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  1. I'm confused by that part, Are you saying that every time you stop at traffic lights you put it in neutral or whatever?
  2. Is that all your getting, mine beats you all
  3. Would you believe that after getting a letter from Toyota UK re the brake recall I booked it in for 10.30 tomorrow morning. Today a letter arrives saying my car is already to the correct specification and offering their sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused
  4. That's what I would expect it to be, 30 minutes fix plus wash & shine time so about an hour my being told 4 hours was by a receptionist who probably got her wires crossed
  5. How long is this clip repair supposed to take, we just booked an appointment and got told it's a 4 hour job, really?
  6. It was 23rd November when I picked up the car although I can see plenty of refs to the recall dated October, presumably the dealer had not received official notification from Toyota
  7. When was the brake cable clip recall CGG64 first published? I got my new Prius in the middle of November but today a recall letter arrived saying they previously contacted the registered keeper but according to their records the vehicle has not been modified. Something odd there as surely it should have been fixed before it was released to me.
  8. Thank you kithmo, that sorted it, on our previous Gen2 it was more obvious but now I know where to look so is this!
  9. Just returned from 4 days away, we had the satnav set for home but halfway back we decided to make a detour to an area we know well so I deleted the destination, as we started off it continued to give voice prompts for turns etc. I checked again that it was deleted and it showed there were no destinations set. I had to resort to turning the volume off as it tried all the way home to send me back. Is this a known bug? I've not restarted the car since returning but hopefully it will have corrected itself. Very annoying nevertheless.
  10. We've had some really good mpg and our heat is set at just 17,. a 7 mile trip on mostly level & slightly downhill road gave us our best ever at 110 mpg yesterday going for a really long time on electric but 76mpg coming back. Maybe I should set a destination on the cars satnav to compare with the odometer but not sure if the satnav takes into account bends and turns in the road when calculating distance
  11. That's may be true but according to the calculation of my current tank taking me down to two segments for 382 miles works out at less then 60mpg. I need to get my son to drive his new car a set distance to compare with mine
  12. I got my Gen 4 in mid November with a full tank, we filled it again when it got down to two segments and reset the trip, it's now back to two segments again but I've only driven 382 miles and it shows 153 miles left in the tank, total mileage since we got the car is 758 The overall mpg shows as 64mpg and we regularly get 80+ on trips The confusing part is that on my previous car it was exactly 7 miles to my Daughters school gate, in this car it's 6.5 a walk down our lane was exactly 1 mile to a farm gate, in this car it's a fair bit past it. How can this be? what could be wrong?
  13. Car refused to lock with a loud warning tone after we got home today, all doors were closed, the lights were off etc. Turned out to be my wifes phone that she had dropped on the floor of the passenger side! the car new there was a phone on board and refused to let me leave it! good or what
  14. On 'My Toyota' I see three years of free updates but looks like it's for Excel only ? Newly sold Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus devices benefit from Toyota Map Care and can download updates for free during a period of three years from vehicle purchase. This update is applicable to Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus with software version 4.2.1H and 4.2.2H. You can confirm your software version in the 'System information' screen under the General settings screen (please refer to owner's manual for more info).
  15. I agree 17 or 18 degrees is fine, we have our heating at home set the same, can't stand too much heat even though I'm 70. the Gen 4 does not have that steering wheel button for heating however so you end up groping down to the controls if you have no passenger