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  1. Is It Possible To Programme A Used Remote Fob

    I dont think you can re-programme a remote fob that has already been programmed to another car. You buy the fob and the key separately. They are £223 but you would need it programmed locally at your dealer. There is very little margin in keys for me, I could shave a bit off the price for you. You need to bite the bullet and sort something because if you lose that key you are up the creek and the paddles are very expensive LOL    
  2. Toyota Avensis 2005 Reg, Key Not Working

    The battery in the remote is 3V, as soon as the voltage dips, your remote will not operate properly. Try putting a new battery in it first, they are only £3 odd
  3. Workshop Manual

    It is €3 per hour, for that you can download or print all the information you need, it is the actual factory workshop manual too, so very informative, most people find what they need and save it within an hour
  4. Screen Wash Pump

    Mrs Kingo uses her washers like they were going out of fashion on the Corolla. I always use a ready mixed screenwash in it in the summer, but it is useless when winter arrives, the fluid always freezes at the nozzles, so I use a decent quality concentrated version when winter arrives, we never have a problems with a concentrated version. It can often be bought at supermarkets / Costco / Factors for a decent price
  5. Engine Oil

    The 0w 20 oil is a premium oil, it has much better lubrication and fuel efficiency characteristics, hence that is reflected in the price
  6. Engine Oil

    Yes it should be 0w 20, ( API SN/SM; ILSAC GF-5) it is the PREFERRED grade, however, you can use 5w 30 PFE, API CF; ACEA A5/B5 C2, as an option. it's your car, you pays yer money..................
  7. Best Approach For Diy Bumper Repair

    Sublet it out to a small bodyshop or "chips away/smart repairer" as you can make a right hash using cans and lacquer if you are not familiar doing it
  8. Only One Reversing Light?

    Have heard that done plenty of times to good effect............
  9. Only One Reversing Light?

    Not missing, they only have one, very common to have one reverse light on the nearside and one fog lamp on the offside, no matter what marque of car
  10. Broken Springs

    Just like shock absorbers, if the car is over 5 years old we would suggest changing them as a pair, but at the end of the day, that is just good engineering practice, the customer is paying the bill and is allowed to make his own decision. A genuine rear spring on a 2007 RAV is £109 plus VAT. I am not saying genuine will last twice as long as none genuine, but what I can say is the wire used is a lot thicker on a genuine spring when compared side by side
  11. Broken Springs

    it is reasonably common on a lot of cars, including Toyota. I very often price them on visual health inspections, BEFORE they get to be broken, IE when they are heavily corroded and before they have snapped. I have just priced two this morning on a RAV and an Aygo
  12. Use Of Oil Pump Out Instead Of Sump Plug Drain?

    i think there is a time and place for suction pumps, such as your boat engine, however the use of them in modern garages and fast fits is for one reason only, to save time and money, and allow an untrained monkey to do the job and call it a "service" shocking that people will be paying for that service but there you go. It has been a pet hate of mine for some time now, There have been some horror stories in the trade press over such tactics
  13. Use Of Oil Pump Out Instead Of Sump Plug Drain?

    Believe it or not, most fast fits use this type of pump these days, it saves the hassle of stripped/leaking sump plugs and is quicker for them. HOWEVER as you have mentioned, it leaves quite a bit of oil in the sump and the dregs will NEVER be drained out. So all in all, if you want the job done properly you will need to drain the sump through the drain plug.
  14. Do You Suspect This Private Seller Is A Dealer?

    That car has almost a full history at our Wrexham branch so no problem with that. The owner lived locally to here
  15. Hiace Regius - New Purchase

    You cannot change the sat nav to English, the vehicle was built for Japanese market, hence in Japanese. You could change the head unit to something with built in sat nav for a reasonable price. I suspect there is also an antenna issue if you are only picking up very strong signals Try Dan at Adrian Flux for an insurance quote, click on forums and go to the bottom of the page to find forum sponsors Kingo