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  1. Yaris Power Steering Problem! Help!

    I've been having same prob with my steering. I own a yaris 2007 1.3 petrol model. I took it to the garage and that chap who tested my car were not convinced there was anything wrong with the steering although he had to return it back to the centre himself. They had a look at it anyway. Plugged it with the computer and told me no fault was found. I got charged 85 pounds and I still have same prob with the steering being unusually heavy and the need for concious movements to make the steering wheel get back to the centre. Would be good if any changes happen after your trip to the garage
  2. Insurace

    25% loading?
  3. Insurace

    that's amazing... my renewal quote is 800... but am 24 and 1 year no claims :(
  4. Seats

    i used to drive my dad's peugeot 307 and used to have such awful backaches after long journeys... and i was only 22 back then... Never had any probs with backpain with the yaris on long journeys... Try adjusting the seats, that should do it...
  5. Vsc - Any Point?

    just watched the vid... I think u should go for it... It would be extremely useful in emergency situations on motorways...
  6. Dirty Black Rain

    i share your pain dude ;)
  7. 2004 Yaris 1.0 T3 Or Peugoet 206

    try looking for a 1.3... it'll be even better... I used to make the front tyres squeel every time i pushed the accelerator... I've calmed down a lot now though
  8. Thinking Of A New 1.0 T3

    hey, Heard quite a lot of stories about the 1.0 struggling on the motorway and slopes... I've got a friend who has a 1.0 T3 engine... It's very nippy but the noise from the revs is jusst unbearable at times...
  9. Urgent Buyers Help Required

    my back bumper and panel had been damaged... And it did cost approx 2000 to be repaired... and the accident hadn't been that great impact... U might get want to get some proper inspection done as recommended by parts king...
  10. Yaris 1.3tr Back To Toyota

    sorry to ask a really stupid question... Do you need to pay them to inspect the car (without actually making any repairs), especially if it was bought brand new and still covered under warranty??? My gear probs had loosen up for a while... But It has come back now :(
  11. Problem With My News Yaris

    It feels like the engine is struggling to remain alive... As a result the car starts shaking...
  12. Hi I'm New!

    i think the 1.8 SR is meant to be quite quick... I know BMWs are very nice car, but well u might like the yaris even more :)
  13. Hi I'm New!

    hey, yaris is a great car. I've got a black TR and i keep loving it even more everytime i wash it :)
  14. My Own Modification Schedule

    sorry to mess up your thread... Just wondering if bigger wheels really affect the performance of the car?
  15. Noisy New Exhaust Pipe

    Hi, Had exhaust pipe recently cahnged following an accident. I've noticed some rattling when i accelerate at about 40 mph. I'm not really sure whether it's one of those things that would go away with time... or there might be some tiny holes left after the exhaust was placed... Any advice? Thx