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  1. Carina Temp Gauge

    Hi there all, I have a Carina 2.0 Executive (Automatic), I think I have a faulty temp gauge. When I start the car the needle on the temp gauge immediately jumps to over halfway and proceeds up above the warning area as the engine warms up. I've had problems like this before, such as hitting bumps in the road making the temp gauge needle flicker and some times go in to the red and stay there (all within a matter of seconds). I've checked all problems concerning the engine cooling and everything seems to be fine. I've tried tapping the temp gauge on the dash and I could make it flicker as it would when hitting bumps. But now it seems to have got stuck. Does anyone know if i have broken the temp gauge on the dash??? If so how do I repair it or replace it?
  2. Carina E Executive Overheating

    Thanks for the reply, I had suspected the water pump needed to be replaced. Would you be able to tell me how easy it would be to do. Would I need to remove the timing belt etc. Is there anything else I would need to remove to get to the water pump?
  3. Hi there, I have just got a Toyota Carina E Executive Automatic. I've noticed that after a few minutes the temp gauge goes in to the red and sometimes fluctuates. The car does run hot but occaisonally manages to bring the temp down to halfway on the scale... After inspection, the lower house is cold after idling for a few moments but the top one gets hot. I've replaced the Thermostat and that doesn't seem to have done the trick, there is no oil in the radiator and I have flushed it to ensure that it is not blocked. No mayo style deposits on oil filler cap and no oil in the rad so hopefully its not a head gasket problem. I'm not losing water from the system, I can't find any leaks so I'm wondering if the water is not flowing properly??? Also slightly strange noise around the thermostat area?? not sure where it is coming from.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers