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  1. 2004 Headlights V 2006> Headlights

    Hi, Someone in the house has just purchased a t3-x and unfortunately the headlights are awful. They need changing (and i dont mean the bulbs), does anyone know if the 2006> headlights will fit the 2004 model? They look much better than the ones on it at the moment.. Thanks in advance!
  2. Carina Engine Light

    thanks!!!!! i'll give it ago yeah its the 1.8i version
  3. Carina Engine Light

    hi my dads battery light came on, got a new alternator and the battery light went and the engine light comes on now. hes been told its that thing i've arrowed. could that cause the engine light to come on? and how much would it cost from toyota? or even here if i become a member thanks for any help!!!
  4. Carina E Pollen Filter?

    anyone know where it is and how to change it? cheers!
  5. Ground Clearance

    our carina e se, carries alot of weight in goods, 14" alloys and never had a problem with ground clearance, tho the front tends to point to the sky, lol
  6. Carina E

    think toyota charge £40
  7. Carina E

    YES i do!!! stand in front of yo mota and start hitting the buttons one after eachother quickly, do this until she flashes at u B)
  8. Carina E Se 1.8 Ltd

    hi could anyone tell me what the engine spec is on a carina e se 1.8 ltd R plate? figues like bhp/hp/ torque, 0-60, please thanks for your help!!
  9. Key Fob Reprogramming

    paddocker, i could kiss u thanks it wrked!!
  10. Key Fob Reprogramming

    £40 thts ***** taking does any1 @ this club wrk in toyota tht might b able to tell me how? cheers!
  11. Key Fob Reprogramming

    did toyota charge u for this?
  12. Key Fob Reprogramming

    doesnt any1 knw? :ffs:
  13. Few Carina E Drivers

    wow...... havnt seen a proper modded carina b4... im luvin the quad lights its a shame tht parts are hard to get in the UK. i personally dnt own a carina, but tis hard enough to get anything for my P11.
  14. Key Fob Reprogramming

    hi my dad has a Carina E se, 1997(Hatch). the key fob stopped wrking. the battery has been replaced, so was thinking the fob needed to be re-programmed. any1 knw how? Cheers!