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  1. Watched your videos and your cars pulling so strong! No stopping you buddy
  2. That's strange over this water pump. £32 for Bolts? Sometimes genuine parts even though they are more expensive it's cheaper labour wise to fit. Most are a straight swap!
  3. tsport

    Wow. Looks really good with that mileage buddy. Keep it up👍
  4. tsport

    You sure that picture isn't from when the car was first new and delivered ha
  5. That's crap mate. I have two friends that both own garages and both do MOT tests. And they have all sorts of cars going through. One of our friends has an Impreza with the Nur Spec R exhaust (straight through). Loud as hell let me tell you. But as they say, long as the emissions are ok they pass it. Being loud isn't they're concern. I wouldn't swap your exhaust no chance buddy. I heard it on your YouTube video. Yeah it's loud but come on, failing that is just petty IMO. Hope you find a good MOT tester soon. (Shame your so far away from me) I'd sort it for you 👍
  6. Defo need a steady hand for that😂😂😂 I'd be shaking and everything me mate
  7. Looks miles better. So suits the colour of the car too👍 Another ticked job well done 👌
  8. Wasn't always slow ha ha cool. I never knew Scott was a geordie. ( I know him) 😭😭😭 thanks pal will do!
  9. That's good the car is learning and not chucking up an engine light (can't be bothered). I do like good cheap mods that work and improve the car too👍 That's one hell a drive out mate, you only stepped out for news paper n all😁😁😁. How was the car on the road trip? Bet it never faultered once. My friend is getting married hence the trip. Should be good though. Nothing like yours Drive wise! I go up Redcar to work some days. I cover from Carlisle, Hull, Anglesey, Wales, Birmingham, Nottingham, Worcester etc. Not far off half the country ha ha. Didnt know that about blade runner🤔
  10. As above mate. Cheapest option too!
  11. I never got any. Was hoping to have the compressor end on in a few weeks with the new headlights etc but money wise it's not happening! Did you get the paint yeh👌 How's the wheels looking?
  12. 👍 Steve for the comments. Every photo i have is her sat on the Drive. I hope so with the clutch. Going to Scotland (Largs) in afew weeks so I'm hoping they're and back should bed it in abit. Was going to go in the van but the long drive will do the Rolla good. Shake the cobwebs off ha! How's that filter doing?
  13. Afew more pics but this time off the drive. Did 22 miles in two weeks ha ha.
  14. This little beaut turned up today via postman pat. Missus thinks I've won some money and not told her 👍 Bargin for £10. Cleared the fault I had, if it shows up again I'll get it looked at.
  15. Ha top works man ship! Never seen that though air intake with nothing on the end. Especially sucking in hot air like you say. Let us know how it gets on buddy