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  1. Engine Conversion, What Would You Choose? What's Easier?

    I put a 3sgte in mine. I bit of work in this conversion. Compared to blacktop 20v etc
  2. 4Efe Engine Swap To A 4Age 20V Blacktop

    i dont no really your sure its not tge bottom end?
  3. 4Efe Engine Swap To A 4Age 20V Blacktop

    im between skib and clon. ya id help.out with the loom no bother. yerra all d levins are pretty much d same. and all parts are interchangable. even rear disc brake back axle is same. front levin brakes are bigger too so this mite b a worthwhile swop. shocks and things swop over too but not the front superstrut ones. ae101 corolla and levins share the same parts too which is right handy. i went a harder route by putting in a 2.0 turbo from a gt4 st205 celica. alot of things didnt match up like mounts. hoses. basically everything ha so urs is away more straight forward and a nice bit of power too
  4. 4Efe Engine Swap To A 4Age 20V Blacktop

    if i showed u pics of the wiring id confuse ye more lol are ye mechanics or butchers or do ye give yer time yachting around crosshaven haha im down in west cork
  5. 4Efe Engine Swap To A 4Age 20V Blacktop

    well dont think that will work as more than likely none of the plugs will match up for example the fusebox up near the battery controls efi relay. fan. horn lights etc and has all the main fuses. the loom unplugs from this and unplugs from just inside the car near the ecu. theres wires goin to dash like engine light. oil light etc. theres some chopping to be done. what i do is use corolla loom and take out all the 4efe stuff like sensors and injector wires and so on and then add in all the blacktop stuff which run from ecu the sensors. no chopping needed here i only join whats needed like main powers etc. i did 2 conversions and both started first pick where are u in cork? i have the wiring diagrams here so there a great help
  6. 4Efe Engine Swap To A 4Age 20V Blacktop

    most things are straight swap from levin to corolla, same engine bay and chassis underneath use levin gearbox and shafts but if its 6speed i think youll need to change the cables if its 5 speed you should be ok engine mounts are fine, pipes are an easy mod no matter what but either the corolla or levin ones would do the job wiring is the major problem youll find as this wont cross over from car to car youll need to chop and rewire but ive done a few and it aint too bad but then again you need to no your way around the loom, if u have wiring problem i have ripped a few corolla looms apart so i no my wires lol
  7. Toyota Specialist ?

    Yes theres kevin clarkson in droitwich too he did conversions before or else send it to me ill wire it up for ya
  8. 1999 Corolla Se Engine Swap?

    Yes 2.0 will fit and front mount will fit too.
  9. 1999 Corolla Se Engine Swap?

    My gt4 swap is only fwd. which is fast and fun in straight lines lol but was grand. didnt need any grinding or welding to get it to fit. Whereas as the rear setup would need it. Theres 3-4 3sgte corollas on that site. with a few of them being 4x4 so tgey cud tell u whats involved. they may even be able to do it for you id keep the diesel machine do. petrol is a robber when u put the shoe down lol
  10. 1999 Corolla Se Engine Swap?

    Grip is ok ish lol good tyres are a must. still running in engine so didnt go flat yet. Are u in ireland. me too. Plenty of cars being scrapped here so plenty of parts. Are u on toyotaownersclub-irl lots of projects on there
  11. Toyota Specialist ?

    Did u get sorted yet?
  12. 1999 Corolla Se Engine Swap?

    I recently put a 3sgte into a corolla so that was alot trickier lol
  13. 1999 Corolla Se Engine Swap?

    Yes and yes 1.3 glanza is 4efte Ur engine is either 4efe or 4afe So it will bolt in. It will also fit your gearbox but you might be better off using a glanza box as some have lsd. All will bolt in but the wiring loom wont be plug and play. youll need to splice the two looms together getting rid of what you dont need and keeping what you do. its probly the trickiest part of the conversion I have recently put in a 2.0 turbo into
  14. E11 1.6 G6R Airbox

    I have all the 1.3 stuff it might be the same. Is g6r 4efe or 4afe
  15. Need Someone Good With Looms

    i dunno lad, i cud help if your stuck but im in another country, if i had one thing wrong and the car didnt start what happens then although it should be straight forward enough, up to you. the 3sgte started first turn is there anyone in the uk, maybe fensport would do it, theyd be neat