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  1. Try here (David - "Tarquin" - can do an exchange unit with upgraded LED, you send him yours and he sends modified one by return post; he's refined it to avoid early failures) Link to Tarquin's work on interior light To remove, you push a round ended blade in from right hand side (between the headlining and light fitting), apply a little pressure and twist at same time to pop the fitting out. Very easy !! Dave
  2. Mpg

    Best wishes to the missus for a good recovery (and glad to hear mpg is going the right way) Dave
  3. Hi Ben and welcome I had this issue. I've now wedged each of the rear seatbelt buckles into the slot just below the quarter light window from where the belt is dispensed Dave
  4. Hi Rami and welcome Before you remove panels... Is it the rear seatbelt buckle rattling against the panel? I had this issue. I've now wedged each of the rear seatbelt buckles into the slot just below the quarter light window from where the belt is dispensed Dave
  5. Hi Matt This question has come up before. Have you done a search of this forum for 'leather seats' ? You'll find quite a few answers Dave
  6. Gtechniq G1 on mine and no judder. You need to use G2 to remove the excess after G1 application before polishing with soft cloth. 3 coats G1 recommended on the windscreen. It's expensive, but long lasting (and you can buy in very small quantities - 5mg - to reduce the pain !!). Rain water beads off, and above 50mph you can get away without using the wipers I would recommend you use the Gtechniq treatment after cleaning with the clay mitt
  7. Just passed another MOT - hurray !! Our iQ2 has covered only 15,000 miles since new and is still on the original Bridgestone Ecopia tyres. We have been getting advisories on cracked tread blocks. Is this unusual, or is it typical of tyres which have suffered years of ozone exposure? I know rubber can crack with age but I've never come across tyres doing this before and wondered if it was specific to Bridgestones. Front tyres are now reaching the legal minimum tread depth. Any recommendations for replacements (preferably quiet with good grip in all conditions)? Dave
  8. teapot

    Maybe it's a hybrid !! Sometimes they sell it with iQ plates and sometimes with Smart ones . The short overhang in front of the windscreen suggests the inspiration came from Smart.
  9. teapot

    Nice thought, but that's not an iQ. It's a Smart car I'm afraid !!
  10. I'm sure he'll see your post pretty soon and post a reply (unless he's on holiday)
  11. Hi Georgina Welcome to the forum. Seems you're in the right part of the country to get first hand help from David. In my case, I sent him the old interior light and he returned a modified version with the brighter LED. Why don't you send him a Private Message (click on his name to the left of one of his posts then click on the message icon) Best way to find out if he can help you Dave
  12. Do you mean the engine?
  13. Here's Taz's main thread (15 pages of good stuff showing development from stock Scion to fully customised; lots of pics 😉) Taz's Scion iQ I can hardly believe it's now 2 years since his last post. Hope it gives you some inspiration !! Dave
  14. Hope the manifold replacement sorts it... and welcome to the Club !! Dave