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  1. Happy Birthday x JoJo x!

  2. Woo im in Bristol too!
  3. Im not too sure about tinting all 5 see...cos at the same time i want it to be the legal limit... So not too sure, defo get the 3 back uns done.
  4. The number plate i wanted has gone so ill have to keep searching!! :(
  5. As far as i know it is as my mate has a VW Corrado and his number plate reads 'G60 OBV' on one line ans the plate has been cut shorter to make it look better, he hasnt had a nt problems so far?! :) I know what u mean about having it on two lines would look funny as i wanted a personalised plate reading 'XL11 JOX' which if split on to two lines would have looked weird it woild have been like this; XL11 JOX And it doesnt look quite right lol...Hmmmm:S
  6. Looking good, defo think the square plates look better!!! Thought i saw u earlier but it wasnt as phase2, phase1!!! :( how dare they have the same car as ME!!! lol Anyway, keep us updated with the pics hun!!!
  7. Im 20 with a TS mines £1100.00 with any mods i have declared! thought it was quite good as a first car!
  8. Approx how much do u guys think it will be to tint my rear three winows???? just rough ideas?? and ideas wherte to go???? :)
  9. My car???? No mines a 02 plate lol...wasnt me...:( How do you know it was him? Lol ill ask him later!!
  10. Lol, cheers for the replies, It was either them or get my originals resprayed!! As for lowering, mines already scraping the floor lol, been lowered 35mm...:);)
  11. Basically want a new set of wheels...i like the look of the new Yaris SR rims, I would be getting 16" What does everyone think to them on a TSport Phase 1 in Thunder Grey?? Heres the link, you cant see the wheels that well but rough idea!! Cheers :)
  12. Oh my bad, i been looking in the wrong place WOOOOPSY!!!! Ill look out for u :)
  13. Im by the duck pond, nearer the hospital end. Dont you live by the common bit still? Lol you know what i mean... Yeah ill have to come and try and do a spotted on you!! It can be your firts spotted EVER in your TPOT!!!!!!! Woooo :)
  14. Ill be convoying from Bristol with a few of YOC if anyone wants to join, if theres a stand im up for that but as far as we know nothing booked! Keep me posted!! :) Jo
  15. Suppose it does make sense, before i had mine dont it was like it was taking a left hand turn when i let go of the wheel!! Lol it was really bad! Yeah u like that...'Certain Speed' im guessing yours is the same, thing is it scares the hell out of me and makes me slow down, I might have to coem have an eye spy on your car at some point!!! hehe!!!