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  1. mgbcolin

    Welcome mate
  2. Fuelly Site signature banners

    fuelly need to change the way they are servicing their widget. Websites are forced to se SSL which means forums have to cache all the images users add, otherwise there will be error after error as members will add images from non-secure servers. We are forced to cache every image temporarily so we can can serve it. Soon this site will be moving in to https Environment which will require the cache. Basically our server will cache fuelly at the last date when its added, anything from that point will not update unless I can find a way not to cache fuelly.
  3. Review Your Toyota

    HI Mickey When you do a search you are presented with the cars of model years. Inside will have the reviews. Bear in mind not every model has been covered. Can you please submit what you have written to the survey page, The site only launched friday as a Beta, so a long way to go. This feedback will be ready by those creating the site. So good constructive feedback helps.
  4. Too expensive!!!

    i am sure I heard lexus are dropping hybrid for full electric on their LS model... may catch on
  5. Got some good news for TOC members. We have managed to negotiate a deal with Toyota GB for all TOC forum members to get a club discount on their official Toyota eBay store. What'ts the deal? If members spend £50 or more in store then you can get 15% off everything in-store. That also includes discounts on other discounted items too! How Long is the deal for? This deal is only available for 2 weeks from today, so you'd better hurry. How do i obtain the discount? Simply go to their eBay page using the following link and the discount will be applied in your cart at the end. Enjoy!!
  6. New look Website oddities.

    only the gutters from the sides have been removed. This was removed in the next version by the software developers. I did add a light grey instead of white to tone it down a little..
  7. New look Website oddities.

    also did you get this problem on the Latest Posts section at all? Latest Posts Latest Posts
  8. New look Website oddities.

    Thanks for pointing this out. I have made a change on some of the page caching. Does this work better for you now?
  9. Toyota Alphard LPG Conversion

    Just had its first virtual service to check everything out.. all looks sweet.. nice not to have to drive miles to get it done. Instead sat at the office sipping a cuppa. WP_20170516_12_40_51_Pro.mp4
  10. Hi

    which one did you go for in the end Clint?
  11. Toyota Alphard LPG Conversion

    Cheers.. Well happy and now even cheaper fuel costs its makes it more easier to swallow. Now looking at £25 per 200 miles, which is really good for the size and amount of fun we have in it. I live near beach so great hang out van too.