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  1. AurisvAvensis

    Not sure about Auris 2013, but there is a significant comfort difference between my Avensis 2005 and Auris 2007. Avensis is overall more comfortable - better seats, softer suspension and better sound-proofing. Also it may have a bit more gimmicks - for example Avensis has a button to fold the mirrors :) Please note that the ride comfort may feel different because my Auris is SR - afaik it has different suspension.
  2. T25 d4d clutch replacement

    I agree, the actual flywheel replacement is easy - above I meant the full clutch replacement job. The mechanic who did it for my car said it took him a day and he would not want to do this again :) In any case my Avensis drives even better since and I am happy with it.
  3. T25 d4d clutch replacement

    The clutch was replaced on my Avensis 1.5 years ago - the mechanic advised that the DMF does not need replacing (see this post for details). I am not sure about the complexity of the job - but it looks like it takes a lot of time.
  4. Auris SR180 in trouble?

    I have the same model. My opinion is rather subjective, but this car pulls like train - smooth acceleration up to 4k+ RPM (~67mph in 3rd gear). It has good torque from ~1.2k RPM and increases to its maximum after 1.8k. The fuel consumption looks like mine ~33mpg, but I drive it for the fun and not for the fuel economy ;)
  5. Just having a moan - SR180

    I had a similar situation with my Auris when driving over a square bump with 5 adults in the car, but if no one is on the rear seat - it never happens.
  6. Exhaust note gets deeper randomly

    I have a similar issue with my Auris - after a service it became "louder" around 1400-2000 rpm. I never thought the air box may cause it...
  7. Can you identify this?

    To me that doesn't look like the rain sensor - it may be the GPS or Radio antenna. Actually I could not identity the part in the repair manual - so I may be wrong. Have a look at the attached screenshot.
  8. Acceleration problems

    I had a similar problem (on diesel though) - the discussion can be seen here: In summary, my issue was solved by replacing the clutch.
  9. Very Poor MPG

    On my Auris engine got into same limp mode (with "Check Engine" and "VSC" errors) when EGR got blocked due to carbon buildup - I've disconnected the battery, cleaned the EGR valve, reconnected the battery and everything works fine since, so in your case - try to disconnect the battery for 15 minutes - this should reset the fault codes. AFAIK, to blank the EGR you may need to reprogram the ECU - there are mentions about this on the forum.
  10. Very Poor MPG

    What revs do you drive usually? Anything above 2k would consume a lot of fuel. My Auris averages at ~34mpg (the dashboard says so) - but I have a quite "heavy" foot as I like to feel it accelerating ;)
  11. Auris SR180 "Quirks" or fault?

    I never specifically checked the fuel consumption on my Auris - but it never felt economical - especially driving with revs above 2k. As for other issues - I never experienced them. The engine is always responsive regardless of the temperature and has quite high torque even at 1200rpm (well, there may be a subtle lag until it gets to 1800 - after that it accelerates like rocket).
  12. Avensis T25 pulls to left

    Different pressure in front left and right tires can drift the car sideways when driving - I experienced this recently on my Auris. It is barely noticeable though.
  13. Easy way of fitting headlight bulbs

    The bulbs can be changed easily - just need patience as the connectors are stiff. I can change all bulbs in my Avensis T25 in 20 minutes max. From time to time I get huge discount emails from a local parts shop - so I just ordered ~15 bulbs of different sizes for 20 gbp and now I have replacements for a few years ahead :)
  14. Avensis T25 Hatchback boot lid noise

    Update: the silicone spray definitely solved the problem. Not sure for how long it will last - but there is no noise atm.
  15. SatNav update

    I checked this site to order a disk for my Auris (touchscreen satnav gen 5?) - the price came well over £180 for one (!) single (!) disk. :( For these money I can buy a dedicated phone or tablet which would work as satnav (well, I am perfectly happy with my phone fulfilling this role currently). I tried to burn disk images several times (single/dual layer DVDs) - but it never worked, so I gave up. Looks like the Auris satnav will remain as is, but for Avensis I plan to build a custom double DIN CarPC with all bells and whistles once I will get some more free time.