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  1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍🍻
  2. If you don't try buddy you'll never know. Mine were all rusted on. Nightmare for my mechanic! Hope it all gets sorted and doesn't cost to much in the end.
  3. And then some 👍😉
  4. Will do buddy. All money though😒
  5. Your allowed to what.......BRING THEM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she got a sister hahaha. I'd be outside with a match trying to dry them. Used the Mrs hairdryer once on my Impreza, she went crazy😱
  6. Defo don't buy a starter if you don't need to. My mate owns a Toyota Specialist Garage in Hyde, and even he couldn't get it cheaper than me at that time. That's why I got it! The gearbox oil took about about 2.3ltrs if I'm right. I bought 3 from Halfords (with a trade card to make it cheaper). Defo one of the best things I've had done to the car for the money. Nice and smooth n not as notchy. Still big shifts between gears but I'm getting the MWR Short Shifter soon. That should cure the lot then👍
  7. Bargain👍
  8. 😂😂 quality workman ship Steve. Even more so in this weather! You got a radiator in your shed or what to dry them out lol
  9. looking good mate. You do those yourself?
  10. No a clue why the pictures aren't straight. They are on my phone
  11. Thanks buddy. Good to do threads I think, we all learn off each other. Here's afew pics of the service parts I've bought. The battery...I got a varta from Man batt in Hyde. Really good to be fair! At the minute the plugs aren't worth what I paid to be honest! Supposed to be for tuned engines so maybe now with my back box on and typhoon going on in a few weeks there might be a slight difference. I really doubt it though. Had a buy a start as mine was old and we'll worn. Thank God for black Fridays. Nothing worth £235!!!!
  12. Hi Simon, not a clue buddy. Sorry I'm no help! Just bumping the thread up for you👍
  13. Hi Max, welcome along mate. Good choice in your car (I've got a 52 plate) ha. Regarding your service items etc. Check my thread on here, only because I've just serviced mine. With most of the parts your asking about, and some from Fensport! Any questions buddy just ask. But loads will give you advice, they did for me. Great bunch of people and brilliant Club/Forum to be in
  14. I bet mate. Cold without a boot😀😀 you've got to post pictures up of the puddle lights when they're fitted. Look forward to that! I'd 100% defo recommend this Kenwood underseat sub. It really is an ace bit of kit! And you can control how much bass you want via the remote control👍 I'll post a video up when I get chance of how it sounds
  15. Great mate. Defo cheaper than a new window! Makes you feel good doing it yourself too😉👍