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  1. We've had some really good mpg and our heat is set at just 17,. a 7 mile trip on mostly level & slightly downhill road gave us our best ever at 110 mpg yesterday going for a really long time on electric but 76mpg coming back. Maybe I should set a destination on the cars satnav to compare with the odometer but not sure if the satnav takes into account bends and turns in the road when calculating distance
  2. That's may be true but according to the calculation of my current tank taking me down to two segments for 382 miles works out at less then 60mpg. I need to get my son to drive his new car a set distance to compare with mine
  3. I got my Gen 4 in mid November with a full tank, we filled it again when it got down to two segments and reset the trip, it's now back to two segments again but I've only driven 382 miles and it shows 153 miles left in the tank, total mileage since we got the car is 758 The overall mpg shows as 64mpg and we regularly get 80+ on trips The confusing part is that on my previous car it was exactly 7 miles to my Daughters school gate, in this car it's 6.5 a walk down our lane was exactly 1 mile to a farm gate, in this car it's a fair bit past it. How can this be? what could be wrong?
  4. Car refused to lock with a loud warning tone after we got home today, all doors were closed, the lights were off etc. Turned out to be my wifes phone that she had dropped on the floor of the passenger side! the car new there was a phone on board and refused to let me leave it! good or what
  5. On 'My Toyota' I see three years of free updates but looks like it's for Excel only ? Newly sold Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus devices benefit from Toyota Map Care and can download updates for free during a period of three years from vehicle purchase. This update is applicable to Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus with software version 4.2.1H and 4.2.2H. You can confirm your software version in the 'System information' screen under the General settings screen (please refer to owner's manual for more info).
  6. I agree 17 or 18 degrees is fine, we have our heating at home set the same, can't stand too much heat even though I'm 70. the Gen 4 does not have that steering wheel button for heating however so you end up groping down to the controls if you have no passenger
  7. I think that there lies the answer to your low mpg, 23 degrees must be like driving in a sauna and your engine must be running almost endlessly trying to maintain the cabin heat, try lowering it to 18 and see the difference and the car will still be plenty warm enough
  8. Falconmick, there are simple techniques you can try with a Prius , things that won't work on normal cars but can help mpg considerably. Often on a level or downward slope you will see the battery is quite full but it's not running on battery alone, simply lift your foot off and replace it and it should continue to run on the battery alone - quite a long way in fact. The ca r will do that itself eventually but you can easily encourage it to do it sooner and much more often. The pulse & glide technique works even better on the Gen 4 accelerate to speed then lift off your foot and replace to glide along on the battery alone Even when your running on the electric motor the battery is still being charged from the small generator, the electric motor that powers the car also doubles up as a generator when you are braking so the battery fills up quicker than earlier versions
  9. That does sound a bit low even for winter, how high do you set the heating and fan speed because that makes a surprising hit on the mpg simply because the engine has to keep firing up to keep up the temperature if you set it high. We find 17.5 comfortable . What mode are you driving on and do you still get bad mpg on eco mode?
  10. I've had my Gen 4 about 5 weeks and so far really pleased with it, average is 65mpg but I can easily get over 80 mpg+ on some trips but less on the return of the same journey simply due to the lay of the land. We have a nearby short hill to climb and then it's a long steady downhill run to the next village about 8 miles, the first week i had the car in mid November was quite warm and we got 89 mpg going but 65 coming back! the car will run a lot longer on the battery and using the lifting foot technique can be coaxed to use it a heck of a lot more. The only bug in the software I've seen so far is the satnav appears to lose the signal and turning it on and off relocates it instantly, this morning after a frosty start it appeared to show us going parallel with the road but not actually on it! switched off and on and it ran properly.
  11. You mean the 12 volt battery?, The previous generations had the 12v battery of the smaller type similar to that used on motorbikes and it was under the boot decking, presumably now that the 2016 has a normal sized 12v it had to be relocated to the engine bay. There must be a reason why they opted for the larger one as it must add more weight. When I had my Gen 2 I had a new one fitted and it cost considerably more than a standard good quality 12v, quite a few minor problems on those earlier models were due to the 12v failing and causing the computers to malfunction on startup
  12. Thank you, I found the setting and altered it today so should stop me getting flashed at in broad daylight!
  13. I've tried in vain to find that setting, can you give more info on how to find it?
  14. There are 4 options to select but no actual off option, I have type A it seems
  15. I'm confused by the light stalk, the o (4) symbol for the daytime running lights turns them on but you cannot turn them off independantly can you ? I don't like anything Auto when it comes lights & windscreen wipers, i want control myself