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  1. Got some good news for TOC members. We have managed to negotiate a deal with Toyota GB for all TOC forum members to get a club discount on their official Toyota eBay store. What'ts the deal? If members spend £50 or more in store then you can get 15% off everything in-store. That also includes discounts on other discounted items too! How Long is the deal for? This deal is only available for 2 weeks from today, so you'd better hurry. How do i obtain the discount? Simply go to their eBay page using the following link and the discount will be applied in your cart at the end. Enjoy!!
  2. New look Website oddities.

    only the gutters from the sides have been removed. This was removed in the next version by the software developers. I did add a light grey instead of white to tone it down a little..
  3. New look Website oddities.

    also did you get this problem on the Latest Posts section at all? Latest Posts Latest Posts
  4. New look Website oddities.

    Thanks for pointing this out. I have made a change on some of the page caching. Does this work better for you now?
  5. Toyota Alphard LPG Conversion

    Just had its first virtual service to check everything out.. all looks sweet.. nice not to have to drive miles to get it done. Instead sat at the office sipping a cuppa. WP_20170516_12_40_51_Pro.mp4
  6. Hi

    which one did you go for in the end Clint?
  7. Toyota Alphard LPG Conversion

    Cheers.. Well happy and now even cheaper fuel costs its makes it more easier to swallow. Now looking at £25 per 200 miles, which is really good for the size and amount of fun we have in it. I live near beach so great hang out van too.
  8. Hi Guys I wanted to share my LPG conversion on my Toyota Alphard with you, in case anyone ever had any question regarding LPG and where to have it done properly. I recently bought an Alphard for the family, and what an amazing day van it really is. Had so many well thought out features that i have ever seen in a car. From Lane Assist, TEMS suspension, AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) electric curtains power doors all round and rotating rear seats that really make it an amazing family friendly car. My one is the 3ltr V6 with 220bhp 1MZ-FE lump as seen in the Lexus RX300 and the Camry. As you can imagine it is not the most economical car to run which averaged around 23-26mpg. (still miles better than a guzzling Elgrand) I decided that LPG was the way to go and get the Alphard converted to LPG pretty quickly after buying. I had seen a lot of good reviews on the Lexus Owners Club regarding Profess Autogas in South Wales. They seemed to have had really good reviews from members so decided that although they were some distance from me, it was all about good reputation and quality when it comes to doing a proper quality install on my car. So, last week my Alphard went in for 2 days to have the installation by Andy at Profess Autogas Picked her up 2 days later and I was amazed how they managed to very neatly tuck away all the LPG pump, filter, and flashlube bottle and even the ECU was tucked away out of view. The trunking used also matches the original factory trunking which made it even harder to spot that it has an LPG install. The system installed was the Stag Q-MAX-6 Plus. With the stag system you do not need to make visits to the LPG installer for tweeks (unless there a hardware fault) This can all be done with a USB cable and laptop. This will analyze the LPG system and send the report to Profess who can then tweek your LPG ECU if necessary. The same goes with each 10k service. You replace the filter yourself and also link up the ECU system so it can be checked to ensure the LPG is operating as efficiently as possible. This saves trips and half day out from work :D On the fuel filling point I have a reducer fitted (see pics below) within the fuel filler cap, so nice and neat with no gastly filling ports on the side of the car. Have a look at some pics below of the install. I highly recommend Andy at Profess Autogas. His website is here: More info on Alphard's can be found on the new Toyota Alphard Forum which will gradually start compiling technical guides on Alphards .
  9. hi to all with battery power

    Hey Kim I have seen you in those facebook groups myself :)
  10. What diesel or additives?

    As david mentions.. Millers is the best. Last year we drove a truck to Mongolia and we added some of the most crappiest diesel in to our Navara... we added 1.5 bottles over about 20 tanks and the truck did not miss a beat. When i did it in 2009 we were plagued with rubbish fuel, so millers did the job nicely. Used to use it on an old jag that had DPF issues too. Kept the light off for a few tanks.
  11. Hello Toyota Owners

    Welcome Daniel.