (music streaming) as well as from both an sd card and usb memory stick and it sounds great. I purchased the kit from Halfords for £149 plus £30 fitting but I had to get an extra lead set via ebay to connect the Parrot to the IQ's radio/wiring loom. The deal came with a £10 off voucher so all done it cost me less than £200 so it is much cheaper than the Toyota bluetooth kit which doesn't do the sd/usb etc. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi All, With the rear seats folded down I can get two 30 inch (large) suit cases in my IQ and room on top for two small carry on bags. I could if I needed to also put another 30 inch suit case in the car by moving the passenger seat forward and placing it upright behind the passenger seat. In this configuration only the driver and front seat passenger (full size adults) can be carried in the car. I hope this information helps anyone thinking of purchasing an IQ. Chris
  10. Iq Sub Woofer

    Hi All, I'm a newbie to both Toyota and the owners club, I have just purchased an IQ and wonder if any of you guys have recommendations on a low profile sub woofer to add to my standard IQ radio/cd which I can place under one of the front seats ?. Cheers Chris
  11. Welcome to the Toyota forums G6TPI :)