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  1. Is This Anything To Worry About? (Pic)

    Our IQ2 does short journeys (almost exclusively) and has had a battery replacement due to failed cell(s). I now trickle charge once a week to ensure the battery regularly reaches full charge. I use a CTEK MXS 5.0 and have a plug-in connector permanently attached to the battery for ease of use. Mind you, I would have thought if your car was failing to 'see' the key (because of a compromised battery), that it would also be difficult to start (i.e. the starter motor would struggle to turn the engine...) Dave
  2. Iq Auto To Manual Conversion

    Hi Vicki and welcome !! Most iQ's in UK have manual gearboxes so plenty to choose from here if you're looking to ship to NZ Dave
  3. Budget 2015 Car Tax

    Daniel The changes in the budget do not affect cars already on the road (and those purchased before 2017). So whatever you pay now will be unchanged going forwards ;-) Dave
  4. Last week the driver's window started misbehaving... It would partially close and then re-open before fully closed (entrapment/overload sensor?) It would fully open, but then could not be closed for around 10 secs (thermal cutout?) Generally slower operation than accustomed to, but it has also been going slow then fast alternately during operation (as if it was struggling at certain points of its travel) Significantly, the window has been opened/closed twice every weekday for 4 years to allow use of an ID proximity tag at the secure car park at work Just got back from the local Toyota dealer who removed the door trim to check whether the guides had misaligned. They were ok, but everything was very dry. Continued use must have removed any traces of lubricant. The mechanism has been lubricated and the window works perfectly again ☺️ Anyone else had similar problems? Dave
  5. Exhaust Finisher

    Hi Might be interested. However had to send one I purchased previously back because the ID of the pipe where it fits the exhaust was too big (I must have been supplied the iQ3 finisher) Could you please PM me with price and internal diameter at the point it slides onto the existing exhaust Thanks Dave
  6. Lpg Iq

    Watch out Adam; you've probably invalidated your insurance and adversely affected the structural integrity of the car by cutting all that formed metal out. Have you welded the replacement in place or stuck with sealant?
  7. Ours was replaced under warranty at just shy of 3 years old (suddenly failed one day leaving the car unable to raise the windows, never mind start the engine !!) I trickle charge the battery once per month now to rejuvenate it. The car does lots of short journeys, which, of course, kills a battery.
  8. Two Tone Iq Spotted

    Two tone for sale in Durham dealership ("Silver Royale") ... Dave
  9. Egr!

    Really pleased for you Lucy. Good result. Could you please provide details of who you contacted at Toyota and phone no. (if possible). Might need to take similar action myself if EGR starts playing up on our 59 iQ2. Dave
  10. Spare Wheel

    You can switch off the passenger airbag if a baby seat is in use. The indicator in the panel will presumably show 'off' next to it if you have disarmed the airbag. I think the switch is in the panel beneath the steering column.
  11. Realistic Alternatives To The Iq?

    Look out for the Yamaha Motiv designed by Gordon Murray of McLaren F1 fame Do a search for Yamaha Motiv. You'll get lots of hits with photos of the prototypes. If it proceeds to production it's likely to be supplied with the option of petrol or electric power trains.
  12. More Light On The Subject

    David supplied one for our iQ (what seems like years ago now !!), and it does make a massive difference (and so easy to swap out). Can't thank him enough Dave
  13. Stripes For Your Car

    David Are you opening the image file or trying to zoom in on the thumbnail? Dave
  14. Stripes For Your Car

    Crystal clear on my mac ;) Dave
  15. Lock The Doors Automatically?

    Make sure it unlocks the doors when the airbags activate to allow someone to open the doors from outside in case of a crash... Dave