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  1. That's how I did mine
  2. It probably a dirty switch, mine did that so I gave them a liberal spraying of WD40 and all was good.
  3. The lorry used in the Berlin massacre was found with the driver dead at the wheel, after it had demolished a cake stand. It was probably Stollen.
  4. "A very sad day today. After several years of medical training and hard work, a very good friend of mine has been struck off after just one minor indiscretion - he slept with one of his patients and can now no longer work in the profession. What a waste of all that training and money. A genuinely nice guy and an excellent vet"...
  5. I've finished all the chocolate in my advent calendar so why the heck isn't it Christmas?
  6. I've just noticed the Mrs is wearing her sexy underwear. This can only mean one thing... She's behind with the washing.
  7. Newton's third law of Emotion: For every male action, there is a female overreaction.
  8. 1753 George Washington, the adjutant of Virginia, delivers an ultimatum to the French forces at Fort Le Boeuf, south of Lake Erie, reiterating Britain's claim to the entire Ohio River valley. 1770 The British soldiers responsible for the "Boston Massacre" are acquitted on murder charges. 1862 The Union loses its first ship to a torpedo, USS Cairo, in the Yazoo River. 1863 Orders are given in Richmond, Virginia, that no more supplies from the Union should be received by Federal prisoners. 1901 Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi receives the first transatlantic radio transmission in St. John's Newfoundland. 1927 Communists forces seize Canton, China. 1930 The Spanish Civil War begins as rebels take a border town. 1930 The last Allied troops withdraw from the Saar region in Germany. 1931 Under pressure from the Communists in Canton, Chiang Kai-shek resigns as president of the Nanking Government but remains the head of the Nationalist government that holds nominal rule over most of China. 1943 The German Army launches Operation Winter Tempest, the relief of the Sixth Army trapped in Stalingrad. 1943 The exiled Czech government signs a treaty with the Soviet Union for postwar cooperation. 1956 The United Nations calls for immediate Soviet withdrawal from Hungary. 1964 Kenya becomes a republic. 1964 Three Buddhist leaders begin a hunger strike to protest the government in Saigon. 1967 The United States ends the airlift of 6,500 men in Vietnam. 1979 South Korean Army Major General Chun Doo-hwan, acting without authorization from President Choi Kyu-ha, orders the arrest of Army Chief of Staff General Jeong Seung-hwa, alleging that the chief of staff was involved in the assassination of ex-President Park Chung Hee. 1985 Arrow Air Flight 1285 crashes after takeoff at Gander, Newfoundland; among the 256 dead are 236 members of the US Army's 101st Airborne Division. 1991 The Russian Federation becomes independent from the USSR. 1995 Willie Brown beats incumbent mayor Frank Jordon to become the first African-American mayor of San Francisco. 2000 The US Supreme Court announces its decision in Bush v. Gore, effectively ending legal changes to the results of that year's Presidential election.
  9. "Do you remember that row twenty years ago when we sat down and wrote down each others faults?" I said to my wife. "Oh God yes, I still have mine somewhere, " she said with a giggle. "I've finished, " I replied.
  10. 1660 The first Shakespearian actress to appear on an English stage (she is believed to be a Ms. Norris) makes her debut as Desdemona. 1861 CSS Sumter captures the whaler Eben Dodge in the Atlantic. The American Civil War is now affecting the Northern whaling industry. 1863 Union General William Averell's cavalry destroys railroads in the southwestern part of West Virginia. 1914 The German cruisers Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Nurnberg, and Liepzig are sunk by a British force in the Battle of the Falkland Islands. 1920 President Woodrow Wilson declines to send a representative to the League of Nations in Geneva. 1932 Japan tells the League of Nations that it has no control over her designs in China. 1941 Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita begins his attack against the British army at Singapore. 1943 U.S. carrier-based planes sink two cruisers and down 72 planes in the Marshall Islands. 1944 The United States conducts the longest, most effective air raid on the Pacific island of Iwo Jima. 1948 The United Nations approves the recognition of South Korea. 1967 In the biggest battle yet in the Mekong Delta, 365 Viet Cong are killed. 1968 South Vietnam's Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky arrives in Paris for peace talks. 1980 John Lennon is shot to death outside his Manhattan apartment building. 1982 The Washington, D.C., police shoot and kill a man threatening to blow up the Washington Monument. 1987 The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed. 1987 An Israeli army tank transporter kills 4 Palestinian refugees and injures 7 others during a traffic accident at the Erez Crossing on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, leading to the First Intifada. 1991 The leaders of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine sign an agreement that dissolves the Soviet Union and establishes the Commonwealth of Independent States. 2004 The Cuzco Declaration signed in Cuzco, Peru, establishing the South American Community of Nations. 2010 SpaceX becomes the first privately held company to successfully launch, orbit and recover a spacecraft. 2010 The Japanese solar-sail spacecraft IKAROS passes the planet Venus.