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  1. Those Cheeky Geordie Lads

    lol gotta love the monty python!!
  2. Has Anyone Replaced Their Sidelight Bulbs With Leds?

    Cheap LEDS can fail sooner!! I replaced all the dash bulbs on my hilux and they started failing and flickering. :(
  3. My New Company Car - Vw Passat 2.0 Tdi Highline

    Yup we have had a week of it with our engineers passats too. EML light /exhaust sensor x2 this week. Radiator failure, Every single one has had the handbrake failure :D One had the particulate filter fail/clog what ever goes wrong with htem, that was a grand! Obviously tyres and brakes have worm, but you can't really count them! Edit: this is Karma Supra!
  4. The Word Association Thread

  5. Those Cheeky Geordie Lads

    That's women for ya. Pure technophobes..... :P ;) Isn't it dangerous with all that water around to have a laptop near the sink or it might melt from the heat of the oven... :D yes it's Envy!!!!! coolios!! I'm surprised that you guys manage to spend so much time at your computers with all that manly wood chopping and hunting you do, or are you worried it will mess up your manicures!!
  6. Playstation 3 Id Tags?

    PS3 - MR2MillyMoo
  7. Three Word Story...

    buck toothed tiger
  8. The Word Association Thread

    that's three words!!! Chav!!
  9. Three Word Story...

    of the silvery
  10. Those Cheeky Geordie Lads

    blame Karma Supra!!!!!!!!
  11. Naughty Children

    if the discipline was in place from day one then they would know better! my dad still scares the p88p out of me and i'm 27 purely by raising his voice, why is this? because the first time i got a real telling off and "the wooden spoon" i learnt that the loud shouty voice was not for show and it meant business. he only shouts at the telly now, but that telly better watch it!! lol
  12. Three Word Story...

    of the queen
  13. Those Cheeky Geordie Lads

    Hello strangers!!! I'm having a brain freeze, who were the cheeky geordie lads that ran a tuning company and had a nutty supra and yaris that they bought to nur one year, old school toccers, please help!!!!