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  1. Corolla E12 By Noedel

    wheels are also killing. . . Are phenomenal, beautiful boy you have great taste. Believes I'm a fan of your ideas all is well. And reamers also do not know how it does not touch sides of studies, also with coilovers he did not move xD, LOOL Anular edições
  2. Corolla E12 By Noedel

    These coilovers are very cool Noedel's what brand? hug
  3. Corolla E12 By Noedel

    Sorry to embarrass her Noedels but would like to get this film yellow headlights. where can I buy? hug
  4. Corolla E12 By Noedel

    Sorry but it's the encomodo Noedel gosaria to get this film yellow headlights. where can I buy? hug
  5. Toyota Corolla E12 Portugal Azores

    ok Noedel's sending you the pictures via email man hug
  6. Corolla E12 By Noedel

    B) Lool That is the evil of the whole dumb noedel's hug boy ;)
  7. Corolla E12 By Noedel

    Noedel's still good that he'll meet you, your car is without doubt an amazing machine, I love this immense E12 to E12 I'm the best in europe. . . Many congratulations for the machine. . . Now I've been here a few words and then will exchange some ideas and am so far away from Portugal Azores lool A hug, talk later. . . Anular edições
  8. Tsport Kit Tte Compressor With Many Problems

    You guys are crazy machines to apply these compressor
  9. Mrj's T Sport

    cool guy
  10. Toyota Corolla E12 Portugal Azores

    Good Guys. . . Resgistei ah me little time, are to be congratulated Toyotistas sait it seems to me this really Attach forces are aware of everything and a lot of ideas together very good idea. . . Well this one white boy in blue is now corollasim love that my car never let me down until today very reliable 2.0 liter D4D already fix this aprovadissimo bue alterations will soon put more photos person. What was changed: - Paint metallic blue subaru (sidney blue); - Dented rims 17 BSA 215/40 R17, 205/40 R17, etc.; - Aileron origin of Toyota; - Faced with serious Ashima nevoiro; - Series behind Ashima with spoiter of origin; - Peliculas back and dented the front of the booklet RACESPORTE; - Xenon 6000k average and maximum; - Alarm Spy; - Escape pot Linextras direct line; - Interior painted cizento mouse; - Sports gearshift; - Sound JBL 6 columns, 2 twiters, subowfer a JBL amplifier alpine, sony stereo 54w * 4; - All LED interior luses; - And they already know nam is so much xD; - Lowering springs Apex 4.5mm What is missing faser: cuttle-t sporte Looking ahead? -sills cuase who are envisaged; -intercoler; and air-filter admiçao K & N; -and change a few things with the mechanical wear; For now it's all personal I hope you enjoy A hug to everyone. . . At the moment I can not have a sait for photos:
  11. New Member Brian Pacheco (Azores)

    thank you guys
  12. Hello, I'm Brian Pacheco'm 21 years old, I live in Portugal Azores, And my goal was to exchange some ideas with people, are to be congratulated love the forum. . . I wish it was a few words with Noedel's because they've seen that guy has a pretty taste for E12 Hug to all toyotistas
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums Brian Pacheco :)