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  1. Vtr In Aeras?

    Hi all. Just got a 2003 Estima Aeras imported. In the back it has VTR sockets for the TV/DVD screen but when I tried my ipod video on TV out function it didn't work. NTSC showed nothing and PAL had only sound. Any ideas how to get it to work? Cheers, Mark.
  2. Car Seat Covers For 7 Seater

    Hi. I'm having a hard time finding car seat covers for a 7 seater (captain's seat) Estima Aeras 2003 model import. Anyone know a company that can do them? Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi all. Does anyone have, or know where we can get, a manual for an Estima Aeras 2003 model please? Just got one and unfortunately my Japanese is hopeless! Want to find out what all these buttons do!
  4. Box Fuses Problem?

    Sounds like a blown fuse alright. Have you checked both fuse boxes? There should be one under the bonnet as well as inside the car. Someone doesn't know what they're talking about the box fuse, there's no way they're that much! They are about $8 here in New Zealand. That's about £3-4. The easiest way is to check every fuse with a test light, or a voltmeter. The fuses have a small piece of metal that you can touch with the test light or voltmeter at each end of the fuse. If you get no voltage at both ends, that's ok, good voltage at both ends, that's ok. If you get voltage at only one end of the fuse, it's blown. No I haven't checked them yet because I didn't know how to. The only ones I've seen are under the bonnet. Jemca (Toyota dealer)weren't saying that the fuses cost that much but that it costs that much to check them. Crazy huh? I'll ask some friends if anyone has a voltmeter or test light. Found the fuse box in the car (previously though the engine one was the only one) and someone gave me a book showing which fuse it is. Turns out there was a spare one in the box. Oh, and the inside light needed a new bulb. all fixed now!
  5. Jap Imported Estima Sat Nav

    I found this : Mark.
  6. Import Costs For Estima?

    Yes, I really would like a hybrid but was told by a couple of people that parts and servicing are just not possible here. Had one guy tell me that's not true but I took the 2 opinions over the 1!
  7. Import Costs For Estima?

    Yes I just discovered the tax charge today. Not nice. The only prob is it's a gift from a relative abroad who insists that we should have a newer vehicle and is hard to persuade otherwise!
  8. What Tax Band For 2004 Aeras 2.4?

    Thanks. I had to do a bit of searching to find out exactly which band it fits into and was told that it's the £400 a year one. Aaargh!
  9. What tax band would the Estima Aeras 2.4 petrol automatic 2004 onward fall in for the new tax prices coming in next year?
  10. I read somewhere that the Hybrid Estima is not a good vehicle to import because in the UK no one knows how to service them, not even Toyota themselves. Is that so? It sounds like a great vehicle for economy as well as lower road tax.
  11. Import Costs For Estima?

    I assume before you go off and buy a first generation diesel Estima that you are fully aware of the cracked head issues with these cars......or are you living in the "it won't happen to me" dream land? We're going to get a petrol one, from '04 onwards. I've found out the charges by the way.
  12. Estima Rear Strut Broken

    My rear left strut is broken. Is it safe to drive until I can get it fixed? What's a reasonable price to have it fixed? Do you have to do both sides even though the right is okay?
  13. Import Costs For Estima?

    Just wondering about the charges over here when importing an Estima under 10 years old (and over). How much is the SVA test, MOT, Customs duty etc etc?
  14. Asda Oil Good Enough?

    Ok then, thanks very much. All the best.
  15. What Is The Warning Light

    My Estima has a warning light showing that something is up with the rear lights. It comes on when I press the brake pedal yet when I checked the brake lights they seem to be working, in fact all the lights are working. Does anyone have any ideas on this and why it would be happening? Could there be something wrong with the warning light on the dashboard itself?