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  1. I fitted aftermarket and have done on a few cars some to the roof light for door opening and some to a secondary source for when you switch the lights on
  2. And the 2.0 also just was less prone ... Most have been fixed so I wouldn't worry about that too much tbh
  3. Tbh sounds like your being a little over cautious ... Take the box off ... See if the consumption continues ... But I doubt it's related. Also if it was the head and the oil had gone you would be either very smokey or the coolant would have gone a funny colour... Daft question but have you reset the average MPG between fills and what fuel are you using ... As for clutch slip that could just be a worn clutch. 80k is nothing in original clutch on over 80k but I'm laughing at the same time ... It's as tight as it was when we got it ... Cleaning the EGR is good practice and does make a difference
  4. EGR clean, DPF regenerate, could be a number of things have tbh
  5. Position lights/sidelights/marker lights/ parking Lights Many people and countries have different names for them they can be awkward and stiff, once the holder is free the bulb will come free with a little wiggle and a pull
  6. I do believe they twist lose and then pull they can be stubborn bit will come loose
  7. Could be but it doesn't activate till you try to turn it over but could explain it
  8. Do you have a Tuning box fitted at all
  9. I normally use a good carb cleaner and a toothbrush to give it a good clean. Oil wise you'll need 6.3 litres Fuchs is decent just stick with something you know to be good. As i say i normally use Bosch oil filter in my car as i know that to be of a decent quality. Get it on the motorway with some premium in ... In 4th gear at 70mph for about 20 miles ... Sounds daft put the heat in the DPF and exhaust air flow speed will burn off and push out any nasties in the DPF if it is starting to block
  10. It could be something small Personally my list of things to do would be Clean out the EGR valve Switch to premium fuel. The auris seems to thrive on it. Service engine ; normally use petronas oil, Bosch filters. Add a fuel additive to help the premium fuel clean the system. Take it on the motorway and get burn some fuel off to give the DPF a clean and then see how it feels.
  11. It's a different SCV altogether
  12. I'm sure on the 2.0 there is an updated schedule and software for it
  13. Could have a couple of worn bushes the auris is very nose heavy
  14. Is it one particular side this happens. My own auris is very harsh feels like no suspension ... I struggle to get on my own drive but yours sounds a different issue ... How low does your car sit do you have a picture of it from dead on sideways (as seen attached) from both sides to see. Part of my undertray has taken a battering. You can tell if the paint on the road is matte or gloss and how thick they put it on though and my suspension is fine ...
  15. Is it one particular side it