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  1. Thanks for that mate however Ive got the ballasts and everything from previously so only need the h4 bulbs which are like £8. With the actual Dome I don't have the correct bulb inside it lol its slightly wider and what is should be the bulb so kinda squeezed it in but from a scrapyard a dome would not cost you more than a tenner?
  2. Send me a link mate for the pads and im worried I may be taking too much power from the dome light which could cause it all to go balls up haha i am going to add HID fog lights though so it will be bright lol then i think i need to calm down a little bit haha
  3. Today a friend of mine went for the real JAP look on his corolla. What do you prefer and why Big bore tip or 2 small tips? Im due an exhaust soon so will be looking at it video will be up soon too on the company's fb page so will get hold of it
  4. Haha well worth it, and hopefully some fogs to also light up with the doors. I broke one mirror glass too haha new one on the way will be changing the brake pads too hopefully
  5. Ahhh right today I have wired the lights upto the dome i used a wire coat hanger to get through the ceiling lol and fed the wire through. I cut the dome connector wires but that did not work, turns out I did not need to as by splitting the two wires on either side of the bulb connectors and voila job done.
  6. Cheers lads, will get a video up hopefully Thursday after ive wired them to the dome.
  7. Fitted my puddle lights on the weekend and ballache ain't even the word. Getting the perfect fit in the mirror was difficult, have had to drill a hole in the mirror to fit it. Lights were too long so if i put them in that way they would stick out too much so I cut them down using a hacksaw and used a hot gluegun to keep it in place Got them through the door but not through the grommit as not enough space to get in so just tied it to the grommit. Fed it through dash. Now just need to feed through and wire to the dome
  8. Yeah mate weathers like that everywhere we finally had 2 good days here and was eager to get them in There these ones which come with a remote so you can change colours or have it as fading from different colours
  9. Haha cant afford to need the bonnet repainting fitted my footwell LED lights today with a remote Ive put them in the back and the front will get a video up and pictures in abit
  10. Looks good mate I tried one off amazon and the difference was amazing Still got some of the polisher and sealer so will do it again in summer when i get a chance
  11. Haha not quite an electrician just not scared to try new things 😆
  12. Yeah because you could essentially put smaller lights into your fogs using a drill and wire them to your dipped lights and remove the dipped light bulbs from your headlights so when you turn the stalk once the dlrs come on and then on your MOT stick the bulbs in and out again once your MOT is renewed works out much cheaper
  13. Yeah if it was for cornering lighting id think about it but if not then id pass to be honest lol
  14. Would you sell the bumper 🤔
  15. Damn the osrams have cornering lights too i want them so bad lol