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  1. Unlikely, but possible. I would check things like tyres first, or something loose, or drive shaft joints, not likely to be ball joints
  2. By their very nature they are more expensive to produce, customers would be peeved if the engine fell to pieces after 50K with a single flywheel. I think you underestimate the forces involved here
  3. Not really, DMF's were introduced because diesel engines were getting much more powerful and customers demanded more refinement. You get bags of torque in a modern diesel, the DMF reduces the harshness that is produced, especially at low revs. Modern engines produce more vibration at low revs, and the DMF dampens the effect. Manufacturers don't put things on cars for the fun of it, they do it for specific reasons, engine longevity for one, without it being destroyed by vibration.
  4. about £165 depending on model
  5. Very often, if the car has had a minor bump on the front, the first thing to break is the plastic lug that holds the headlamp in place on the front panel, if that or the adjuster is broken you are into a new headlamp unit Kingo
  6. I think you will find it is in the fuel tank, as part of the pump, it is not servicable if it is indeed that type Kingo
  7. Replied
  8. One knock sensor...............four lambda sensors
  9. I suppose you could say the same about Cruise Control, that only works above a certain speed. I think the pre collision system only works above 10 KPH too, sure ive read that in the manual
  10. I would make sure the tyres are in good condition, is the tread good? Are they original tyres? If not are they good enough? Being rear wheel drive, the back end will step out if the tyres are getting low. You would still need to be driving it quite hard, I would have it checked out as this is not something that should happen with normal driving
  11. You are most welcome
  12. You are welcome
  13. I have just replied to you with prices. We also have a policy of not giving out part numbers. We are under no obligation to provide part numbers, you can purchase technical information from Toyota tech doc, it does not give you part number information The reason we do not give part numbers is, people call a dealer to get a number, go away and Google the number, and buy the part from an online shop, usually a pattern part, based on the number we have given. When the part doesnt fit or there is a quality issue, the customer comes back to us complaining the part number must have been wrong. We undertake to supply the correct parts to our customers based on the information they give us, we don't give that information away so somebody can go and buy a pattern part based on what we have told them. We are happy to deal with hundreds of online quotes every year, but we are not happy to line somebody elses pocket. There are lots of online parts catalogues out there with part number information, many will be out of date as parts supplied will change number from time to time as parts are updated, please feel free to use one of those if it helps you Kingo
  14. If it was a Ford I would say no chance, if it hasnt been done you are on very thin ice, it could quite easily have gone that long without breaking, however it could just as easily go tomorrow, better safe than sorry eh? I was once working on a SEAT, and whilst it was in the workshop, ticking over, waiting for it to get hot, it stopped. Seemed very strange, had not even been worked on, then found out the cambelt had snapped, they can go at any time without warning! Kingo
  15. Like all Hybrids it is a bit "Revvy" but drives and handles superbly. Once you get used to how the Hybrid system drives, you will get used to it.