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  1. Camry Stalling

    There seems to be a number of possible causes to this problem. In my case (97 Camry - UK model ) I replaced the two ignitor coil packs which did the trick. that was a long time ago. But two dealers struggled with this. I belive one of the ignitor coil packs had an intermittent fault but wouldn't prove it at the time and didn't know which one. By way of assistance. I'd recommend checking the i/p to the ignitor coil pack (these is instead of a distributor on my car) using an oscilloscope and a current transformer coil. That would at least help break down the fault. A
  2. '97 Camry Sport Exhaust.

    I bought a genuine toyota exhaust for my camry last summer. Paid £400 - £500 for the mid and rear sections only. However, the dealer damaged the front section whcih was in perfect working order (I checked it personally with the help of a kwik fit fitter) and told me that needed replacing as well. since it contains the Cat converter, I got a quote for just under £800 for the part alone. Anyone know if I'd be better off getting one in Belgium? Have asked a friend to call a local dealer out there. I'd not consider getting some other make, did this with a Carina I had. Wasn't happy. Went back to the Toyota exhaust.
  3. Camry Stalling

    hello. I've had pretty much both types of problems, i.e. ones related to the temp sensor and ones related to stalling for no real reason and no one being able to detect what the problem was. My Camry is a Japanese 94 4cyl auto. The temp sensor problem made it difficult or impossible to start the car, but once started it would run fine. dealer found a broken wire which was reterminated and now fine. 1hrs labour! This is worth checking if your temp sensor has been replaced but the problem persists. Broken wires are more likely than a failed temp sensor IMO. The problem with the engine stalling - I read and looked into many of the suggestions made here. Dealer ended up replacing both ignitor coils. These cars don't have a distributor, they have two electronic ignitor coils. If they only intermittently fail to ignite the spark plugs, this could be hard to detect, without the use of a storage ociliscope and a lot of patience! It's a gamble i admit, but if you're mechanically minded, it's worth a try, they're not hard to change. A
  4. Camry Stalling

    Hi. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of the problem with the stalling engine? I am having the same problem. The Dealers say they have seen the problem happen, but all the engine computers are reporting everything is normal. I think they suspected some ignition coil, but other toyota mechanics doubt this, and the coils have since been exhonerated as culprits for my problem Any ideas? A