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  1. I was speaking to a place in Cornwall ... They do like a full kit for the Auris ... Sort of just tell them what your after. And they can sort you out ...
  2. A place in Falmouth called Mod edit - deleted They have their own Auris as well which andwas pretty switched on about the details of it all ...
  3. Had mine done about 8 months ago by a place doing custom maps in them. The economy was better but I live in Cornwall so I spend most of my test enjoying the car on the country roads it's quite addictive afterwards, feels like it should.
  4. There is a cruise control installation thread there may be some info in there for you
  5. You can buy dedicated harnesses for some cars ... Say some in halfords the other day ... Not sure on price though
  6. I know they have petronas on offer ATM as well as I had to go and get some and halfords was closest with it. I think all the oil is on offer
  7. Sorry ... There is a comment with budget in
  8. OP posted budget The options I posted are less than 25k I had a 20k budget Managed to a top whack spec ST and kept my auris in that price
  9. I love my ST I have a top spec one though. ST3 premium nav. Wouldn't touch anything vag and 2.0 riddled with problems and all of them expensive The golf and Audi share engine platforms. Stick with Jap or go ford That way you get easy to fix if it goes wrong and generally savagly good reliability.
  10. Can't get a slower car What about having the auris remapped ... Whole new car with all the familiarity of your old one
  11. I think the 330d as much as it's a good car is over rated and very common and like everything German mighty expensive to fix ... Depends what your after ... comfy Barge, performance, economy, hatch or a combination
  12. I know a couple of people looking for an SR180 Would a GT86 or newer focus ST3 not be something to consider both fun for different reasons And the ford is a similar size and as practical as the auris and about as economical but a decent part quicker
  13. Tbh I use a private VAT registered garage and depends on what it needs but to do all brake pads, discs, oil, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, and a brake fluid change cost me about £350
  14. Depends on your engine but as a guide 10-12k miles personally I'm less but I look after my car to a really high level
  15. What engine and what was the spurious part? Was the light turned off between changes? What engine is it you have? The auris had an issue with the SCV on cold starts especially in the colder days. The oil thing is that the bigger Toyota diesel engines do like their oil.