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  1. Underseat Sub

    Cheers for that. Ill have an explore! Ha ha.
  2. Number Plate Bulbs. Fitting Leds

    Hi. Yes, the ones I got are 10x better with light output! It's a nice xenon type of light too. Not yellow, more like an bright white/ice blue kind of light.
  3. Number Plate Bulbs. Fitting Leds

    I fitted mine today. They look ten times better! Make it look more upto date. And took 5 mins tops. Nice little mod.
  4. Underseat Sub

    Hi all. Just curious if you could wire up an underseat sub with built in amp to the standard head unit? I want it looking as standard as possible. But I'm aware it may not handle it. I have an Aygo fire so speakers are slightly different to older models. Any advise would be good. I don't want the most crazy sound system ever, just something with a bit off bass.
  5. Number Plate Bulbs. Fitting Leds

    Thanks very much. I'll order the LEDs now. I'm glad I asked as I'd have gone for the lug! It looked the most obvious place. Thanks again!
  6. Number Plate Bulbs. Fitting Leds

    How easy is it to change standard bulbs for led ones?
  7. 2012 Aygo Fire Speaker Question

    Crack on! It's all very useful.
  8. Aygo Fire Review

    I pretty much agree. I've got exactly the same model as I traded in my seat Leon cupra as like you say the running costs were stressfull! But I love it. I like just filling the tank and not worrying about a thing. I thought I'd miss my cupra, and although sometimes I miss the motorway slip road, the money I save far out weighs this! Great car!
  9. Please Help Aygo Brake Problem.

    Try getting them too bleed the brake system. You can do this yourself with a bleed kit if you feel confident enough too do it though. Like stated above though could be a faulty slave/master cylinder. Is your fluid level low? If so its likely to be that as it will be losing fluid. Spongy brakes is usually air in the fluid lines. Hope this helps.
  10. 2012 Aygo Fire Speaker Question

    Cheers johnny. Bang on info! Unsure what path I will take though. I may have a research, but rear speakers seem like a viable option. Thanks very much as its saved me taken things to bits!
  11. 2012 Aygo Fire Speaker Question

    Hi all. I've recently bought a aygo fire and want to change the speakers near the window. Now, I've seen the ones in the city bug shop website and it says their a direct replacement. BUT will they fit the newest model aygo, and does anyone know if their any good? Cheers in advance peoples.
  12. Please Help...aygo Wont Start

    Start with the cheapest first/fuses. Then work your way up. Do the things that cost nothing to check first. I'm thinking immobilizer issue but like I said check fuses first.
  13. Picking My New Aygo Fire Up Shortly

    I was lucky as they had an orange one in the showroom and got it within a week! I was worried I'd dislike it after having a Seat Leon Cupra but...... It's a great little car and I really enjoy driving it! 5 year warrenty and super cheap running costs, what's too dislike!!! Thumbs up from me
  14. Just Ordered A 2012 Aygo - Got Some Questions

    I'm in a similar boat too you. Got rid of my Leon cupra and picking up my fire at 6 today! Wahoo.
  15. From Leon Cupra Too Aygo!

    Cheers johnny!