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  1. Rear Light Questions

    Thank you for the Pic's. I spent all day searching for an auris with the new lights and old bumper. Looks great mate, now to find some lights
  2. Rear Light Questions

    Hi All Can you replace the 2008 rear lights with the 2010 model? Is it pretty straight forward to do so? Thanks Dan
  3. P2002 Code

    Update sadly it was the filter and ive had it replaced
  4. What Tyres Do You Use?

    Had bridgestones when i first got the car. Couldn't wait to get rid of them never liked them on my MR2. Changed to Conti's had them for a little while but when i went to purchase new ones they had gone up quite a bit. I then opted for Goodyear's and been using them ever since. Rain,dry,snow and frost much prefer these Goodyear's.
  5. P2002 Code

    I hope and pray for this one Once i get it back i will make use of the guide on cleaning out the EGR valve.
  6. P2002 Code

    Na the light were still on when i gave it to Toyota, completely agree with what you said. Have tried to keep the revs high and normally never had a problem with the DPF.
  7. P2002 Code

    Gets a run down the A10 everyday for 15 to 20 miles. Most of the time 70 in 6th. Friday 70 in 5th for the rev and dpf
  8. P2002 Code

    Hardly any oil. It gets serviced at Toyota what ever oil they used and any time ive topped it up ive used castrol edge 0 40 but that was a while ago. The oil was last serviced 3 weeks ago.
  9. P2002 Code

    Hi All Recently my car broke down on the way to work. I had the engine check light, VSC and TC lights come up. The AA came and told me the problem code was P2002. I've go the car in at Toyota at the moment and just wanted some guidance. I am not a slow driver and I've often seen the car regenerate. Toyota offered two things at the moment one was to put in an upgraded fuel filter and reset the ECU, I honestly thought this was a bit of a quick fix. The other offer was to strip the car and check the sensors and pipes for a blockage. I chose this option. I understand that has happened to other people and just wanted to get some ideas on how they went about fixing the problem. From what I've read it seems a blockage in the pipe is most probably the cause (well hoping so). If this is the case how hard is it to get at these sensors/pipes? Thanks
  10. Welcome to the Toyota forums DaNSR86 :)