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  1. I'm sure it is working 100%, best ruling things out first before expecting the worst. Just because one person gets 60 MPG, doesnt mean the next person can. I have been out in customers cars who swear blind they drive like little miss daisy, only to go out on a white knuckle ride with them. Get it booked in for a check over before speculating that things are not working 100%
  2. It will show any issues with the Hybrid battery/system but wont show anything else, it is a limited test. Why don't you speak to the sales manager where you bought the car and see if they will book it in for investigation for you? It might save you a few quid, ask for a Hybrid Health check, you will get a certificate produced if it passes the checks
  3. Others find cruise control effecient, on a hybrid, I don't think its efficient whatsoever. When you come to an incline the engine is screaming, how is that efficient? Yes ECO is fine, all it does is dull the throttle response, I was confusing it with EV for a second, sorry. What do you mean "see the battery kick in?"
  4. I have had lots of various Hybrids and currently run an Auris Hybrid Tourer. I was getting 62 MPG in the summer with higher ambient temperatures, but am currently getting just 57. Ambient air temperature is a big factor with Hybrids. Please don't take offence but one of biggest factors is driving style and the type of driving you do. There is a style to driving a Hybrid that you need to get used to, and that is not putting in ECO and running on EV, but to let the car decide what is best, accelerate to the speed you want then lift off the gas, feathering the throttle, keep an eye on that fuel indicator to see how you are doing, you will be surprised the difference it makes. 47 Is low, I bet you could improve it by that "lifting" the throttle technique and anticipating the traffic ahead of you. I have never dropped below 55 even with snow on the ground. One other point, or is it two? Engine oil and tyres. You should have 0w 20 oil and LLR tyres, if either have been changed then that will lower your MPG, but driving style and the type of driving you do is the biggest factor Kingo
  5. It will only work on FM, that feature does not work on DAB. I spent a long time with Toyota trying to sort this for a customer, you can't, it is not enabled on DAB Kingo
  6. When a dealer loads a car onto the system, it uses CAP or Glasses data, so he only has to input the Reg number and all the CAP/Glasses data is loaded automatically, this data can often be suspect. This is not just a Toyota thing, any used car from a dealer on Autotrader or wherever will be using this exact same data system, you should always check the spec of a car yourself before committing to purchase it.
  7. As I suspected. All those boxes do is to boost fuel pressure, they are a kind of "one size fits all" tuning box.
  8. How many connections does the DTUK box have to the engine? Does it just fasten to the fuel pressure sensor?
  9. Compare like with like, you will find the main dealer prices very competitive, especially important is the grade of oil used, something independents often overlook, plus, your Hybrid gets a free health check at service time, your independent will not offer that service. If you do go the independent route, you MUST keep all receipts and a check list of what was done on the service, IE the check sheet
  10. Like I say, its a massive recall. Just because you haven't had a letter doesn't mean you can't go to your dealer, get a job card raised up, and order the parts now for you. You don't have to wait for the letter to arrive. Speak to your dealer who will order the bits and call you when they are in, to be fair, the ones I am ordering have not been taking too long to arrive recently
  11. When a recall is announced, Toyota tell the DVLA what vehicles are affected, and the DVLA pass a list of owners to Toyota who then mail those people. If somebody chooses not to have the work done, or sells the car on, then further mailings will take place later on, with a new list of owners. Imagine how many cars are changing hands every day, lists of owners will soon become out of date. The database is constantly updated as claims are submitted.
  12. I think that message is standard now. The problem in telling people exactly what issue is outstanding is they make their own mind up on if or when to bring the car in, for example I have heard people say oh well it can be done next year when the service is due, when in fact we try and mop up every recall we can so they can be closed off as soon as possible. You will get a letter as well if the car is due a safety recall.
  13. I currently run an Auris TS Business Edition Hybrid, I am currently averaging 62 MPG on my daily commute/leisure time. Commute is about 5 miles slow A road and 15 miles fast A road (dual carriageway) The car is a dream to drive, what other petrol automatic does 62 MPG with such comfort? Not many, I am currently on 11,000 miles
  14. Everything has a price, I just clicked your link and thought wow! I certainly think you are looking for too much. Prius sell very well to the Uber/Taxi market if at the right price, you should not have trouble selling it
  15. Might be better if you post up the exact size you are looking for