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  1. Moist Underlay And Other Issues

    Hello, I took delivery of a used Toyota Verso (09 plate) from a Toyota dealer last week (described by the salesman as "mint"!), and have since found several issues. The main one being that due a blocked air conditioning leak pipe, the car smelt unpleasant (suspicions were raised due to rusting present beneath the front seats.) The carpet underlay was described as moist but not wet by the dealer on inspection. They have rectified this with an antibacterial bomb which was activated with the air conditioning on while I waited at the dealership. As I have two very young children, I am still a little concerned about the effectiveness of this treatment and was wondering if anybody had any experience of this? I really don't want my kids breathing in bacteria etc if the treatment is flawed. The other issues that have came to light were, heavily damaged wheel trim, which detached itself on the 50 mile drive to the dealer, missing aerial and inoperative cigarette lighters (confirmed damaged due to the damp issue) Thanks in advance HH
  2. Welcome to the Toyota forums HokkaHokka :)