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  1. Tns 510 Navigation System Map Update?

    However, they will be pirated copy cards and not legal..........
  2. Help anyone please

    If the car is only due an interim service then why would they give it a full service? They will not do a full service if it is not due, however, why not speak to the sales manager about it? I am sure a polite conversation face to face would make you feel better, if he wants the sale that badly I am sure he would do the service, if not, then the car is not for you and you could walk away. Talking to the dealer would be better for you rather than airing it on here surely?
  3. Help anyone please

    The spec info will come from CAP, so the dealer pops the reg number in and the spec is displayed. This info can be wrong from time to time. If you have bought it, you had the opportunity to inspect what was on the car pre-purchase. Just as in the brochure of a car, you always see the message E&OE, errors and omissions excepted, you should always check the spec on any spec sheet and compare it to what you are actually buying. The spec sheet is an indication only
  4. Pls help me identify this suspension? part

    It is called the anti roll bar drop link, easy to change, sadly quite expensive if you buy a genuine one, but can be found very cheap from your local motor factor, it needs replacing right away, it assists the stability of the cars suspension, whilst it has not fallen off, you don't want that to happen, change it as soon as possible Kingo
  5. Really high insurance and NCD lost!

    In my view, these comparison companies should be investigated! They are data generating businesses, its all about selling on your data, they make commission out of your premium and make good money selling your data to large companies who will market you (unless you tick the correct boxes) The data they collect is very good for the motor trade, you give them all your personal data, the type/age of your car, and its all refreshed with new data every year when you go on the merry go round again. My prediction is, comparison sites will be the next PPI Rant over....................
  6. A few years ago, on local TV, there was a news feature about cars locking and unlocking, people getting locked out etc, they put a spin on it about saying it was ghostly and maybe something to do with a haunted house locally bla bla. Turned out to be something very simple. A local cafe had installed a wifi/wireless iPad ordering system for their waitresses and it played havoc with cars parked on the street, go work that one out Also: There is a cafe local to me, they have signs up all over the car park to check your doors and make sure the car is locked. The cafe sits at the bottom of a 180 m hill, that has a lot of transmission masts on it, that causes problems with central locking too
  7. Service Book Stamp

    Service books should still be stamped if available, however there is a complete record of service history on My Toyota, which any owner has access to. Printing service books and handbooks is becoming a thing of the past in this electronic age, when everyone wants to do their bit for the environment Kingo
  8. Too expensive!!!

    Yes, a HYBRID in nearly every model by 2020, NOT a Hydrogen
  9. Auris Touring Hybrid

    You will love it, I am currently in a Hybrid Auris, lovely smooth and easy drive, especially as just having a 1.6 Auris diesel for 6 months before it Kingo
  10. Diesel tuning box

    Peak BHP at 3.6 BUT torque at 2.4K. Red lines are standard performance. Look at standard BHP, it's only 167 NOT 180 as you would have hoped for I don't think you have issues with SCV, doubt it Kingo
  11. Diesel tuning box

    Not quite. The ECU detects very high fuel pressure in cold damp conditions, and in order to protect the engine, the box puts the car into limp mode. This is exactly what it is supposed to do, so not a fault, but just protecting the engine. Look at the top purple line in the left hand pane of the image, see how the torque tails off after 2400 RPM
  12. Diesel tuning box

    The torque curve is very tall (a narrow band) on the T180, the turbo starts to spool up at about 1500 RPM and MAX torque occurs at 2400 RPM so revving past this does not give you any more torque. You should certainly be feeling the extra power though?? Do not turn it up past number 7, it will be OK in this warmer weather but when the cold damp air arrives in Autumn it could cause the EML light to come on Kingo
  13. Diesel tuning box

    What chip did you have? The way the chip works is that because you have more torque (about 25% with our kits) you do not have to be up and down the gearbox all the time, so with the better torque, it is entirely possible to get better MPG just by learning to use the extra torque. If you drive it like you stole it, you wont see any improvement. It is difficult to give specifics on MPG because will all drive differently and under different conditions, but anecdotally my customers tell me they get between 3 and 6 MPG better economy Kingo
  14. Why are people obsessed about the range and whats left in when the warning light comes on? Use the fuel, when it gets low, fill it up, job done, no worries any more
  15. Spare key

    This is not a Toyota issue it is common to all manufacturers. I have to get lots of keys in for sales cars where they are missing (not handed in by previous owners) and £250-£300 is not uncommon so your £140 is not as bad as it could be. A Ford one I wanted recently was £340