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  1. Happy Birthday Karma Supra!

  2. Prado Breaking? - Rear Axle Wanted

    Hi Folks, Is anyone breaking a Prado? 96- vintage. I'm after a complete non E-Locking rear axle for my surf, complete with disk brakes. I've been offered a UK Prado one, with the E-locker for £250, but would rather have a "regular" diff so I can add an LSD. Thanks, Charlie.
  3. Hilux Surf Wit 1Uz Lexus V8 Conversion

    Hello. Yes it's been done. :D
  4. Which Engine Is This Please?

    2JZ-GE and 2JZ-GTE. "Really strong takes 600hp" Careful with that. I've seen my fair share fail at stock power. They are not getting any newer, and as the cars get cheaper and fall into "tighter hands" many are suffering improper maintenance.
  5. Uk Government Scraps The Paper Car Tax Disc

    About time! I've always hated the ugly tax discs!
  6. Please Help Source Me A Car.

    You can always convert an auto to manual, the hardest thing to get is a decent shell.
  7. I just stumbled across this thread looking for wiring diagrams for my project! (yes I've still not found them all....) I wonder if it ever got fixed in the end?
  8. Anyone Breaking A Petrol Corolla?

    Never mind, I just bought a whole fuel pump off ebay...
  9. I've Only Been Gone Three Years.....

    Do what I did get a German car AND a Toyota!
  10. Breaking Ae111

    Do you still have any bits off this?
  11. Anyone Breaking A Petrol Corolla?

    Wierdly, I need a bit for fitting my Lexus V8 into my Hilux.... and it looks like my most likely way of getting it is from a Corolla! I'm pretty sure this part exists in all petrol EFi models from at least 92 - 99 from my reading, and it is small and obsucre... so here goes. I'm after the small two pin pug, (and enough cable to splice, a couple of inches) that runs between the in tank fuel pump and the 5 pin connector on te inside of the fuel tank cover. Obviously my Diesel hilux had no fuel pump, but wierdly has that Grey 5 pin plug that should make fitting one easy (but only uses three pins for fuel level), I have the pump, just want to use the factory wiring... Can anyone help please? Cheers Charlie.
  12. March Snow Pictures Thread

    !Removed! hell. I really thought I'd be "safe" pulling a perfectly good Hilux apart in March.
  13. The roads were fine. (Today I did M62, M6, M5, M42, M40) Alas the company car decided that "limp home mode" was an appropriate measure to take when "pushing on" on the M40, an hour and a half (normal speed) from home. I wasn't best impressed!
  14. It's ok, I'll be fine, you'll even more fine because you have a Toyota, and it has 4WD :) Alas I have a !Removed! great Toyota 4x4, that functioned perfectly, but I took it to bits at the beginning of March because I thought "we'll be fine for snow now"
  15. Story Of Toyota Tundra Towing Space Shuttle

    Awesome. I really wish we had the Tundra in the UK. They are awesome. The Company that prepared Top gear Polar Hilux also do the same treatment for the Tundra. Those things are epic!