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  1. Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    As been said previously, buy some mastic, take the rear lights off, the high level brake light off apply mastic..........if feeling brave take the rear bumper off, mastic the two vents Inside boot put grommets on every obvious hole also mastic the loom grommet and the rear wiper vent.................... If that don't work consider selling the car to someone still daft enough to believe in Toyota's soiled reputation for build quality!
  2. Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    Hi, If the Service Book confirms that the car has been serviced by Toyota Dealers you just might just be able to embarrass them into doing something about it. Other than that, suggest you start going down the DIY route or if feeling flush, get the Dealer to fix it at presumably some horrendous cost! Remember to contradict your acquaintances when they mention Toyota's legendary reputation for build quality ( That's assuming you're not attempting to sell the car to one of them! lol)
  3. Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    Further Update. Please find copy of my reply to Toyota for your information: FAO Sophie MaynardCustomer Relations Dear Sophie, Let me first of all apologise for delay in responding to your reply, I dare say you were not expecting any further correspondence. This is just a short note to confirm receipt of your attachment, the contents, to be frank, came as no surprise. For your information, I have subsequently trolled the Internet only to confirm that the leaking issue(s) with the Aygo are notorious and to some degree continues to dog the model, highlighting again that it is a design/ production fault and is not age related as has been suggested. I must express again my incredulity that a major, if not the world's largest car manufacturer, cannot design,/produce a vehicle that cannot stop the ingress of water and then having the statistics to confirm the issue, having the audacity to ignore the obvious. For my own part I have simply made it my business, albeit with regret, to add my experience, without embellishment, to the every increasing number of dissatisfied Aygo owners on the Toyota Forums, the Jaguar Forums among others and while I'm realistic to realise that Toyota will not loose sleep over my simple representations, I would humbly suggest my comments coupled with the many others, will combine to drive another nail in the coffin of Toyota's reputation for reliability. Regards,
  4. Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    Update, Phoned the local Toyota Dealer, Service Manager on Hols this week, spoke to one of his subordinates, who mentioned that she would have thought any leak issues would have become apparent before 6 years, ( So Toyota Cars are only waterproof for the Warranty period?) also mentioned she couldn't spend Toyota's money, suggested I contact Toyota Custom Relations..............nothing unusual, ,nor unexpected in the response, they are not about to throw their arms open wide ....... .Emailed Toyota Customer relations, auto reply, wanting reg and vin number.....replied with same...... . Given that the seal or most of them, have been modified, a fair thinking person would think that established in itself the fact that there were issues.....even a design no think so, fair minded don't come into it.....I now await the excuses.....history suggests, they are gonna fight all the way, history also suggests I'm gonna lose.....I can see me having to establish the part numbers for the modified parts. .or out with the silicone, more of rectifying Toyota 's inability to made a car that's waterproof ...never mind, I'll give it a crack......... Any one have the email address of Toyota's Japanese CEO?
  5. Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    Let me say first of all I don't have the answer, all I know is that possibly the biggest manufacture of cars in the world cannot organise the production of a car that does not let in water, the is not fit for purpose. What is happening here is not fair and totally unacceptable IMHO I am not big enough or conceited enough, nor have the money to think I can take on Toyota and win best I can probably become is a small local embarrassment!. First things first, I will have a telephone conversation with Toyota's local Service Manager to establish Toyota's view on the issue, also to get a quote for the required work to rectify the situation. Depending on the reply, I will happily contact the local papers ( I have had letters published previously in various subjects), additionally contact Honest John, and National Newspapers plus use social network sites simply outlining the situation ( would any fair minded individual not be sympathetic to the cause?) I bought a Toyota, not a Peugeot or a Citroen because of Toyota's reputation..........more fool me!
  6. Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    I think Toyota are having a laugh........and before anyone flames me I realise that all major manufactures have had their problems, I was daft enough to order not one, but two Rover SDIs in the BL daft am i? .but that was the 80s, one had hoped things just might have improved! What we're saying is that Toyota can't organise the production of a small city car that does not leak, .worse than that, they will not take responsibility for their ***** up! I've had the put silicone on a car because the manufacture can't produce a water tight product!!...........unacceptable and utterly ridiculous!.You can bet that if this were the States, Toyota would be grovelling in apologies!! This ranks with the MR2 Roadster overbore issue, another Toyota ***** up..they extended the Warranty but still there are Roadsters out there out with the Warranty suddenly using huge amounts of oil (i.e. engine knackered ) with no recourse to Toyota... .Why do we accept this shoddy treatment??
  7. Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    Mark, Thanks for the reply. I have siliconed the high brake light, the tail lights ( it's only silicone, I can break the seal to replace any bulbs) there is a loom situated low near the spare wheel coming in from the back which is now covered in silicone, also the top tailgate hinges.........haven't had the bumper off.will see how it goes, Thanks again. B
  8. Aygo Water Leaks Please Read

    Hi, Just found about half gallon of water in the spare wheel well of the wife's 07 Aygo, to be fair she had been moaning about condensation for about six months.......... As I read the various threads......would it be safe to say I could fix it with..........Silicone on the rear higher brake light Silicone the rear light clusters Check rear Hatch back seal with view to replacing same How the hell do I get the rear bumper off...but after getting off, silicone round the two vents? Anything else guys........I'm ****** off with Toyota, .I should not have to do this!!grrrr B
  9. Aygo Cd Changer 08601 00879

    Hi, I've now emailed them twice without reply.............. Thanks all the same.... Regards, B
  10. Aygo Cd Changer 08601 00879

    Raistlin, Thank for reply, attempted to PM Kingo but cant establish his PM address, Kingo doesn't come up! Any advice. Regards, B
  11. Aygo Cd Changer 08601 00879

    Hi, Can someone confirm if CD Changer Type 7833 08601 00879 would be compatible with the AYGO Head Unit? Thanks, Barry W
  12. Aygo Oil Change.

    Gentlemen, Many thanks for the replies, much appreciated! Will get to it Monday, always assuming it isn't too cold or wet...this IS April? lol Thanks again. B
  13. Aygo Oil Change.

    Hi, I just want to do a quick oil change on the wife's Aygo. I can see the filter and can access it with the bonnet up, can somone tell me where the sump plug is? I just want to access the plug from the front. ideally without lifting the car! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, B
  14. Aygo Cd Multichanger.

    Hi, Can someone confirm the make of the CD changer in the Aygo, my thinking was, is there away to obtain a 6 Disc Multichanger without paying silly money. Thanks, Barry W
  15. Audio Lights

    Thanks all, Had the head unit off today... it was my mistake when I extended the ISO lead when I fitted the Bluetooth....I hadn't fitted the illumination wire was not obvious in the summer months...I am dumb or what!.. Thanks again guys, B