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  1. Corolla Gti Air Intake

    Hmmm.. I drive an '89 corolla SR5 carb'd.. I took all that junk stock tubing out.. with the carb cover still on and using 1 piece of the rubber with a clamp i put a piece of 2" PVC pipe inside of the rubber fitting that attaches to the air filter cover and then converted that to a larger 5" thin-wall PVC pipe and at the end of that put a 120MM 114CFM fan blowing in.. at 4-6K RPM all the back pressure on the fan dissapears and the engine takes OFF! (4-AF). I am going to do a real setup now getting a larger hole straight into the carb air filter and get rid of all these small pipes that just give resistance and then i am planning on a 550CFM fan that will ram the air in.. I had to remove the windshield washer tank though to do this.. mounting it in the trunk now.
  2. Few Problems W/ 89' Corolla Sr5

    I am having trouble locating a GOOD replacement factory sun-roof panel... one that isn't rusted.. I'm not looking to buy from the dealer as that will cost me... well I could put a rocket into space for cheaper :) I am also looking for performance parts.. better (bigger) carb.. right front parking light .. new hood.. I am in eastern PA.. so um.. I really ain't looking to have a hood shipped.. but anyway. Also the AC is bone dry.. needs to be charged.. I am qualified to do this except the fact that it isn't exactly easy to get my hands on R-12.. so I was looking at possibly R-22.. which runs the same as R-12 .. runs better.. I've used R-22 in your standard refrigerator compressors.. which are designed for R-12.. and it runs excellent.. except we aren't dealing with a hermeticly sealed compressor in a car.. and I haven't delt with much in the way of automobile systems.. Propane also works very well.. it mimics R-22 almost exactly.. Wondering if anyone has tried this.. I would if I knew there were no leaks in my system..