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  1. Hey, do you have a link where I can buy the iPod connector you mentioned in your articel? Got a 58827 Radio/CD changer in my RAV4 2007.

    would be great!

  2. Hi anchorman,could you help me out with some info,on a 1997 MK1 Rav4 5door with Automatic transmission.My question is,"Does the transfer box,have its own separate supply of oil,or is it fed from the oil in the automatic transmission fluid from the auto box" ?.I cant seem to find any info on this.And what has got me thinking,is,i just changed the rear differential oil and was having a general look around,and thought i would look at the drain plug situation on the auto transmission box,found that ok,then i happened to notice what looked like another drain plug on the transfer box,what i could not find was anything resembling a filler plug,I would really be happy to hear your input on this.Thank you in anticipation,Ken62

  3. 2.2 Replacement Engine Failed.

    A lot has happened in the last few days. I suppose you could say that this all started when a moderator pointed out to Charlie the TOC rules regarding trading. He now posts regularly on another RAV forum. Hoovie also got banned by TOC Management as a result of the fallout.. I have resigned my post as a moderator as I cannot condone or agree to this action.
  4. Rav 4 4.3 Gearbox, Clutch Issue

    Don't forget the 6 speed box has a synchro on reverse.
  5. Interior Lights

    There are 3 positions for the switch - off, on and door. It is set to door right?
  6. 2.2 Replacement Engine Failed.

    I don't see what can go while it is parked. I wonder if the HP pump or something fuel delivery has failed. I have heard engines miss and backfire down to fuel problems and fuel filters are back in the news. It can't harm to try one.
  7. D4D Oil Filter Socket

    Oh yes! For infor, the filter housing on the later 4.4 model is indeed plastic as Guy says!!!
  8. 10 Years Of Warranty

    It is genuine folks.
  9. Oil Be Damned....

    BK and me have the 0W/30 version which is much more expensive. It is what is fitted in the factory of the new "Optimal Drive" rated vehicles and these auto's need all the help they can get with fuel consumption. For anyone running a none Optimal Drive vehicle, the 5W/30 ESP is perfect. On the attached info sheet, click the tablets to navigate around the page. Kingo, what would you charge for the indicated 5l of 0W/30TGMO oil?
  10. Returning To The Rav Fold ;-)

    I know where there is a red one for 6k.
  11. Scotland

    Sierra's were frightening on a windy day.
  12. 2 New Tyres Then 2 Wheel Studs

    Kev. I always lubricate the thread so the nut goes in with as little friction as possible - you want to measure the resistance of the seat and the resultant back pressure on the thread, not the crud making the nut tight on the thread. You can oil the face of a tapered nut but it will just push it out so I tend not to. On the F1 nuts, you oil between the washer and the nut but not the surface that contacts the wheel. This photo shows the washer and no, it isn't my fingers it is a pair of gloves! GJ I always brush a bit of grease around the hub spigot. I never use coppaslip crud.
  13. Starter Motor Lead Question.

    It might make a bit when dead cold but you will need a starter to cure it.
  14. 2 New Tyres Then 2 Wheel Studs

    Never known it without the stud being abused first. I am dead careful with wheel studs. The stud is well oiled and I oil between the captive washer and the nut so there is no friction there and I get a true torque setting. You don't need a super calibrated NASA torque wrench, it is more important to get them tightened equally. Tyre fitters tend to wang them up with a gun then click a torque wrench over them just for show. By that time the air gun has probably taken them to twice their recommended setting - brilliant.
  15. Returning To The Rav Fold ;-)

    I know where there is a very nice 2006 RAV with a new engine and lots of toys ;-)