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  1. Mr

    I refilled (to the brim) when the bar started flashing once and calculated there were 2 litres remaining. The gauge readout on the iQ's thin/flat tank is probably subject to some variation, hence my lack of trust in the accuracy of the readout.
  2. Mr

    Not going to chance it!! I always fill up when the level drops to 2 bars.
  3. Yes, but there's the rarity value!! Only a couple of hundred (or fewer) Cygnets were made (adapted) from iQs by Aston Martin
  4. Welcome back Gordon. Glad you have a new opportunity to enjoy an iQ
  5. ... and I bet it sounds amazing !! Many hours of TLC by looks of it
  6. Thanks to Talaga (Kuneha), who has been able to provide you some feedback
  7. Does this thread really belong in the Toyota iQ forum !!
  8. You can get Bridgestone Ecopia for less than £40 each (same as original fitment on our iQ)
  9. Mr

    Hi and welcome to the club With light footed town driving you will expect to achieve around 35 - 37mpg (depending on length of journey) This will go up above 45mpg out of town on longer journeys where the engine has had chance to fully warm up
  10. The new system doesn't encourage the purchase of low emission cars. The government have totally screwed things up !!
  11. Out of interest, how much did it cost you, and was it fixed at a Toyota dealership? Thanks Dave
  12. Is the tailgate seal intact? Just wondering if exhaust fumes are getting in the car... Dave
  13. Have a look here ... An iQ called Toya - horn upgrade Dave
  14. Maybe a piece of grit, or metal debris, from the road had got trapped behind one of the pads...
  15. Hi Nick and welcome Are you sure the beep wasn't sounding because a door/tailgate wasn't fully closed? The alarm doesn't detect electronic devices (apart from an iQ transponder key) I trust the spare key wasn't in the suitcase or somewhere in the car? I suggest you try again and check that doors and tailgate are closed properly. Dave