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  1. The genuine ones are a decent price, PM me with your reg number for a delivered price Kingo
  2. It was built in January 2007
  3. It is up to the driver to have the recall done, you cannot be forced to do it, it is in your own interests. How can Toyota be at fault if you refuse to have it done? At least there is a code of practice in the motor industry, buy white goods, they can burn your house down but don't have to inform you directly that it could happen!!
  4. Getting the best from a Hybrid takes a little bit of thought and a slightly different driving style This gives you some idea Kingo
  5. My Auris reads incorrectly when going past dirty road signs that cannot be read properly, one sign near me is covered in road grime, every time I go past it reads 10 MPH, it actually says 40 MPH. Nothing is infallable. There is also a sign that has been slightly turned on a angle to the road, the car sometimes reads that sign, other times it cannot see it. I still know what it says, I can read it for myself
  6. Not at all, I get average 55 MPG out of Hybrids, I have had several. My journey is 20 miles combined slow A road and 70 plus Motorway driving. It is mainly down to driving style getting good MPG, but that does not mean driving like Miss Daisy, use the pulse and glide method, it works! Kingo
  7. I have been running a 1.6 Auris diesel for 5 months now. The engine is OK, torque is reasonable but not massive, personally I think it's a tad noisy and the engine fan cuts in and out even on a cold day which surprisingly I find annoying (must be my age) Comfortable to drive though, seats are good, Kingo
  8. Lindop Toyota have changed their website, and the purchase of chip kits has been moved to its own URL/Website You can now buy our range of Lindop Chip kits by visiting: You can pay with your credit card online or use your PayPal account The products are currently being updated, if you need something specific that is not listed, please send me a message or call me on 01978 720074 Kingo
  9. Yes, deffo the air box
  10. You have never driven a hybrid then? Why do you think they put electric motors in trains? They pull like errr.......trains
  11. Nobody is going to ban Euro 5 or 6 diesels, it is scaremongering, how the hell is anything going to get delivered in the country if you ban diesel cars/vans lorries. There may be a case to ban older polluting cars/buses/lorries from city centres, and there may be some sort of scrappage scheme but it wont affect anything new, not for a long long time, I would be in no way worried with my new Auris diesel for a long time to come
  12. Maybe he is just a bit dim
  13. I suggest he changes his profession..................
  14. You can't please everyone ;)
  15. Well yes it is annoying but you know how many miles you do and how many days it will last you. I just don't get this thing about relying on "range" sorry, you use fuel and it needs replacing, just do it based on what the gauge says, why see what the range says, especially as everybody moans as to its accuracy