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  1. Happy Birthday twinnyrider!

  2. Complete 3S-Gte Conversion Package

    Hi not been on here for a while as I sold my rolla, however after recently purchasing a clean ae82 shell to play with I was wondering if this conversion will fit an ae82? very very interested.
  3. 1.0 Litre Yaris

    Hi all my first topic under the Yaris forum. I have a 1.0ltr T3 Yaris, it is a 2004 so has the tear drop headlights and revised front bumper. I am after a decent front spoiler/splitter for it to and also anyone driven one of these with a turbo? thinking of turboing this or fitting a startlet turbo engine, any thoughts?
  4. Ae82 Wanted - White

    Hi are you after a standard car?
  5. Anyone Know This Black Ae82 Gt Limited Edition?

    Hey just seen this thread and thought i'd post on it, I was the second owner on this car and I sold it to a young lad in Huddersfield who ended up crashing it and your right it was sold to someone from Dews. I've got some nice photos of this car when I had it.
  6. Corolla Twin Cam Meet

    Hey when was this meet? I never saw a post up about it. Would like to join you guys on ur next meet. Keep me posted.
  7. Yaris Mk2 (2004) Front Spoiler

    Hi could anyone please help I am urgently in need of a front spoiler/splitter to fit my partners 2004 yaris it is not a T-sport model however i cannot seem to find any nice subtle kits for the revised version yaris could anyone please help?
  8. Wanted Yaris T-sport/sr Rear Spoiler

    Hi, could anyone help I have bought a yaris for my Mrs and I am gathering bits to start modifying it however cannot find a rear spoiler for it anywhere, ebay seems to only have the non t-sport rear spoiler which are not as nice can anyone point me in the right direction pls. :(
  9. My Ae82

    This is the car that some of you know i've been working on for a number of years.
  10. Ae82 Shell..............

    Hi yeh i already have a corolla gt which is highly modified, i still havent got round to putting any pics on this site but then there isn't many pics of members cars or maybe i'm not looking in the right place....... Gonna use the shell for another project something a bit this space B) .....
  11. Ae82 Shell..............

    Hi just wanted to let all those that tried helping me source a mint ae82 shell but I have finally found one and bought it on thursday. 1 owner 25K on the clock with full toyota history and it is a GL shell with no sunroof which is exactly what I was after. I will be posting some pictures up once i get it home from my garage. Let the fun begin...............
  12. Ae82 Shell.......

    Hi unfortunatly i do not have any ae82 parts in white but can suely get you some bits in different colours. With regards to the shell I am deadly serious but as stated shell has to be in mint condition any chance of some photos etc of the shell pls. Appreciate the help
  13. Ae82 Rear Mud Guards

    Hi everyone again I am searching for parts if anyone can help, It is the rear mud guards that form part of the original kit on the ae82, I was wanting to buy a brand new set from toyota however they have none of these in stock anywhere and so are no longer available. Pls help
  14. Ae82 Shell.......

    Hi CRXsud I would definately be interested in the shell if it is in mint condition pls when you do recieve the shell give me a call on 07903 391923 or mail my hotmail account I notice ur name is CRXsud so you must like your honda's, I've a nice collection of honda's and parts. Look forward to hearing from you.
  15. Ae82 Shell.......

    Hi everyone, i have finally bought a house with a double garage which means i can start reshelling my pride and joy. So I am after a mint shell preferabally a 1.3GL shell can anone help pls......