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  1. Cheers mate, i need to do the centre caps now but back to work tomorrow so ill get round to them when i can i was thinking gloss black centre cap and toyota sign red 🤔 Will have to have a very steady hand though lol
  2. Thanks mate Yes they originally came with the SR model.
  3. Loving the new look haha
  4. Got it all done mate will get some pics tomorrow gave them another coating after putting the calipers back on. Put alloys on slowly without getting paint on them and left the car where it was will pick it up tomorrow wanting to let paint dry properly
  5. Im sitting at my mates petrol station waiting for paint to dry 😂
  6. These lights have you got them in your headlights? And hows the distance on them if you have also picked up my caliper paint and gloss black paint for my badges picking up alloys tomorrow too 👌🏻
  7. Ahh will definitely look into it and with the calipers what prep did you do? remove them completely or whilst on the car
  8. Will deffo have a try with the gearbox oil and your car looks good 👌🏻 Did you colour the caliper yourself? I want to do mine
  9. That is a perfect reply lol i am happy with my car though it is solid :) also never changed gearbox oil is there a guide anywhere?
  10. Lol well i had to settle for the SR due to my insurance its only kicking out 105-110bhp trying to find a remapping place but as its a 1.6 petrol quite difficult and yeah trying to get a haynes manual for bedtime reading my car feels jumpy sometimes and 1/2 gear are sticking at times
  11. Lol how do you know if your clutch is going i think mine is too my cars a 1.6 petrol and I want it to be faster also tweeters should take maybe 30mins if I can get my head around the wiring
  12. Hi mate, been really busy and car has been on the back burner recently lol but there are no tweeters in there at all, given alloys in today to be done gloss black
  13. Any ideas on how I can install tweeters to the car? ive read that theres already a connector in the door but this has 4wires going into it and a tweeter speaker has 2 wires coming off it? 🤔 Do I just use spade connectors onto the connector?
  14. Thanks for that mate however Ive got the ballasts and everything from previously so only need the h4 bulbs which are like £8. With the actual Dome I don't have the correct bulb inside it lol its slightly wider and what is should be the bulb so kinda squeezed it in but from a scrapyard a dome would not cost you more than a tenner?
  15. Send me a link mate for the pads and im worried I may be taking too much power from the dome light which could cause it all to go balls up haha i am going to add HID fog lights though so it will be bright lol then i think i need to calm down a little bit haha