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  1. Tyre Wear

    Thanks for the input peeps, will keep an eye on them and see how it goes for now.
  2. Tyre Wear

    Just been looking at tyres and a question occured to me. Do all the tyres on a 4x4 wear at pretty much the same rate or do front still wear faster as they do on a regular front wheel drive car? Trying to work out if im going to have to start replacing all my tyres at the same time, or if i can still do 2 and 2 as i did on the Celica. Looks like Yokohama do some nice tyres in the right size for the Rav. Used them for my Celica so will probably stick with the brand. They got me through the 2007 floods without a slip or a scratch in the Celica so i consider that a pretty good test!
  3. Fault Code Advice

    Ah thats great, thanks again mate!
  4. Fault Code Advice

    OK so it turns out that the problem is being caused by there being no earth on the 2 pre cat sensors. Must be a common ground somewhere thats got damaged or corroded. They did a temporary fix and it put the light out and cleared the codes, so i'll do a proper job on it at the weekend. Glad its not been anything too nasty!
  5. Fault Code Advice

    Yeah ive been using the same local garage for years. All our family use them and they look after us well. Dropped the Rav of with them this morning and they checked the cat and its fine. They noticed that the fans are running all the time so going to look into that for me.
  6. Fault Code Advice

    Heh, cant beat an Avo! That looks like a mark 3 to me :)
  7. Fault Code Advice

    Hmm yeah they could be a problem, will have a look over the weekend in daylight. May be able to feed some thin wire in between the seals.
  8. Fault Code Advice

    Ooh thanks for that, will have to pick one of those up I think! I've got an Avo 8 kicking about here which is about as good as it gets for analogue meters in my opinion, also got a hand held oscilloscope (I'm a radio ham so I have all sorts of test kit). One of them should be able to show me how its switching.
  9. Fault Code Advice

    Cool, thanks. Garage over the road is going to do an emissions test for me free as ive been a customer for a logs time, will see what that shows.
  10. Fault Code Advice

    That would be great if you could test yours so i can get some idea of what to expect. Maybe they are cheap ones giving the same problem as the BMW's. Fingers crossed! Going to see if my friendly local garage can check the emissions and see if there is a CAT problem. Still waiting for the dealer i bought it from to get back to me :/
  11. Fault Code Advice

    Ok so ive tested the sensors. Looking at the picture above here are the results: Top Left - 1.4 ohms Top Right - 1.3 ohms Bottom Left - 13.4 ohms Bottom Right - 13.9 ohms All sounds rather low to me, any thoughts chaps?
  12. Fault Code Advice

    Yep got it, thanks again. It is a 1AZ-FE, off to poke it with a meter!
  13. Rav4.2 Rear Aux Power Socket Diy

    Nice! Going to have to do this on mine. Was thinking when i picked it up it would be handy to have a socket in that blank!
  14. Fault Code Advice

    Yes I thought it was odd to get both! Thanks for the info, very useful. will go poke it with my meter in a bit and report back. How do I tell what engine I have? I looked in my handbook ad it give me 3 options :/ The RAV is a feb 2002 model, 3 door, auto, petrol VVTi.
  15. Fault Code Advice

    Done a bit more reading and thinking on this. One thing im still confused about is why im getting the error on both banks at the same time? Isn't it a huge coincidence for either, both banks of the cat to fail at the same time, or 2 lots of sensors to fail at the same time? Is there another reason I'm missing? Something common to both banks that would cause this fault on both at the same time?