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  • Toyota Model Avensis 2.0 D4D
  1. More Black Smoke 2.0 D4D

    Will keep it in mind, thanks for the advice blackcts. After a weekend of driving I'm happy to report no smoke present too.
  2. More Black Smoke 2.0 D4D

    Thanks on that blackcts, the good news is the MAF is now clean, there was a thin layer of black dust on the bulb on the intake side, a bit of loctite 7063 cleaned it right off, gave the wires a light spray too from a distance. Out for a spin and a few puffs of black once I had her warmed up and given a few full throttle runs. On the third hard run it was all clear., few more tests and no puffs even, fingers crossed now. Will move the services to 10,000k from now on just to give things an extra chance, here is to another 250k! Other than a blocked EGR i have had no other problems with the car, touch wood. Then again EGR's appear to be problems with all cars that have them. Very true statement on the warranty with Toyota.
  3. More Black Smoke 2.0 D4D

    Dumb question, is there a way to find out about the cars warranty online?
  4. More Black Smoke 2.0 D4D

    %$(, i'll have to check into the warranty, i doubt if it is cover since it hasn't seen a toyota garage in many a year. Would love to change car but that is a non runner at the moment. Have the problems with the 2L's been sorted on the new shape avensis? Or is it time to move away from toyota for a while
  5. More Black Smoke 2.0 D4D

    Yes, original engine. i thought it was the 2.2's that had the short engines. Will look at cleaning the MAF, bit nervous about going at it. How often would fuel filter need to be done? every 30,000km?
  6. More Black Smoke 2.0 D4D

    Have looked through many posts on black smoke but I want to get opinions anyhow. Have an 06 facelift 2.0 D4D with around 250,000 on the clock. Has had oil & filters changed every 15k and fuel filter every 50k. Since 70k and a limp home mode incident the EGR is now cleaned every 15k while I wait for the oil to drain (the holes to the inlet manifold are only partially blocked during that time). oil consumption is a small top up between services, don't think this is excessive myself (but could be wrong), same top up as work colleague with same car and 70k on the clock. The problem is I have black smoke under hard acceleration when warm. The missus has been driving the car for the last year and she gets much better fuel economy from it than I, about 54-55mpg where I was getting 48-51mpg. She drives mostly motorway and will tip along at 120-130k/hr no problem but is not as fond of hard acceleration as which I would have done. up to this there may have been an odd puff but there is a lot more smoke now, i assume running very rich. Any ideas as to what would be the cause or waht might be worth investigating? I'm going to check out the MAF as the gasket between the inlet pipe and filter box had worn away and i was getting intake growl. That is fixed a while but I’m wondering if it may have gotten dirty during the time it was leaking. I have an OBD reader, is there anything in this that would tell me if the MAF is not working properly, the car starts and idles fine. Also going to give it a good Italian tuning to see if i can clear some soot build up. Would a dose of reddex or similar be any good, it has never gotten any of such additives or are they a load of *******?
  7. Avensis Head Unit

    Hi just wondering if any knows will the steering wheel controls on an 06 avensis be compatible with a Pioneer FH-P80BT? Thinking of swapping out the original head unit to get bluetooth and ipod connectivity. If anyone has suggestions for another 2din head unit that might be suitable please feel free to offer, wa also looking at the Kenwood DPX504U but it needs a bluetooth unit which is an extra 100quid. Any help appreciated.
  8. Retro Fit Cruise Control Avensis T3-s

    I have not got my cruise switch yet or removed the steering wheel, however I have looked thru the Toyota wiring diagrams provided. I think for the facelift model you have to sue pin 2 and 3 on the C14 connector. Pin 2 might be white and 3 Brown. I have attached a picture of the C14 connector so it might make sense to someone, i have also a pic of the wiring referencing what I think is the C14 connector and wire colour. Does this make sense to anyone? As I said I have not tried it yet but will before cutting holes and drilling.
  9. Retro Fit Cruise Control Avensis T3-s

    thanks, I think it might be worth a try so. Will try and figure out the wiring first perhaps.
  10. Retro Fit Cruise Control Avensis T3-s

    Hi, This maybe a stupid question but do all cruise functions work? Speed up/slow down? etc. thinking of trying this on my 06 D4D facelift model, doing a lot more motorway driving lately. Thanks.