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  1. I know they have petronas on offer ATM as well as I had to go and get some and halfords was closest with it. I think all the oil is on offer
  2. Sorry ... There is a comment with budget in
  3. OP posted budget The options I posted are less than 25k I had a 20k budget Managed to a top whack spec ST and kept my auris in that price
  4. I love my ST I have a top spec one though. ST3 premium nav. Wouldn't touch anything vag and 2.0 riddled with problems and all of them expensive The golf and Audi share engine platforms. Stick with Jap or go ford That way you get easy to fix if it goes wrong and generally savagly good reliability.
  5. Can't get a slower car What about having the auris remapped ... Whole new car with all the familiarity of your old one
  6. I think the 330d as much as it's a good car is over rated and very common and like everything German mighty expensive to fix ... Depends what your after ... comfy Barge, performance, economy, hatch or a combination
  7. I know a couple of people looking for an SR180 Would a GT86 or newer focus ST3 not be something to consider both fun for different reasons And the ford is a similar size and as practical as the auris and about as economical but a decent part quicker
  8. Tbh I use a private VAT registered garage and depends on what it needs but to do all brake pads, discs, oil, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, and a brake fluid change cost me about £350
  9. Depends on your engine but as a guide 10-12k miles personally I'm less but I look after my car to a really high level
  10. What engine and what was the spurious part? Was the light turned off between changes? What engine is it you have? The auris had an issue with the SCV on cold starts especially in the colder days. The oil thing is that the bigger Toyota diesel engines do like their oil.
  11. Well my transmission has been fine for 40,000 miles now and feels as good as it did the day I bout it 84,000 miles ago Economy has improved sometimes it's vast like cruising on the motorway bit when I'm enjoying the car it's the same as it was but much faster so technically more economical haha
  12. That's where they should have declared as we all know insurance will look for anyway to not pay out ... However a simple uprated halogen that is marked for road use will is not a problem. But we are still deviating off topic ... Options will be available to people with all types of fitment and it probably won't take long for road legal versions of said items ... I think the HiR2 fitment is becoming more popular as a few manufactures are starting to use that particular fitment.
  13. I think you should consult your insurance as aftermarket lighting LEDs and HIDs are listed as possible modifications. If pulled over a police officer would would have to disprove your car as unroad worthy which is difficult unless your missing components, lights not working, bald tyres basically obvious dangerous things. But as most don't know the exact laws and tests etc hence why they have centres to test and check. And why VOSA now do more and more road side stops I never said that they only consider performance enhancing what I said is most insurance companies don't charge or charge very very little for aesthetics whereas performanceenhancing modifications tend to have a massive charge again depending on your insurance. Also as another car I have when shopping around I looked at focus STs. An ST2 was cheaper than an ST3 yet an ST 2 with some options I.e cruise control, satnav, bixenon headlights was more to insure than an ST3 which comes with those and more as standard... When queried, the insurance company explained that optional extras are insured as mods that were factory fitted but not on the spec of vehicle as it would be in standard guise. As we are now off topic this should be dropped. As said I have spoken with a company and lights are looking to soon be available I HiR2 fitment
  14. Strictly speaking this is true but also if you were to be pulled over for it you would be taken to a test centre and checked to which you should pass. Also most insurance companies now don't charge for such things as it's cosmetic and not performance enhancing more about better vision for driver. Technically anything that isn't manufacturer spec is a mod and also optional extras are classed as modifications albeit if fitted from new. Vehicle Lighting is a massive grey area in regards to rules, laws and testing.
  15. The auto express article was against people failing MOT with HID fitted also his was a factory fit system if I remember correctly and places not selling E marked equipment and if not should say not for road use which the company in question did not. Also the UN law which is mostly not applicable or a grey area in the UK is for factory fit systems. You look through the UK rules by VOSA and the MOST guidelines It clearly states that if HID or LED is fitted from factory auto level and washers must work IF fitted or look to have been fitted. If not fitted or look to have never been fitted the owner of the vehicle is to be given the benefit of the doubt. The dipped beam pattern is to be of a satisfactory pattern to not create glare and dazzle. The colour is to be appropriate for road use and as close to white as possible. This isn't exact wording but very close to.