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  1. Road Noise

    All the roads in the UK seem to be getting resurfaced with bigger chunks of stone imbedded so presumably it requires less of the expensive tarmac, in our area we had some lovely smooth roads and now they have been resurfaced it's really noisy,
  2. Any tips on buying a Prius

    Regarding automatics I think you will wonder why you ever suffered a manual with the antiquated mothod of shoving one lever with your foot & another with your hand repeatedly all day long. Also Choose the 15" wheel option for even better economy and CO2 of just 70 which currently is London congestion charge free
  3. Prius Mk 4 Mpg

    My best is 122 mpg on an 8 mile trip because the journey was mostly level or slight downhill in a 40 speed limit and the car ran for 90% of the way with the engine off, coming back I got 69mpg because the slight uphill would not keep the engine off for very long at 40mpg. . If you lived in a very flat area such as the fens then local trips would give you excellent mpg. The big advantage of these vehicles is the ability to glide with no engine drag, each time you lift your foot off the pedal the valves open, this effect is not possible on normal vehicles without coasting in neutral or holding down the clutch pedal
  4. Prius 2016- Which reliability rating

    The which report is total bunkum, I expect I could fill in a Which questionaire and do a derisive revue on the new Jaguar even though I don't own one My near neighbour works for the RAC attending callouts and often stops to chat, over the last 3 years he's attended just two Prius, a Gen 4 with the parking brake stuck ( woman could not release it after hubby parked it) and a 2005 Gen2 with some kind of major electronics failure that had to be towed to a Toyota dealer. So much claptrap is written about the Prius, so many derisive remarks such as the Gen4 is the worlds most ugliest car ( if it had a BMW badge then they would call it the most amazing futuristic car) , the usual bit about how the car is not green at all because the planet was raped to make the batteries etc. etc. you have to smile when you realise that everyone will end up driving electric in one form or another in the very near future or face been banned fron city centres
  5. Stopping in an Emergency

    Putting the vehicle into P apparently locks the transmission by inserting a lug into a hole so I doubt you could do it whilst moving even 1 mph, just be glad that your car has automatic braking if your about to hit something
  6. Gen 4 ICE change when travelling down hills

    I think it's only actually done that about 3 times since I got the car in November, next time it does it and I have the opportunity to pull off the main road I'll press the EV mode button and see if it refuses to do it
  7. Gen 4 ICE change when travelling down hills

    I've just got back from a trip to North Wales and experienced this problem after a long downhill run where I used engine braking and the battery showed full and thereafter it refused to show the little EV light for another 20 miles or so of twisty roads inc long stretches of straight level road where normally it would intermittently switch to EV unless needing to accelerate. Why would the cars computer not use this to run off the battery access ? The same occurred coming back today after a long downhill run where I was in a convoy behind a wary driver and had to keep tapping the brakes and again it ran for miles before it would show the EV light. Car did not appear to have put itself in B mode because i know it will prevents free wheeling I switched my usual dashboard view to the one showing the side of the car and the arrows showing whether the battery was charging or running the car and it showed still charging even though the battery showed full. A long uphill pull finally dropped a line from the battery and thereafter it ran as normal all the way home.
  8. In praise of Prius Generation 4

    I'm confused by that part, Are you saying that every time you stop at traffic lights you put it in neutral or whatever?
  9. Prius Mk 4 Mpg

    Is that all your getting, mine beats you all
  10. Brake cable clip recall on 4 month old car?

    Would you believe that after getting a letter from Toyota UK re the brake recall I booked it in for 10.30 tomorrow morning. Today a letter arrives saying my car is already to the correct specification and offering their sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused
  11. Brake cable clip recall on 4 month old car?

    That's what I would expect it to be, 30 minutes fix plus wash & shine time so about an hour my being told 4 hours was by a receptionist who probably got her wires crossed
  12. Brake cable clip recall on 4 month old car?

    How long is this clip repair supposed to take, we just booked an appointment and got told it's a 4 hour job, really?
  13. Brake cable clip recall on 4 month old car?

    It was 23rd November when I picked up the car although I can see plenty of refs to the recall dated October, presumably the dealer had not received official notification from Toyota
  14. When was the brake cable clip recall CGG64 first published? I got my new Prius in the middle of November but today a recall letter arrived saying they previously contacted the registered keeper but according to their records the vehicle has not been modified. Something odd there as surely it should have been fixed before it was released to me.
  15. Thank you kithmo, that sorted it, on our previous Gen2 it was more obvious but now I know where to look so is this!