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  1. also maybe check to make sure the cars airbag has never been deployed. Airbags contain talc inside.
  2. Hi I used to own one of these. Firstly I would fill up with Gas from empty and note the milage/KMs at the time of fill up. Then drive the car as normal until empty. You need to calculate the MPG you are getting. You can then use a calculator here: or something similar by doing a search. Then use to see what others are getting, you will see many other people will submit figures for your car. Then you will tell. Remember the 3.0 engine is not that economical, so it could be normal. You can do things like clean the MAF sensor which will help economy a little. The car would throw a light on the dash if it was over fueling.
  3. Please follow the Steve the club admin and his brother Rob and join them on their epic 10,000 mile charity rally from the UK to Mongolia. Like their Facebook page to see daily updates on their progress as their beaten up pickup truck battles through 12 countries in 3 weeks. Will they make it? Perhaps… but only if they make it past the corrupt Russian cops and Kazakhstani bandits. Oh, and there’s a 1000 miles off road in blistering heat through some of the most remote parts of the Gobi Desert. Should be interesting then… Should be a laugh! OK, It's not a Toyota Hilux, We wish it was but they are so out of Budget! At the end we will donate this truck and most of the gear in it! All going to a really good cause!
  4. Hi Tim An email is winging it's way to you this morning.
  5. there was a bug that someone knew how to take advantage of.. just done an update which should fix.
  6. @Wayne2015 Hi Wayne Thanks for the feedback. The new forum is responsive. This means it detects your mobile and shrinks parts of the site to fit your mobile device. The menu will also shrink in to a menu bar top right. Believe it or not, your are viewing the same template as the desktop version. On a PC, if you squeeze the window to make it narrow, you will see the site will automatically adjust itself to fit. Because everything is changed it is quite hard to find your way around the new layout. Please stick with it, you'll get used to it pretty quickly. cheers
  7. A new forum section for the Worlds first mass produced Hydrogen Cell Car
  8. best stick with chrome ;)
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