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  1. Trd Gt86 - Total Rip Off

    I posted this on the Toyota Blog but they havent approved it as it proves how much of a rip off the TRD GT86 is. So on top of being a rip off it goes to show that Toyota havent even got the balls to let there be freedom of speech on their blogs. So here is my post in all its glory now from one very peed off ex Toyota Owner. I hope that this information is useful to people who are considering the TRD GT86. Dont get me wrong, i want to see Toyota and the GT86 do well. But the fact that they BLOCKED my post on their blog has really got my back up now.
  2. Remapped?

    Yeah you can remap an aftermarket ecu... but not the toyota one.
  3. Korky1

    Doesnt the drivers seat go all the way back until it touches the rear seats? I believe mine does.... You could remove the seat, re-drill the mounting holes and then bolt it back in further back. Or make some small adaptors to relocate the seat. Nothing off the shelf to do this job as far as i know.
  4. Gt 86 . Just A Celica Revamped?

    I'll eat my hat if Toyota make a new Celica. The Supra name carrys so much "Hype" from the last shape and the image that The Fast and The Furious gave it... would be foolish not to bring back the Supra. ... but the Celica......most people think of the 1.8 Gen7 when they hear the word Celica and dont think of the RWD/4WD 2.0 turbo models :( Time to let the Celica die peacefully.
  5. Toyota Gt86 Drift School

    You cant really "drift" in a standard GT86... it doesnt have enough power. I found you can get the back end out easily with a clutch kick and feathering the throttle... but you cant keep the back end out long enough to consider it being a proper full on drift :(
  6. Gt 86 . Just A Celica Revamped?

    Nothing like the Celica. It doesnt feel anywhere near as big or heavy. The GT86 is the spiritual successor to the Corolla AE86 so a smaller model than the Celica. Toyota are working on a new sports car with BMW which could be similar in size to the Celica but most likely it'll end up being a new Supra.
  7. Few Questions About My 94 Gt4 St205

    Standard ST205 ecu cannot but re-mapped, only piggybacked with something like a Unichip. There are some companies like Mines, Blitz, Avance and C-One who have fitted piggyback chips into standard ECU's and they give you roughly 20-30bhp depending on supporting mods. I've just sold a Blitz Access ECU for the ST205 for £400 which is the going rate of any aftermarket ECU for these cars. There is an Advance ECU for sale on ebay but i dont know how good these are. The blitz/c-one ecu's are considered the best.
  8. Remapped?

    You cant remap Toyota ECU's (with the exception of the GT86 which apparently can be). If you run a different ECU it wont make any changes to your servicing intervals.
  9. Engine Knock And Overheat

    Sorry to hear that dude. Just make sure you get a totally different unbroken engine and not a reconditioned one. As a lot of these dodgy garages that specialise in these engines (mostly in Birmingham) take your engine, stick new parts in it and then tell you it was a new recon engine. It'll only last a few months if you're lucky. They've been pulling this scam for years and not just on this engine.
  10. Engine Knock And Overheat

    Oh dear.... oh dear oh dear.... Search the forum for old posts..... that engine has gone the way of the dodo my friend. Which is pretty much the fate of every 1ZZ-FE eventually... :(
  11. Gt86 Versus Celica Gt 4

    Good video but its not really a VS..... my italian isnt good but its just a guy with a GT4 and a guy with a GT86 out for a drive isnt it? Would have been a pretty unfair fight in all honesty if they had put them toe to toe but still good to see them out on a jolly together. Im looking forward to the Supercharged GT86 coming along as it would make a good head to head video. A few guys in the US/Japan have turbo'd GT86's now putting out near 400bhp. And then there are two 2JZGTE powered GT86's which are probably packing 600-1000bhp but they havent actually been Dyno'd yet. There is a 400bhp one with an IS-F engine too!
  12. Check the bolt that holds the banana arm onto the floor under your foot. Also check the bolt that holds your lower control arm onto the subframe (one that the fig8 sits on). I've had both these on the drivers side work their way loose after some very hard track days.
  13. Did you check that your banana arm bolts arent loose? They sometimes work themselves free and it would be a shame to spend hundreds of pounds for no reason.
  14. Could be anything. 60k is about the time superstrut and shock need replacing anyway. Creaking when turning sounds like the banana arms to me as mine did this when one of the bolts was loose. Also caused a knocking when stopping and pulling away.
  15. Guide To Buying A Mk4 Supra (93-02)

    The silver vehicles also had a beige interior I've also seen a white car with a beige interior so i believe buyers must have had a choice of black or beige regardless of the body colour.