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  1. When a recall is announced, Toyota tell the DVLA what vehicles are affected, and the DVLA pass a list of owners to Toyota who then mail those people. If somebody chooses not to have the work done, or sells the car on, then further mailings will take place later on, with a new list of owners. Imagine how many cars are changing hands every day, lists of owners will soon become out of date. The database is constantly updated as claims are submitted.
  2. I think that message is standard now. The problem in telling people exactly what issue is outstanding is they make their own mind up on if or when to bring the car in, for example I have heard people say oh well it can be done next year when the service is due, when in fact we try and mop up every recall we can so they can be closed off as soon as possible. You will get a letter as well if the car is due a safety recall.
  3. I currently run an Auris TS Business Edition Hybrid, I am currently averaging 62 MPG on my daily commute/leisure time. Commute is about 5 miles slow A road and 15 miles fast A road (dual carriageway) The car is a dream to drive, what other petrol automatic does 62 MPG with such comfort? Not many, I am currently on 11,000 miles
  4. Everything has a price, I just clicked your link and thought wow! I certainly think you are looking for too much. Prius sell very well to the Uber/Taxi market if at the right price, you should not have trouble selling it
  5. Might be better if you post up the exact size you are looking for
  6. The car is 13 years old no matter what the mileage is, it may have a cracked boot causing water ingress or oil to exit, any number of reasons why it might fail. There are companies out there who will overhaul a rack
  7. Some Avensis have bushes that you cannot replace, maybe that is the issue??
  8. Don't faff around looking for a manual that may or may not cover your model, use the link above, it costs €3 per hour and you can download/save/print ALL the relevant documents for your SPECIFIC car, proper Toyota workshop manuals with everything you need to know for YOUR car
  9. Toyota sell them, I can supply you one, cost is around £60 delivered, retail is £70 ish delivered, it is a chromed finish Kingo
  10. An HHC should be issued with EVERY main dealer service. Dealers are targeted to ensure a consistently high HHC completion rate so I doubt that it escaped. Phone the Service Manager and ask for a copy
  11. There are a number of recalls on the go where the recall has been announced but there are no parts or technical instructions available yet. In that case please wait until you receive your letter, it may take a while depending on the outcomes available
  12. There is one very simple fix, it involves booking it in at your dealer and having them replaced for free, simples ;)
  13. and why would you do that?
  14. I know I would say this but............ I cannot see why anybody would risk their 5 year warranty, especially on a Hybrid, for only a small saving on dealer over independent costs. If you do go independent, make sure you compare apples with apples, IE, make sure correct oils and the like are used, I'm sure you will find the costs comparible
  15. In order to maintain your car for warranty, you will need to have the correct service schedule carried out at the correct time/mileage, which means having the full service every 20K. You do not need to have this done at a Toyota dealer, BUT you must keep all receipts and ensure the correct procedure is followed, oils used etc. The Toyota fixed price service promise is a competitively priced way of having your car maintained. You also get a free hybrid health check when the service is done at your dealer, something that wont happen at an independent garage