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  1. Bluetooth Without Satnav?

    Thank you so much! You have confirmed they probably are fobbing me off! I am so annoyed and i love the car but starting to feel ripped off as they havent checked it properly before selling, all the check lights came on after a week of having it and they said it was just a sensor now i dont trust them at all! Thank you x
  2. Bluetooth Without Satnav?

    Hi i need some help. I bought Toyota Iq2 around 3 weeks ago its 2010 model. It has sat nav and bluetooth which works ok but two problems, the bluetooth connyect to my phone but will not play my music? Also the usb port i have now been told isnt 'powerful' enough to charge my phone, in regards to the bluetooth they have told me wiring music is something its not supposed to do, i feel like they are fobbing me off as a dumb blonde. Any help asap would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.