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  1. Sounds to me like your half way there, planned out etc. Just a case of buying it and putting thought into practice is the other half ha ha. Good luck buddy when you do it 👍
  2. That's sounding really really good buddy. Love it!
  3. I've seen those number plate cameras on YouTube. They look really good, I always wonder on ours how you would get the wire through the boot. Always a way though, just working it out. At the minute mine has a hole in it, but I've got a powerflow backbox for now to put on. Hoping to have it in next few weeks, my mate is really busy. I tried but couldn't get the two bolts to move. Wait till mines on and I'll let you know if there's any difference in sound just with that on. (Like you say insurance is expensive enough these days without adding to it)
  4. I was thinking camera on mine, but it's feeding the wire through the boot and maybe a hole! Put me off a little. Fogs sound good. I'm going DRL's in my fog holes. I've heard it's easy to swap the bulbs👍 Exhaust is always a must on a vvti or vtec. Not fitted the sub yet but the reviews says it's excellent and nothing over the top. Which is want I want. Told old now now for all that boot sub action ha ha. Think it's the Kenwood kcs w11 or something on those lines.
  5. Not yet buddy. The facia hasn't turned up! Had it all out just to test the radio works etc....and it does. Result. No dab tho, so buying the antenna from Halfords this week. I've emailed the company and they said if it's not here by 2mrw they will ship one on 24hrs, so hopefully either way I can get cracking weekend. Also bought a Kenwood underseat sub. That's going in same time too! Lovely work on the repeaters. Simple, easy. But with great results! Suit the car too being dark grey. What's next?
  6. !Removed! hell paul that sounds a close call buddy. Scarey stuff that! Good job you wasn't on the motorway mate doing 70. Apexi. Good man. The modding bugs starting fella ha ha
  7. That's good then, they're not just a 2 bit company! Wating on the post man with the facia. 😤😤
  8. Got the iso wiring and patch lead tonight. Just waiting on the facia. Hope it turns up 2mrw
  9. Thanks buddy for posting these! This turned up tonight when I got in so hopefully it will work. If not I'll order off these you posted up!
  10. That looks ace mate. And for the money.....bargain
  11. Ah got ya. No worries fella. Really! I've had the original out a few times doing all my dash work but the wires are all neat and tidy. Hoping to do it Saturday afternoon if the parts turn up.
  12. Defo Steve. Can only afford the milk though
  13. Sorry. Posted the links I ordered! These are them lets hope it's as straight forward as you put it ha. Thanks for that. Sounds a lot easier your way
  14. Doesn't work this buddy.
  15. More good news now. My friend can fit the Backbox Saturday👌👍 another thing off the list