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  1. Happy Birthday alanbradley!

  2. Erm The Roola Aint Feeling Well

    Oh Lee! Ooooouch... :-( A
  3. Time Attack 2008

    Oh no, I think I'm busy in May... Marked in the calendar... A
  4. Yaris - No Street Cred?

    Oh great, now I have to clean that last mouthful of coffee off my laptop... The Toyota Yaris - 4 out of 5 Product Designers prefer it! ;-) A
  5. Bio Diesel

    I think you're okay up to B20 (80% dino-juice, 20% bio). There's a great forum at that nshould be able to help! I posted loads about this a while ago - it might be worth you searching for "biodiesel" under my username... Hth, A
  6. Yaris Deisel

    Best solution? Gives me more functions than I can possibly shake a stick at and sits very neatly above my steering wheel. Should be just under £100 and is transferable from car to car. Worth every penny! A
  7. First Day In The Wet With My New T-sport....

    Yeah, but on a cost/performance/wear speed ratio there's little to beat them. They're not good in the snow (trust me, I know), but they're meant as summer tyres so its a bit like saying flip-flips aren't much use on a ski-slope... Unless you're anticipating much snow in the next 6 months you'll be fine. A
  8. Failed My Mot

    Why does anyone take a vehicle for a MOT without checking/replacing any lights first? It's the most obvious things to check. Plus, whenever you were out on the road you were driving illegally due to your car having defective lighting - if known. Totally! A 5 minute walk-around at most, less time if you have a helper. A
  9. Impromptu Meet And Greet

    Guess I might force myself to tag along... A
  10. Impromptu Meet And Greet

    Any photos from todays meet Davy? I had mine, but there never seemed any opportunity really - travel Inn carparks and my driveway are not really conducive to arty shots! A
  11. Impromptu Meet And Greet

    Aye, that's what they all say! No, nice to catch up with Davy and Caroline and to meet Dave. We just gossiped for a bit, I had a shotty of Davy's Caroline's CTS-C (impressive machine - so smooth and civilised whilst effortlessly going like stink). Sadly Dave had to work, so the remaining 3 went for a drink and then a pootle around Lanarkshire before finishing up at mine for "refreshment"! A good afternoon - thanks folks... A
  12. Impromptu Meet And Greet

    ffs... even Ryan's busy! I'll be there! A
  13. T-sport To.....fiesta?

    Boooooring... I can for give the Mazda 2 its extra doors for the line of the front wings. Was stuck beside one for half an hour in a traffic jam last week and got plenty of time to analyse it. Shame the driver wasn't as sexy :-( A
  14. Wind Deflectors

    ..or look on e-bay...
  15. T-sport To.....fiesta?

    **Cough** New Mazda 2 1.5 Sport **Cough**