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  1. You could fit the V6 out of the blade or the supercharged unit ... It could be done ... You would need an entire front end and wring loom and dash ... It's a lot of work for a 180bhp diesel tbh ...
  2. Anything could fit given enough money and effort ... For the effort you could just transplant the V6 in there
  3. Did you reset the average mpg ... Also you should consider a carbon clean and a bottle of diesel power plus over redex and dog cleaner Or fill up with premium and add a little bit of 2 stroke oil in (ford Mondeo trick)...
  4. I'll drop you a message with a link in as i don't think we are allowed to share other groups on here publicly
  5. Found a few places doing stuff for the auris even found a few places doing discounts for an Auris owners group.
  6. No it all sounds the same whether it be radio, CD, aux, usb
  7. Earth connection
  8. The volume control is good i was originally turbo information my stereo all the way up and realised it was because my phone was turned all the way down once i configured my phone's Bluetooth audio level it has been ace ... I've no fualts with it ... Sounds good took about 10 mins to fit ... Works easy enough Simply press Disc twice and the aux system fires up and bosh well away .. I love it and have no issues with connecting, using. Also it auto connects when you turn on the ignition
  9. I use a yetour setup, plugs in to the multichannel port and then i have aux, Bluetooth, usb, SD and all works from the factory head unit
  10. Port and polish ... That's about it ... And a damn good clean
  11. Yeah mine was removed off the ECU so i just installed a blank and left it and it was ok ... But if it's not mapped out and blanked the continuous limp mode will kill your MPG as the car knows it's got a problem even though it hasn't and just provides what it can to get you where you can ... Clever really but also a pain
  12. Never had any issues and i have mine mapped out with full blank ... My engines smoother more responsive and the mpg went up ... And I've got over 130,000 miles of blanked EGR across both cars
  13. With yours being a 180 to use a full blank you need to have the EGR mapped out due to the airflow sensor in the EGR, So if you can take it off you can either drill a small hole in it or purchase one with a hole in it and fit it Another option is to have the car mapped with an EGR delete keeping your solid blank plus then you could have an abit more grunt and it could also improve your economy
  14. Does your EGR blank have a small hole in it or was it a solid blank.
  15. A friend of mine works at Adrian flux and although flux direct are named as Adrian direct they don't use the same insurance as Adrian flux themselves