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  1. Yeah definitely expensive lol I probably will be feeding it through the number plate light tbh with you as with my old corolla i yanked the light casing and it fell off then i just glued it back on. Might just put it through and provide gap in casing using a dremel tool then resealing. Once i buy the product ill have no choice but to put it in lol
  2. Yeah definitely and I can't be taking up the boot space. for reverse camera im looking at number plate holder with camera built in so just gotta feed wire really And would you just change the backbox and tips or the whole exhaust lol as im 22 and backbox won't affect insurance
  3. Next im thinking a reverse camera & changing the fog lights. Want to do exhaust but not just yet, hopefully soon though How is the underseat subs? And is it going under passengers or drivers and will it vibrate too much and become annoying🤔
  4. Any luck with getting it in mate? ive done another little change to the car sprayed the side repeaters with tint spray, tried to get the streamlined grey look and I thought its quite decent 🤔
  5. I paid £80 for the stereo was new just owner didn't want it usually 155 at halfords, found it on Schpock app so shopping around really helps as I bought one for £125 but it didn't work properly when I fitted it cage is around £13-15 Wiring if you want steering controls its £19.99 and without its under £5. So all in all i would say for around 100-120 you can get a decent set-up. Depends if you want the full lot or are happy to compromise. My stereo does not have a CD player or Sat Nav but I hardly use a CD as I can use a USB instead and Sat Nav on stereos is always playing around so I just use my phone. If you want the full works on a decent stereo you are looking around £300 new Next plans for me are Reverse Camera ( will have to be numberplate holder with camera attached as difficult to find a place to mount just a camera) & to add steering controls but these are minor things which can wait. Will be tinting my side repeaters to a smokey colour so they look more in line with the car colour
  6. Haha yeah its coming back out again soon to add in reverse camera and stereo controls :D here is a pic
  7. Ahh yes the video was just a little one I created of the stereo turning on but will get a picture up in the morning. Hardest part for me was holding the wires back to get the stereo in to be honest. They keep getting trapped and not letting the stereo sit in place but as soon as u align the holes and put the bolts in your good to go
  8. All the listings say they have been removed 🤔 So its the cage i got in the picture The ISO wiring And if you got stereo controls its the Connects2 device which just goes on them. I believe the Connect2 device acts as a ISO so if your getting that you don't need the other one. They all work out cheaper seperate. Just take out old stereo and take off the airvent surround off Factory Stereo (Just a couple of clips to lift with a flat screwdriver) The plastic cage has screw holes into the fascia so screw it in and the attach to the stereo, this then screws on using the 10mm bolts. Before pusing all the way in the stereo stick the Air Vents into place which also clip onto the fascia. Then you just have to put it all back together. Any questions just ask :) Will get a pic up tomorrow as was too dark tonight
  9. Its actually decent ill post pictures and everything you need tonight. Good thing is its all plug and play so no ignition wires or anything needed 👍🏻
  10. Not currently mate will hopefully be in Friday Evening
  11. Unfortunately my had to be returned as backlight was gone and a pricey fix. Picking up another tonight :D which one you got mate?